Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

This week I'm pleased to have my fellow Beachwalk Press author Sidda Lee Tate joining us. Her brand new book released on Monday. She's brought a very steamy teaser with her...

***Teaser contains adult content***

Sharon nodded, wanting more, needing more. The air in her lungs burned, begging to be released.

His cheek pressed against hers, and his harsh breath blowing in her hair sent shivers down her spine. He shifted, resting his forehead on hers as another thick digit breached her entrance. Sharon tilted her hips, offering deeper passage, and he took it. Rotating his fingers, he brought them out to the tips then gradually pushed them back in, knuckle deep. Over and over again he worked her center. Her legs were gel, boneless, officially liquefied.

Pulsing. Everything inside her pulsed as the walls of her center hugged at his fingers plunging in and out, twisting and turning. Her skin rippled in waves, her back arched, and when his teeth nipped at one of her rock hard nipples, she cried out, releasing the upsurge of pleasure, and went limp against his chest, trembling.

Kyle gave a low chuckle, removing his hand from between her legs. “You got my hand wet.”

“Mmm.” Sharon raised her head and met his eyes as he lifted his dripping fingers to her lips and traced them. The juice left in their trail cooled with his breath, their mouths centimeters apart. She quivered with an aftershock and stuck out her tongue, licking the length of his fingers. His mouth parted and he moaned. She clamped her lips around the digits and slowly took them in and back out.

“Holy shit,” he groaned and knotted his hands in her hair, bringing their mouths together.

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