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Inkspell Publishing Presents...

Genre: Young Adult

Reflected by Majanka Verstraete

A Mirrorland Novel

When Alison was stuck in Mirrorland, all she wanted was to be alive again. Now she’s gotten her revenge by inhabiting Piper's body and trapping her behind the mirror. But pretending to be Piper is more difficult than she imagined it would be.

On top of that, the borders between Mirrorland and the real world are crumbling. Danger abounds, demons appear in high school, and if wasn’t for the help of a new mysterious guy, Alison might not have escaped. But there’s more to this guy than meets the eye, and she’s determined to find out what, especially since it might be related to her own supernatural problems.

Meanwhile, Piper tries to convince the Horseman of Death to help her return to her own world, but he's got his own hidden agenda, which may cause more serious risks. Can Piper find a way to restore the balance before both worlds collide?

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About the Author

Majanka Verstraete has a Master of Laws degree, and is studying for a Master of Criminology degree. She lives in Belgium, but prefers to write in English. She writes speculative fiction for kids and young adults.

Several of her books have been published so far, including picture books, chapter books and young adult novels. Her debut young adult novel, “Fractured”, the first book in the Mirrorland series, released in 2014.

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The Last Protector by Stephanie Keyes

Gabriel Stewart helped his best friend Kellen St. James save the world from The Scourge in the
Battle of Dublin. But before that? Gabe was just an ordinary guy who kept having dreams about a little boy with black hair and green eyes—a boy he hadn’t even met yet.

And even weirder? Gabe’s mind kept replaying these images on loop of things he’d never seen. He heard voices in his head when no one was around. And he actually blew off hot Valerie Gibbons to chase after the black-haired kid in the park. What was up with that?

As Gabe searches for the truth, fate continually puts him in Kellen’s path, but will he be able to stop the Children of Danu from stealing Kellen before the battle begins? What will it take for Gabe to become The Last Protector?

*The Last Protector is a companion novella--intended to be read after the other books in the series.
Ebook only: $0.99*

Buy Links: Amazon

~About the Author~

Stephanie Keyes grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent years traveling and working as a Corporate Trainer before she made the decision to pen her first novel. As a teen, her family always accused her of having an “overactive imagination.” Now, she’s encouraged to keep her head in the clouds and share her world with readers.

Keyes is the author of the YA Fantasy series, The Star Child, which currently includes The Star Child, After Faerie, The Fallen Stars, and The Star Catcher, all from by Inkspell Publishing. The Fallen Stars was a 2013 semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards. The Star Child has topped the Amazon best-seller list several times since its 2012 release. Steph writes YA novels because she’s a hopeless romantic who lives to believe that Magick truly does exist. She is hard at work on a new YA novel.

Author Links: Site    Facebook   Twitter  Tumblr   Google+

~About Inkspell Publishing~

Inkspell Publishing is a small quality publisher who help authors with their dream of publication. Inkspell has become known for its stunning covers and quality books. It features Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance books. Check out our books, submission guidelines and outstanding covers on our website.

Inkspell Publishing has over 48 current releases in a variety of genres from Young Adult to Contemporary, from Paranormal Romance to Science Fiction Romance, Holiday stories and weddings. Inkspell Publishing even has free reads, some of which tie into our series books. You see there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to produce quality books that appeal to a wide variety of readers. We are always looking for quality stories and driven authors.


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Psychic Seductions... Something in the Water

Psychic Seductions – Something in the Water by Lisa Knight.

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

I’m so excited to be part of the anthology experience. I’d never written anything along the supernatural lines before so when the opportunity came up, I figured why not?

What Drew Me In...

Right from the beginning I became enthralled in the mystical nature of the whole thing. My character, Jill, has had her gift since childhood, but it’s only now as an adult that she’s learning how to live with it. I love how she grows and develops over the course of the story.

As for Darcy…well, he’s a broody thing. 
Tall? – check. Dark? – check. Handsome? – check. Dynamite in the sack? Triple check! He’s a good match for Jill. She just has to realize it. 

Kindergarten teacher Jill O’Halloran does her best to disregard the visions she sees in pools of still water, having learned from a young age that it wasn’t something that happened to normal people. But when images of Darcy Albright in the throes of passion keep appearing, they prove too difficult to ignore. Jill can’t understand why she’s so drawn to Darcy. Sure he’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t do relationships.

When Darcy’s ex-wife drops a bombshell, Jill discovers that he’s all too familiar with futuristic visions. But is the prospect of learning more about the gift she’s denied for so long worth the risk of falling for him?

