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Tamaria Soana
Adult Content

Alex smiled, then hurried to the bedroom. She set her bag on the floor and Tigger,her beloved cat, jumped on the bed to greet her. Alex laughed at the pathetic look on his face. She reached out to pet him.

“I missed you too, but mommy can’t play now, daddy is waiting.”

Alex stripped off her clothes, wrapped a robe around her body, and headed to the hot tub. She walked onto the enclosed terrace to find Hudson in the hot tub watching sports.

“Honey,I’m home,” Alex said seductively as she walked toward him.

Hudson smiled at her. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Alex replied as she dropped her robe.

“Oh baby, come here,” Hudson groaned.

Alex smirked at Hudson’s tone as she sank down into the tub next to him. Hudson wasted no time placing his lips against hers. Alex moaned as the kiss deepened and their tongues tangled.

“Mmmm,”she purred as his hand started to roam up and down her body. She placed her knees on either side of him. Her breasts were inches from his mouth. He leaned forward, placing his lips on one as his hand massaged the other. Alex slowly lowered herself onto him, until he filled her completely.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” she whispered as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being home.


D.C. McMillen
Adult Content

Turning, she rested her soft breasts against me.Her eyes narrowed as she scrutinized my face. After a few moments, she deftly undid a button on my trench coat and reached inside. My eyes were half closed but hers widened when she discovered my breasts were covered only with the lace of my bra. “You’re practically naked, Blondie,” she said huskily. “Who knew this is would turn out to be my lucky day.”

She undid another button and then another. In the back of my mind, I was aware of the absurdness of the situation I had found myself in. Naked, save my heals, a trench coat, lace bra and panties, the only thing protecting me from the rest of this admittedly empty bar was the darkness that enveloped this booth. That was my last rational thought before she lowered her head and took my already hard nipple between her teeth. I groaned softly and buried my hand in her hair as she playfully nibbled and licked.

“This is m-m-my lucky day, too,” I stammered,aware that my voice lacked my usual confident swagger. Her hand slid down my belly and between my legs. Tentatively at first and then more firmly, she began rubbing her palm against my lace covered clit. “Ohhh.” I groaned again a little too loudly, “Ohhh.”

“Shhh,” she whispered smoothly. “We don’t want the bartender over here spoiling our fun. I have had enough of men for one lifetime.”


Lily Harlem

He reached back onto the bed for a small, brown leather rucksack. Delved into it and pulled out a newspaper and a camera.

“It’s yesterday’s,” he said. “But your father will still get the message.” He tilted his head and smirked lopsidedly. “The message that I can get to you whenever I want, wherever I want, bodyguard or no bodyguard.” Carefully he laid the newspaper on my lap. It was sort of folded up onto my belly so that the headline was visible. He took a step back and held up a small, silver digital camera. “I would say smile,” he said with a shrug, “but I guess it’s not appropriate.”


That was the goddamn understatement of the year. Dad was really going to flip at this one. Me in my underwear, gagged, tied to a chair in my room with Roger snoozing outside, just a few feet away. The shit was really going to hit the fan. Big-time.

I heard the camera click once then Ty was back next to me. He folded up the paper and shoved it along with the camera into his bag.

“Mmmph,” I said, shifting on the chair.

“I’m sorry, so sorry,” he said, bending over me and peeling off the tape. It tugged and stung as it pulled my skin. “Baby, I’m sorry, I just needed to do that.” He shoved the tape into his bag too.

“For fuck’s sake,” I hissed. “That stuff is foul and what the hell are you playing at?”

He stooped and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.”

I allowed my mouth to become pliant and open, let him in to search and gently tease my tongue with his in slow, languid movements. He tasted divine, like fresh water, a hint of vanilla and turned-on man. As he kissed me reverently, indulgently, my irritation with him dissolved as though it were a spoonful of sugar in hot tea. This was what I’d been waiting for, this moment with Ty. The man I shouldn’t want but did. The man whose tenacity and loyalty I admired even though everyone else thought he was a brutish thug who should be hung, drawn and quartered.

“Ty,” I gasped. “Please, untie me.”

“Mmm, in a minute. I kinda like having you at my mercy.”

“I’ve noticed.”

He smiled, slow and sexy. “It gives me all kinds of dirty ideas.”

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Kaylie Newell

 A wife leaves her abusive husband, but soon realizes nothing will keep him away.  Not even death.

She stepped back and almost knocked over a vase that teetered on the edge of a weathered desk. Swearing under her breath, she caught it before it toppled to the floor. What was wrong with her?

His eyes seemed to grow darker by the minute, but a small smile played on his lips. “Do I make you nervous, Josie?”

“Yes. No.” She looked down at her flip flops and felt like a fourteen-year-old. “A little,” she mumbled.


A thousand answers skittered across her mind. Because you’re incredible looking. Because you’re a cop and you’ve got a mean looking gun on your hip. Because just last month I was being beaten to a pulp by my husband and I don’t trust men anymore. Because I just found out I’m a widow and I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about anyone, that’s why.

“I'm not sure,” she said.

“I'm not going to hurt you, you know.”

She looked up at him then. “I know.” God, he’s gorgeous. She took a shaky breath, eager to change the subject. “I haven't thanked you for all your help the day Liam died.”

“I was just doing my job. But you're welcome.”

“You're very good at your job.”

His eyes were unwavering. “I like helping people.”

“How long have you been doing this, Chief Stark? You don't look that old.”

He seemed amused. “I'm thirty-one. I've been a cop for ten years.”

She was right. He was younger than her. But not by much.

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