Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tease Us Thursday...

Happy New Year! I'm back with our regularly scheduled Tease Us Thursday edition. I hope you find a sexy, steamy read to kick off your weekend.

***Some teasers contain adult content***
“Will you allow me to buy you dinner?”
“Yes. I just won this event and I want to celebrate with a beautiful woman.”
Whereas a line like that would’ve worked on many Italian women and most of the buckle bunnies he normally encountered on tour, Natalie shook her head. “Look, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. I’m not here hoping to find a boyfriend.”
Boyfriend? I only asked her to dinner.
“That is good, because I am not in search of a girlfriend.”
“I’m also not interested in a one-night stand, so if that’s what you’re after—”
“I am sorry, did I offend you?”
Natalie sighed and Marco watched as she chewed on her lip for a minute. He could think of far better ways to make her mouth look abused, but figured given her recent statements she wouldn’t handle his flirting well, so he stayed quiet.
“You didn’t offend me. I’m here to work.”
“You work for the tour?”
“A reporter?”
“No. I’m following the tour for a couple of weeks. I’m interested in learning about bull riding so I can try out for the female tour. It’s just, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I’m here to watch, listen and learn.”
“Then have dinner with me. You can quiz me.” When she looked doubtful he added, “I will be a perfect gentlemen.” He turned the full force of the smile his parents had spent a fortune in dental work on and her eyes softened.

Ella Jade

“I’m making a wonderful Italian egg drop soup. You’ll love it. I promise.”

“I don’t think so.” He crinkled his nose. “Can’t you put something else in it?”

“Um, no, the recipe calls for spinach.” She picked a bundle of the vegetable. “We need it.”

He shook his head. “I’m not eating it.”

“Hey, my kitchen, my rules.” She pushed the spinach into his hand. “Now put that in the cart.”

“Are you telling me what to do?”

“Yes,” she defiantly told him. “What are you going to do about it?”

She wants to play. Ever since that night on the couch, the sex had been different between them. It had become more sensual. They were learning one another. Making love with Elyse had been a defining moment in their relationship and while sex might have been tamer than what Logan was used to, it was still pretty hot. But, maybe his little chef missed the kink.

When he tossed the spinach in the cart, he caught Cora watching them. He wondered how long she’d been standing there. She nodded at him before disappearing down another aisle. Elyse picked out her potatoes, never acknowledging Cora’s presence.

Logan came up from behind her and whispered into her ear. “To answer your question, I have a riding crop with your name on it.” He nipped her earlobe. “I’m going to use it tonight, my feisty girl.”

My bedroom, my rules.

She looked over her shoulder, staring up at him with wide eyes.

“No turning back now, cupcake. You started this game.”
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