Beachwalk Press


And here’s a little sample…

Stifling a yawn, Jill reached for the glass on her desk, conscious of keeping up her fluids in this hot weather. Her heart skipped a beat when Darcy’s face reflected back from the water. He looked calm and relaxed, with a half-smile on his handsome mouth. In fact, it looked a little like he was… Oh dear God! She sat up stiffly in her seat, cheeks flaming with heat as her gaze darted over the room, desperately hoping nobody saw what she’d just witnessed. But of course no one had. She was the only person strange enough to see visions in water.
It had begun when she was about five or six years old. Pictures had started to appear in the bath, or in puddles left after rain. She hadn’t known what it was at first, but it had never occurred to her to be frightened. That didn’t come until later, when she told the foster parents who were caring for her at the time.
Jill had quickly learned that other people didn’t think it was normal to see visions in pools of water. They thought it made her weird and was something that had to be beaten out of her...regularly. As she grew older and moved from foster home to foster home, she’d learned to keep her mouth firmly shut. Even once she’d found a safe place to live, with people who seemed to care about her, she never told another soul about her ability.
There wasn’t all that much to tell anyway. It came in waves. She’d see glimpses of things for a few weeks or months, and then nothing for long stretches of time. It had been over a year since her last vision. Right around the time she’d got the job at Northwoods Elementary.
The thing was that every image she’d ever seen had ended up a reality, resulting in some kind of change in her life. The social worker who came to the door when she was eight to take her to a new home, her best friend Karen who she met on the first day of high school, the mailman who delivered her offer of a college scholarship, various school principals offering her teaching jobs. And today, Darcy Albright, on the verge of an orgasm.
At least she thought that’s what it was. Her visions were always brief and not entirely clear. Mostly they were just people’s faces, although sometimes she too appeared in the image. But what the hell did she know about men’s orgasms? Maybe he’d been about to sneeze.

I hope you fall in love with Jill and Darcy, and next time you have a glass of water, sneak a peak before you take a drink. You just never know what you might see!

A bit about Lisa Knight.

I love writing all kinds of stories but romance is definitely my favorite. Curling up with my laptop on a cold winter’s day is my idea of writing heaven and if there’s coffee and chocolate close by that’s even better.
I’m always on the lookout for story and character ideas and am inspired by everyday things like people doing their grocery shopping, having morning tea at the local cafĂ©, or the beautiful welcome back hugs and kisses at the arrivals gate at the airport. Makes me cry just thinking about it!
I live in Canberra, Australia with my husband and whenever I can, snatch time to write between being a mum to our three boys and my job as a social worker.

Stop by and visit me on Facebook:


The authors of the Psychic Seductions Anthology are giving away 2 $20 Amazon Gift Cards to celebrate the release of this spectacular collection. Click on the link for your chance to win!

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Psychic Seductions Anthology... Taming Fury

Ellen Cummins

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

What drew me to this anthology?

When I heard about Beachwalk's psychic anthology, I got very excited! This kind of thing was right up my alley. I love anything supernatural and extraordinary, and to be honest, I'm slightly obsessed with super-heroes and comic book characters. I could only wish to walk through walls, fly through the air, and read thoughts like they do. If I could choose one psychic power or superhuman gift, it would be to move things with my mind. I find the idea of it absolutely intriguing. 
Lucky for me, I had a story I'd written a few years ago about a young girl who was telekinetic. She was homeless—an outcast because when she touched people she burned them, and nobody could stand to be near her. The electric charge she emitted was just too painful. It wasn’t ready for publishing, so Mote Highway stayed locked deep inside my plethora of digital documents waiting for the day I had time to clean it up. The moment I decided I wanted to make a submission for this cool anthology project, I unearthed it and made my female character older and sexier. Holly became a buxom woman of substance instead of a lost teenager, but still desperate to find a way out of the lonely and isolated life she'd been living. My male character Jacob grew up too. (in a big way) So I renamed it Taming Fury, befitting its new sizzling content—and it's so much deeper than the original tale I'd written long ago. 

Holly is a mind-moving Fury who electrifies all human flesh she touches. Even her own family has sent her packing. She moves things with her mind, manipulating fire with the flick of her finger, but she burns for the one thing that has never been an option for her—love.

When she catches sight of the handsome man helping her new neighbor move in she longs to take a chance and introduce pretend to be normal just once. It could easily end in disaster, but surprisingly, when she shakes his hand, no mind-blowing electrocution follows, and she begins to hope. But it turns out that her touch has affected Jacob in a way she never imagined, and it will change his life forever.

