Sunday, April 14, 2013

#sexysnippets... Indulging the Professor by Ella Jade

Today I thought I'd share a little something from my upcoming release Indulging the Professor...

“I was wondering if I could kiss you goodnight.”
“You’re asking?”
“Yeah.” He laughed. “I suppose I am. Not very spontaneous.”
“You’re very polite. It’s sexy.” She sucked in a breath hoping she hadn’t overstepped but she couldn’t help it.
“You’re new territory for me.” He tossed her hair over her shoulder and ran his finger down her neck. “I’m not sure what I’m doing with you.”
“Why don’t you just do what feels right?”
“I want to kiss you.” The warmth of his breath fluttered across her lips. “That seems right to me.”
“Do it.” Her bottom lip trembled in anticipation. “I want you to kiss me, Marcus.”

Coming May 10, 2013

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  1. Replies
    1. He really is ;) But he knows his way around the bedroom too!

  2. Lovely, you can feel her anticipation. He sounds yummy :-)

    1. Thanks! This was a fun one to write ;)

  3. There are still gentlemen in fiction. Lovely.

    1. I don't usually write about them, Kiru. lol But yes, he is a gentlemen and super sexy ;)