Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sinful Saturday... Master of the Inn by Ella Jade

Sinful Saturday

I'm back with another sinful look into Master of the Inn...


“I dreamed about you all night. I was disappointed when I opened my eyes and you weren’t there.” He slipped the straps of her tank top down her shoulders. “I don’t like to be disappointed.” His eyes burned into hers.
He heard her breath hitch as he kissed a path to her breasts. “Logan.”
He slowly lowered her top, exposing her to him. Her nipples threatened to spill over the thin material of her bra. “Is this for me?” He moved his fingertips over the hardened buds, eliciting a moan from her when he pinched one of them.
“In my dream I couldn’t get enough of your tits. I licked and sucked them until you came all over my cock.” He swiped his tongue over one rosy nub through the lace of her bra, feeling it harden as he continued to lick.
She clutched the back of his head, pressing him wantonly against her breasts.
“Have you ever worn nipple clamps?”

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