Still walking forward, Holly closed her eyes and reached for the damp motes of dust from the earth, gathering them in her fist while static electricity buzzed inside her gut. A tiny electric current snaked the length of her arm, starting from the back of her neck. The tug rolled from her fingers to the empty beer can on the ground near a small garbage can on the sidewalk. Up, she willed. Reaching, she willed it to rise, sure that no one would see this small thing. It slowly lifted a few inches above the ground and hovered. She swished her hand, slamming the aluminum can into the trash. Her mind was a powerful thing. And this one tiny action would suffice for now.
She burst through the door of the building, adrenaline fueling her courage. Mr. Perfect snapped his head up from his paperwork at the sound of the door slamming against the wall.
“Hi.” He swallowed, taking her curves in with his eyes. “How may I help you?”
The urge to surge had subsided. But the need to know this man had not. She stared at his chiseled cheekbones, strong jaw, and molten brown eyes from across the room. If she got too close, he’d be repelled by her like the opposite end of a magnet. To push this perfect stranger away would kill her. But the loneliness had to stop.
“My name is Holly. And you are...” She waited, pursing her lips together to hold back the thoughts that wanted to tumble out of her mouth. Please don’t run from me.
“I’m Jacob.” He smiled and started toward her with his hand out to shake hers.
“Stop,” she ordered.
He stopped. Confused, his brows lifted.
“Please don’t come any closer.” She placed her hand on her throat. “I have a little virus…nothing too terrible, but I may be contagious.” She removed her hood and adjusted her collar that was beginning to cut off her air supply. “How do I go about signing up for some personal training?”
“Well, Holly.” He smiled widely. “Personal training requires some up-close and personal contact, and if I have to stay seven arms’ lengths away…” He took another step toward her. “May I? I’m not afraid of a few germs.”
She cringed and stepped back. Her courage was fading fast. Jacob’s cellphone rang in his pocket and he pulled it out, clicking the ON button. He put it to his ear.
“Hello?” His eyes darted back to Holly’s. “I’m with a client right now, can I call you back?”
This was a very good sign.

             Ellen Cummins grew up in the heart of California chasing adventures in the sun. One of her obsessions has always been movies and books that take on an unexpected twist, leaving her with her heart in her throat. She wears many hats—a mother and wife, retail sales girl and manicurist of nearly 30 years, and unexpectedly a writer. Suddenly at the age of 40, an idea popped into her head and she began feverishly pecking away at the computer creating characters and worlds that she soon became obsessed with. From that point on she fought for them to have their own day in the sun inside the minds of others. Her love of pretty things, be it a pink sparkly purse or a giant and mysterious Clematis bloom, inspires her to write colorful characters and haunting love stories that might make your soul just a little sweeter knowing them.


The authors of the Psychic Seductions Anthology are giving away 2 $20 Amazon Gift Cards to celebrate the release of this spectacular collection. 

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Full Moon by Kristy Centeno

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal 

Full Moon By Kristy Centeno 

 Hidden lies...hidden demons…hidden battles…All leading to the ultimate sacrifice….

She knows what really brought me here.

She knows the ulterior motives that lead to our friendship.

She doubts what’s in my heart.

What she doesn’t know…all I’m willing to sacrifice in order to ensure eternity for her.

On the brink of putting a face to our enemy, I may have screwed up myself even more. As it turns out, now I’m battling not only an alpha with an uncanny ability to hide where no one can find him, but my own inner demons as well. Physically challenged, my only chance is to rely on two things: my brother and my love for her.

In the end, will Marjorie comprehend the depth of my sacrifice? Or will her pride get in the way of understanding…and her life?

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~About the Author~ 

Kristy Centeno is an author of paranormal romance, young adult, new adult, horror, and contemporary romance.

She has always had a passion for books and after years of being an avid reader, she decided to transform her desire to write into a reality and thus, her first novel was born. In her journey to create memorable reads, she has delved into several genres, creating fictional characters meant to entice readers and captivate the mind.

She is currently working on finishing off the Keeper Witches series among other projects, which include sequels to several of her published works. When she’s not busy taking care of her five children or holding down the fort, she finds time to sit and do what she loves the most: writing.

Author Links: Site   Facebook   Twitter  Goodreads 

Freaksville by Ashley Brooke Robbins

Welcome to Westera, here you’ll find the most amazing views. This is the mountains, of course. If you look to your left you’ll find a nice couple cuddling on the park bench. It is chilly today, oh, wait…why is there blood coming from her neck?
Yes, here in Westera you do get those interesting views of the beautiful landscape. The waterfalls, the nice people. It’s a wonderful place to reside.

What most people don’t know is…that it’s also where the freaks reside.

Hello all, my name is Nessa and I’m a witch. My friends are vampires. We’re not evil, at least I’m pretty sure we’re not. And I do like people…for the most part.

~About the Author~

Ashley’s favorite thing to write about is basically anything to do with myths, supernatural, paranormal…but upon occasion she’ll write about normal teenage life. It comes somewhat naturally to her considering she’s nineteen herself.

