Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tease Us Thursday...

Happy New Year!

I'm back with the Tease Us Thursday segment. This feature is open to all authors who would like to spotlight their works. Just send me (ellajade818 at gmail dot com) a 250 word excerpt (any heat level), cover art and buy links by Tuesday evening and I'll include you here.

The Weekend Proposition

“You want me to go to a wedding with you?”
“It’s in Connecticut. I would require your services until Sunday afternoon. All of your expenses would be paid, including a wardrobe which would be yours to keep after the weekend.”

“You need a date?”

“I would need you to appear as my girlfriend.”
“Is this a joke?”
“I wouldn’t joke about something like this. I’ve thought the entire thing through.” “A man who looks like you should have no problem finding a real girlfriend to buy

clothes for and flaunt in front of his family.” She thought for a moment. “Unless there’s something wrong with you.”
“There’s nothing wrong with me.” He raised his voice a bit. “I had planned on attending alone but circumstances have changed. I’m in a bind and from what I gather, you are too.”
Her instincts screamed to run in the opposite direction. She’d never been the type to fall for a scam. “I’m not interested in—”

“I’ll pay you two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for your time.”

“What?” Apparently a side of crazy came with those good looks.
“One hundred and twenty-five thousand today, if you agree.” He pulled out a check from

the inside pocket of the jacket he had draped on the back of the chair. He slipped the mint green paper across the table. “You’ll get the rest on Sunday afternoon.”
“That’s fifty grand a day.” She studied the check. It would take her years to make that kind of money working these shit-end jobs.
“I’m aware.” He nodded as if the money meant nothing. “I’m asking for your time, a commodity I believe should be well compensated.”
Too good to be true.

“Do you make it a habit of paying women to be your girlfriend?” “Pretend girlfriend,” he reminded her. “You would be the first.” “Why me?”

“Does it matter?”
“What exactly do you expect me to do for that money?” 


Here's a teaser from my newest release scheduled to hit the virtual shelves on January 20, 2014...

Find Me

The mystery man moved his hand to Riley’s cheek, gently stroking her face before leaning closer to her. The warmth of his breath caressed her lips. Moving his other hand to her hair, he slipped off the band that secured her ponytail and set her long locks free. Tangling his fingers in her tresses, he guided her to his lips. The prickle from the stubble on his jaw brushed her cheek as he placed a soft kiss at the corner of her mouth just below her bottom lip. His signature...

Her stomach fluttered from the contact. When he drew away from her, she craved more. Staring into his green depths, she tried to memorize every feature of his face right down to the tiny mole just below his left earlobe. There was something familiar about the stranger who began visiting her a few nights ago.

“Find me,” he whispered just before fading away.

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