Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthrusday

Searching for a steamy read this weekend? I got you covered...

***Some Teasers Contain Adult Content***

Lea Barrymire

He leaned forward and ran his tongue down the side of her neck. He nipped her just at the base, where her neck and shoulder met, then kissed away the sting on the same skin. She leaned into his embrace and moaned. The sound elicited an answering sound from Cain.
“Oh, do that again,” Sam gasped. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the feeling of Cain’s warm breath playing down her neck. She shivered as his teeth dug deliciously into the skin at the base of her neck. He licked over the bite and hummed in appreciation against her skin. He hovered with his mouth over hers for a moment before pressing his lips softly to hers. He nibbled back and forth along her lips, flicking his tongue over the small bites. When she finally opened her mouth with a sigh, he took advantage and delved in. He ran his tongue over hers, coaxing her to do the same. They swirled their tongues together until she was sucking his into her mouth. He broke off the kiss and nibbled his way down her chin. Goose bumps broke out along her arms as he kissed down her shoulder and along the tops of her breasts.

“I want to lick and taste every inch of you,” Cain said as he buried his head between her breasts. He ran his tongue under one breast and made a wet trail to the nipple, and sucked it into his mouth. He pulled hard, hollowing his cheeks, and lathed the perk nub with fast strokes. With his hand, he copied the same pattern on the other breast.

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Sarah Daltry

“Helen, you will be the downfall of man,” he says and he takes himself to where I am wet, slowly entering me. The deflowering is a sudden painful shock, but soon waves of something else flood through me. My nerves are alight with flame as he rocks back and forth inside of me. The warm, wet entrance seems to make him grow even larger and I feel as he has filled me up completely. I do not feel any guilt at the violation; instead, I realize that this secret is kept by men unfairly. We women deserve to know the same joy.

“Oh,” I say as he reaches below me and lifts me so that I can take more of him into myself. It is a shocking pleasure and I reach my hands up to hold him. His flesh is solid, tight with muscle, and I imagine other women who have touched him as I am. I worry that they pleased him more than I am, that they have done things I do not know to do. It saddens me, but then I thank the gods that they have been with him because he knows just how to touch me. His enjoyment becomes secondary as he pushes into me harder and I grow warm. My knees shake and I feel my thighs grasp him between them. 

Aimee Duffy

His hand cupped her cheek and his thumb brushed her lips making them burn and swell. Jake’s head lowered and he brushed his mouth against hers gently.
The shock of the sensations rippling through Caitlyn made her mind go blank for a second. Then her lips parted and the taste of him filled her mouth along with his tongue. Caitlyn lost composure. Her hands fisted his lapels and pulled him closer, pressing herself tighter against him.
The electric current running between them seemed to act like a magnet, the closer she got, her need to be nearer grew unbearable. His hands circled her waist and while one slid to the nape of her neck, the other cupped her bottom, pulling her flush against his arousal. The valley between her thighs throbbed and her panties grew moist. She was kissing him in the most desperate way imaginable, like she couldn’t bear for it to end. And she couldn’t. His spicy smell filled her nostrils and the taste of him was like a seriously addictive drug.
Sean’s booming voice cut through the hazy fog of lust which had entrapped her and she broke the kiss. Jake was looking down at her like he’d never seen her before. His lids were heavy and his irises had turned the color of a stormy sky.
“Guys, that was perfect! Great chemistry. If that’s what you two can do with a kiss, I can’t wait for the love scene.”

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