If the vampires or other supernatural beings still haven’t claimed her, you’ll most likely find her with her computer, working on whatever story plots invaded her mind at that time. Like most teenagers, she’s still unsure of what all she wants to do with her life. Become a marine biologist, graphic designer, editor, fashion designer? Or maybe just stick to writing, we might find out one day.

She hopes to one day travel the world, take her mom to swim with the dolphins, and let her sister finally visit Graceland. She currently lives in North Carolina with her mom, sister, and three crazy dogs who think they’re human.

You can find her on her website:, or on pretty much any other social media site as AshKat174. You can probably find the links to those on her website.

~About Inkspell Publishing~

Inkspell Publishing is a small quality publisher who help authors with their dream of publication. Inkspell has become known for its stunning covers and quality books. It features Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance books. Check out our books, submission guidelines and outstanding covers on our website.

Inkspell Publishing has over 48 current releases in a variety of genres from Young Adult to Contemporary, from Paranormal Romance to Science Fiction Romance, Holiday stories and weddings. Inkspell Publishing even has free reads, some of which tie into our series books. You see there’s something for everyone. Our goal is to produce quality books that appeal to a wide variety of readers. We are always looking for quality stories and driven authors.


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DIRTY TALKIN' PLAYERS... Who doesn't love an ALPHA, bad boy?

When it comes to hitting home runs, these PLAYERS go for MULTIPLES!

Have you met my PLAYERS? If you're looking for a steamy, sexy, panty soaking series I may have just the thing for you.
All books in this series stand alone.

Below are some of the hottest scenes from my smokin' hot series. 

Rosalie's Player
Once a player, always a player. Maybe not this time. 

Hopeless romantic Rosalie Millan is fresh out of college and ready to start a new life in the baseball-obsessed town of Kingston, Rhode Island. Her sister has found her forever love with the Kingston Crushers' second baseman, and now Rosalie wants the same thing. But the man she has her sights set on is far from boyfriend material. He's wild, sex-crazed, and hell-bent on staying single. Still, Rosalie can't seem to give up on the bad boy. 

Up-and-coming baseball pitcher Holt Clemson is on fire, both on and off the field. His career has taken him to the top, and with that success comes women, and lots of them. After spending years watching his father cheat and lie to his mother, he's become jaded when it comes to relationships. He can have any girl he chooses, but the last one he thought he'd ever want is the only one making her way into his heart.

Rosalie wants romance, love, and a man who will do anything for her, but Holt isn't a hearts-and-flowers kind of guy. Can this unlikely duo find some common ground? Will Rosalie make Holt see that happily ever afters do exist? 

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content
Let's see what Holt's up to...
“You sure you want to invite me in?” Holt brushed her hair behind her ear. “Knowing there’s only one thing on my mind?”
“I don’t believe you only want one thing from me.”
“You’re right.” He grinned as he looked her over. The things he would do to this woman if given the chance. “I might have a few things on my mind, but they all have to do with you naked and willing.” He took her face between his hands, focusing on her full, pink lips before claiming them. “Still want me here?” He could taste her lip gloss on his mouth as he detected the conflict in her eyes. Most would say she wasn’t his type, but every woman was his type, especially when they looked as fuckable as she did. He wasn’t buying the innocent act. She was just playing hard to get.
She nodded.
“You don’t look too convincing, princess.” He turned her around so that she faced the foyer mirror. He needed to make her understand what the game was. “I don’t do relationships.” He trailed his lips along her neck as he let his words sink in. “I do sex.”
“Then do it.” She trembled when he skimmed his hand under her skirt, seeking out her panties. They would have to go, he thought as he held the side of her thong in his hand and ripped it from her. When she sucked in a quick breath, her eyes widened in the reflection of the mirror. He had her now.
“See, I’m not like those guys at Yale—all refined and gentleman like.” He smoothed his hand down her ass and between her legs. “I take what I want with no regrets.”
“What do you want?”
“This.” He brushed her sex, growing harder when her arousal soaked his fingers. “I can’t give you what you think you want, but I can give you everything you need.”
She was a dreamer. They’d only known one another a few days, but in that time he’d learned enough about her to know she had high standards when it came to relationships. She was obsessed with Nic and Sage. Always going on about how they were meant for one another. There was nothing wrong with her living in a fantasy world, as long as she knew he was never going to be that guy. The romantic one who would promise her the world and disappoint her in the end anyway. He was honest from the get-go.
He continued to finger her, delighting in those sexy noises she made. “So what do you think?” He pulled out of her, waiting for the answer he wanted to hear. “Can you play my way?” He ran his finger over her lips, almost coming undone when she sucked her arousal from him. “On my terms?”
“I can handle you.”
“There’s no doubt in my mind you can handle me physically.” He turned her to face him. “You’re the hottest babe I’ve ever met. A walking sex dream.” He smirked, but it was true. He’d had plenty of women, but none as sexy as this little kitten. “It’s here.” He touched her forehead. “And here.” He set his hand over her heart, noting how fast it beat. “Those are the places you won’t be able to handle me.”
She didn’t say anything, but he knew he had her all twisted and confused. He hoped she would make the right choice and take him to her bed.
“I’m not hearts and flowers, princess.” He lowered his lips to hers, making sure she was clear on who he was and what he wanted. “Not now, not ever.”
She held his stare with her mesmerizing gray eyes. Fuck! It would be so easy to give this girl anything and everything she asked for. She could demand it of him and he’d do it. That was new.
“Do you still want me to stay?” Say you do. Don’t make me go. We can find a common ground.

