Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet WJ Craft

What motivates WJ Craft the author? Why do you write?

I can come up with crazy little ideas all day long. I have dozens
and dozens of them in my folders. Some of them are intriguing enough
that the “what if” factor can’t be left alone, and I have to follow
that trail to the end to see where it goes.

What is your favorite genre to write and why?

 Science fiction. I actually consider my stories science fiction
first and foremost with erotic content woven into the tale. There are
no limits with science fiction. You can encounter aliens on earth or
fly into the stars to colonize a planet. Scientists can create new
ways to stimulate pleasure or enhance body parts to make sex more
exotically exciting. It’s all about “what if” and you can do anything
you want to answer the question.

How did you get into eBook publishing?

I’d wanted to write and be published for a long time, but I’d been
scared off, frankly. All the horror stories about piles of rejection
letters, even for well-known and successful works like Harry Potter,
made me give up before I’d even begun. I’d heard stories about all the
hard-working authors who were earning pennies in royalties while their
big name publisher scooped up all the profits. Then I started reading
about how a lot of authors are doing very well by self-publishing,
such as J.A. Konrath. He caught my attention in particular because
he’s also a genre writer, so after a while I got up the courage and
thought I’d give it a shot. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set
routine or do you write when the mood strikes?

 It’s definitely a “when the mood strikes” thing. When it comes to
writing erotica, I have to be in the mood or it just doesn’t flow, and
I’m not into masochistic forced pleasure. That much. For this.

Is there a certain aspect of the story you begin with? Do you create
the characters first or do you come up with the plot?

 The plot comes first, because that’s the skeleton where the
delicious flesh of the characters lives. The plot informs what kind of
people make the story work best. Should she be honest or devious?
Should he be strong or submissive? The characters make themselves,
it’s the plot that’s the hard part.

Tell us about your current release.

Chicks in Charge is not just another fem-dom book. Far from it! It’s
science fiction erotica where the woman (even if she’s an alien) comes
out on top. This is a collection of six short stories, all very
different from each other, so if you don’t like one, you’re sure to
like another.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

 Absolutely. There are more short story collections on the way, as
well as full-length adult science fiction novels.

Where can readers connect with you?


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