“No,” she whispered.
Fuck me! He’d never heard that word before.
“Not if it’s only going to be about sex.”
What else is there? 
Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love? 

Shy music teacher Sophia Ballis has sworn off men. After a bad experience with a college jock she decided it was better to be alone than to get burned again. She focused on her education and now her new job at a local private school. 

Professional baseball pitcher Paxton Hughes is a player both on and off the field. He's signed to the Kingston Crushers to bring home the coveted championship title. Nothing can get in his way. Serious relationships don't mix with a life on the road and he never loses focus on the game. One-night stands are his specialty for a reason. 

While out jogging one spring morning, the two collide, setting their course in motion. Pax is immediately drawn to the unassuming beauty. Sophia is aware of his reputation and decides one night of meaningless sex with the attractive Texas charmer is just what she needs to get over her self-imposed dry spell. Pax has more than a one-night stand on his mind, but will his bad-boy persona and demanding schedule ruin any chances of a happily ever after? 

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content 

Who wants a dirty-talkin' bad boy?
When she opened the back door, she found Pax sitting on the wicker loveseat, appearing casual and carefree. He hadn’t pitched tonight. He requested she be in the stands when he did, and she gladly agreed.
“Hey.” She gently closed the door behind her and walked over to him. “Miss me?”
“Maybe.” He reached for her, tossing her into his lap. “The guys dropped me off after we went for some food. I couldn’t unwind so I came over here.”
“Why so restless?” She traced her fingers down his cheek before pressing her lips to him.
“I’m always restless without you.” He ran his hand through her hair. “What am I going to do when I’m in New York?”
“I’ll call you.” She hated to think about him having to leave again. They were just getting into a routine. They felt like a real couple.
“That’s not the same as touching you. I need you in my bed.” He kissed her jaw, working his way down her neck, lingering at her collarbone. “I want you with me.”
“I still have another month of school,” she reminded him. They’d discussed her traveling with him throughout the summer but they hadn’t made any solid plans.
“Have you thought about coming with me on the road?” He slipped the strap of her sundress over her shoulder and placed a soft kiss there. “Some of the guys’ girlfriends come with
“Are you sure you want me around all the time?” She shifted to straddle him. “I might cramp your style.”
“Did you go out like this?” His gaze traveled down her body, totally abandoning their conversation.
“Like what?”
“In this skimpy little dress?” He focused on her breasts as he rested his hands on her thighs. “Don’t you know how tempting you are?”
“Show me.” She nipped at his earlobe. “Do I tempt you?”
“What do you think?” He moved her hand over his erection. “Let’s go back to my house.”
“I can’t wait that long.” She reached for his belt buckle. “I have an early morning meeting and my parents aren’t expecting me to sleep out. I don’t want them to worry.”
“Leave them a note.” He watched as she lowered the zipper on his jeans. “What are you doing?”
“Showing you how tempting you are.” She slide her hand inside his boxer as she slithered down, kneeling in front of him. “Maybe I can help you settle down. Help you get a good night’s sleep,”
“Here?” He looked around. “What about your parents?”
“You don’t strike me as a conservative guy.” She leaned forward and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. “You seem like the adventurous type.”
“You keep that up and you’ll see how daring I can be.” He slunk back and closed his eyes as she took him into her mouth. “Hell...” he hissed when she grazed his shaft with her teeth.
The few times they’d been together, she learned what he liked. She may not have been experienced in the sex department but Pax proved to be a good teacher.

“Stop,” he moaned.
“Why?” She glanced at him. “My parents won’t come out here.”
“As much as I adore that hot, skilled mouth of yours, I want something else.” He gripped

her hips and pulled her into a standing position.
“Anything.” She bit her lip as she waited for him to tell her.
“Let’s take these off.” He reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs.
She stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. “These cowboy boots are what did me in, sugar. We’re leaving them on when we fuck.”
“You’re so dirty.”
“I know my good girl likes a bad boy.” He lifted her skirt, glancing at her bare, exposed pussy. “I’m as bad as they come.” 

Jilted once before, now it's her turn to level the playing field. 

Hotshot sports reporter Sage Millan has been busy making a name for herself in the male dominated world of baseball. She's just landed her dream job, and her first assignment is covering the newly crowned World Series champions, The Kingston Crushers. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. The only problem…her ex-boyfriend, and the only man she's ever loved, is the team's second baseman. Things ended badly between them, and she's not sure she can put those demons to rest. 

Professional baseball player Nicolas Cordova is having the time of his life. His team has just won the World Series, and with the victory comes more fame, women, and exposure than he ever could have imagined. But things are about to change for the sexy, charismatic athlete. He never expected his ex-girlfriend to walk back into his life, much less the locker room. 

These days Sage is smarter, more mature, and doesn't plan on being played a second time. Her appearance stirs old memories for Nic. She's the one he let get away in the name of his career. He vows he can be the man she needs this time around. Will that be enough to mend her broken heart? 

Content Warning: contains explicit sex and adult content 

Nic never fails to score...
The heat of Sage’s breath traveled down Nic’s neck as she ran her lips along his flesh.
The evening seemed to move at the rate of torture. While he had liked spending the night with his teammates, showing off the hot woman who was now reaching for his belt buckle, he’d wanted more than anything to get back home and hit the sheets with her.
“Let’s get this dress off.” He tugged at the zipper, pushing the straps from her shoulders as she stepped back and let him remove it. His gaze perused her scantily clad form. “Fuck, woman.” She wore a black bra that pushed her sinful breasts up, a tiny matching thong, and thigh-high stockings. “So, we’re leaving those on when we do it.”
“I don’t care as long as we hurry up.” She slipped his jacket from his shoulders, running her palms across them and down his biceps. “You’re sexy when you’re dressed up.” She undid the buttons of his black dress shirt before she pulled it from his pants. “I’m not used to seeing you like this.”
“I still don’t like it.” He took her face between his hands, kissing her hard, running his tongue along her parted lips. Their need for one another was greedy and fast. Neither one could wait for the other. As he probed her mouth, she undid his pants and lowered the zipper. “Get on the bed.” He tried to guide her back, but she shook her head and pushed him against the wall.
“I want to get on my knees for you.”
“Hell.” He leaned his head on the wall as she slithered down his body, dropping to her knees, taking his pants and boxers with her. “You look perfect.” He stared down at her. “So beautiful.”
She licked her lips as she took his length into her hand, grasping the base as she swirled her tongue over his tip.
“Sage...” He tangled his fingers in her hair as he shifted his pelvis forward. “I’ve missed your hot, sexy mouth. I’ve dreamed of you sucking my cock.”
“Hmm,” she hummed around him, the vibration shooting straight to his balls. As she took him deeper, she moved her wrist back and forth, thrusting his dick fast and hard.

“You like when I talk dirty?”
She nodded as she continued to suck.
“Use your teeth,” he moaned.
It didn’t take her long to give him what he wanted. She ever so lightly scraped her teeth along his shaft, running her tongue back down as he took him as deep as she could. He shifted his hips forward when she gripped his base. His legs tensed as he tried to stave off the explosion that was eminent. Not yet...
“Baby.” He pulled her up by her forearms to meet him. “You make me feel like I’m eighteen all over again.”
“You used to like when I did that.” Her mouth curved into a wicked grin. “Liked it a lot, if I remember correctly.”
“I still do.” He kicked off his shoes and slipped off his socks before removing his pants. “But now I know how important it is to please my girl.” He backed her onto the bed, dropping to his knees. “I remember what you like too.” He took her heels off. “I can’t resist tasting you.”
She leaned on her elbows, her long hair flowing over her shoulders. Taking in his every move, her gray eyes studied him, watching as he hooked his thumbs in the sides of her tiny, frilly thong. “This has to go, but I’m leaving the stockings and the bra.”
“Whatever you want.” Her breaths were quick as he lowered his head.
Breathing in her scent, he reveled in how she glistened for him. “I want you.” He trailed his tongue inside her thighs, moving higher, closer to her heat. “I want to lick, suck, and touch every inch of your glorious body.” 

The boys of Kingston Heat are ready and waiting for you. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Crash and Burn by Melissa Keir

Genre: Romance

Crash and Burn is a novella in the Crashing Into Love book bundle.

Crash and Burn by Melissa Keir

Can Rob and Keira's second honeymoon lead to romance, or will it crash and burn?

On the verge of a divorce, Rob and Keira Matthews book a second honeymoon at the urging of their counselor. Unable to conceive, they've pushed each other away in an effort to protect their hearts. Will a romantic holiday be the ticket to love or a plane crash in disaster?


Once again alone with her thoughts, she turned toward her husband. They’d been married for seven years, and his looks still caused her stomach to flutter. I love running my fingers over his buzz cut. And his rough beard left sexy marks on my neck when we made love…not that it’s happened in a while. A part of the reason we’re on this trip is because of our lack of sex, tenderness. Of course, he’d have to be home in order to touch me.

Keira crossed her legs tighter as she glanced around the cabin. Her gaze fell to the cowboy two seats in front of her and across the aisle. That rancher is hot. His jeans really showed off his best assets when he walked back to the bathroom a while ago. His blue-striped shirt hugged his shoulders and guns. Those arms would hold a girl down or up and down all the while he loved on her. I bet if he and I were married, there’d be no need for counseling. She imagined running her fingers over his shoulders and down his arms. She uncrossed her legs and ran her hands down her jeans, shifting them.

Opening the water, Keira poured herself some. She picked up the glass and held it to her face, trying to cool her flushed skin, then drank. Emptying it, she set the glass back on the tray then poured a little water into the cup. She unzipped the top of her dog’s carrier and waved the water in front of Gris’s face. “Here, baby, you can have a little. Not too much. There’s no fire hydrants on the plane.”

As she watched her fur-baby drinking, her stomach clenched. What if this is the only baby I ever have? She ran her fingers over the teacup poodle’s fuzzed head.

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~Watch the Trailer~

~Crashing Into Love~

Lost meets Romancing the Stone--action adventure, a dash of mystery, and romance to die for.

Seven planes lift off…seven planes crash…seven stories of struggle, passion and love in the barren Canadian Wilderness, the coast of England, or the steamy heat of a tropical island. Romance hangs in the balance between survival and death. 

Brace for Impact by Daryl DevorĂ©. 
What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for rookie flight attendant, Lori, and sexy R.C.M.P. officer, Guy Lapierre? But Fate had other intentions.

Crashing into You by Lisa Kumar 
When Ashlee Trent meets handsome businessman Kaiden West on a plane to Australia, he eases her fears even as he sets her heart ablaze. But after their plane crashes into the ocean and they wash ashore, will the secrets surrounding him send their budding relationship into a nosedive? 

Crashing Through Time by Jenna Jaxon 

The most dangerous thing about time travel is knowledge of the past: does she save him and change history, or let the tragic events play out and lose the love of her life?
More than hearts can be broken when you crash through time. 

Love Comes Crashing In by Brenda Dyer 
Best friends find love in each other's arms, but can that love survive reality?

Falling Hard by D'Ann Lindun 
He craves solitude to forget what a woman did to him. She needs one last chance before her career ends. Can a plane crash in the Canadian Rockies show them what really matters? 

A Splash of Romance by Deb Julienne 
Who knew a plane crash would lead to romance? Hannah Parks is a trauma nurse on her way to a symposium at the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. She just started her bucket list and a plane crash definitely isn't on it. Oliver Lawson's divorce is final and he's looking to start over. A tropical island, a gorgeous woman. Romance is one thing, getting there as a result of a crash landing...who knew?

~About the Author~

For my wedding in Vegas, my books and computer came with me but there wasn't enough room for my wedding shoes. It’s all about priorities! As an avid reader, I was probably born with a book in hand. Luckily my mom was also an avid reader, so it was easy to "borrow" her books when my books were finished.

I was reading from an early age about dashing men on horseback riding to the rescue of strong willed and capable women who didn't really need rescuing. I came to expect that women in fairy tales should have fought their own battles. When I was older, I found Margaret Atwood and realized that women could re-tell history in their own way and I experimented with changing those basic fairy tales.

Fortunately for me, my husband allows me the opportunity to be myself (spend my salary on books) and still takes care of the really important things for me like killing spiders and opening jars. As an elementary teacher, teaching children about the many worlds inside of books is a gift that I’m lucky enough to do for a living. Teaching the next generation to love reading is a lot of fun! Reading the right book can make a new world come alive!

Currently living in the suburbs of Ann Arbor, Michigan with my darling husband, way-too-grown-up children and spoiled dogs, I enjoy getting away through a book to escape the harsh winters or summer road construction.

Author Links: Site  Facebook   Twitter

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Psychic Seductions... Jacquie Underdown

Jacquie Underdown...

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

What Drew You In...

When Beachwalk Press Inc. announced the submission call for an anthology featuring psychics, I was in. My head was instantly swirling with ideas.  My mother is a psychic (card & tarot reader), and I’ve certainly had my own share of ‘intuitive’ experiences, so it’s a topic I’m familiar with. 
The old adage of ‘write what you know’ isn’t one to be ignored, nor is the opportunity to write about a subject that’s close to my heart.
So Cupid and Cupcakes was brought to life, starring Penny, who is a much better baker than I’ll ever be and is way more talented at matchmaking than I’ve ever been. 
And, let’s be honest, I’m not sure there are many more delicious combinations than romance and cupcakes.

Mix a modern-day cupid with a hot-as-hell hero, smother with a thick layer of buttercream, and the result is a sticky, sweet, and utterly satisfying mouthful of a story.

Cupid and Cupcakes
In a snowy, sleepy town is a quaint cupcake shop. People travel from miles away to visit this sugar-scented store because they think it's magical. They're not entirely wrong. But it isn't the shop, or the cupcakes it sells, that's magical…it's the owner.
Penny loves her little store, but people don't visit Cupid and Cupcakes solely for her cakes. They have an ulterior motive—they're seeking love. Penny is a matchmaker, a modern-day cupid, and she's great at it. Never wrong. Unfortunately, Penny's gift doesn't work where her own love life is concerned. That is until Jonathon reappears in her life. He's her best friend's brother, utterly wrong for her, and completely off-limits. Or is he?

You will find Cupid and Cupcakes sitting alongside six other fantastic stories in… 

Psychic Seductions

When it comes to love, sex, and seduction, these psychics break all the rules. Seven sexy stories and seven gifts of insight that will make you a believer.

Cupid and Cupcakes - excerpt
Penny had started up the hall to her room when the bathroom door opened and plumes of steam rolled out, followed by Jonathon. Dressed only in a towel. She stopped dead in her tracks. His hair was wet and hanging loosely around his ears and neck. Goodness, Jonathon had definitely grown up. His skin was tanned and taut; the muscles in his chest, arms, and shoulders thieved her attention. The way his towel hung loosely on his hips, barely covering what was hidden underneath, made her heart beat faster. He was…hot. Jonathon was hot. This couldn’t be right.
Whoa, back up, Penny. You cannot be perving on your best friend’s brother. That had to cross a billion best friend boundaries. Uncrossable boundaries. This was Jonathon. Ratty, bratty, sexy-as-hell Jonathon.
She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths.
“Everything okay, Pen?” came his deep voice. Deeper than she remembered it being. It sizzled through her veins, igniting her insides. Her belly squeezed just hearing his voice.
Penny opened her eyes and made certain she looked only at his face. Not at that delectable body. If the front of him was that good, she could only imagine what his back and ass…oh dear God. She couldn’t help but look—he was so strong and toned. Eyes, Penny, his eyes. She forced her gaze to find his face again and swallowed hard. “Absolutely fine. Just a dizzy spell. I think I’m tired.”
He strode to her, reached out, and held her elbow. She tried not to breathe in the scent of bubbles and clean, male flesh, or revel in the warmth pouring from him, coaxing her own skin.
“You sure? You look a little pale.”
Penny forced a smile. “I’m fine. Once I get out of these clothes and into something more comfortable...” Oh, dear, did I seriously just say that? Now she was picturing herself naked and Jonathon naked. Both naked…together. Breathe, Penny, breathe. “I mean, I smell like my cupcake shop still...”
He grinned. “You smell delicious.”
Her eyes widened.
“When am I going to get to try one of your cupcakes?”
Was that a euphemism? Of course not. He was being completely literal here. She blinked and watched a droplet of water run down the side of his face, down his stubbled, square jaw. Talk, Penny. “Um…tomorrow. Come downstairs tomorrow and I’ll give you a taste…of, um, my cupcake.” She shook her head. “I mean, a cupcake.”
He nodded and grinned again, those flashing dimples carving lines in his cheeks. “Look forward to it.” He released her elbow and headed to his room.
Penny sucked in a deep breath and continued to her own room.
It was Jonathon. Yes, she found him attractive. Very attractive. Any warm-blooded female would. But it meant absolutely nothing.
1. because he’s Jonathon.
2. he’s her best friend’s brother.
3. …um.
What was she talking about again?

About me

 I live in rural Victoria, Australia. On permanent hiatus from a profession I don’t love, I now spend my time wrapped up in my imagination, creating characters and exploring alternative realities. I am an author of a number of digitally published novels, novellas and short stories that are emotionally driven and possess unique themes beyond the constraints of the physical universe. 

If you’d like to know more about me, my books, or to connect with me online, you can visit my webpage, follow me on twitter, or like my Facebook page You can also follow me through my publisher’s page


The authors of Psychic Seductions are giving away 2 x $20 Amazon Gift Cards to celebrate the release of this spectacular collection. 

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