Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tease Us Thursday... Rebel Ink Press Batch 4

Here we are with our last set of Teasers from the Rebel Ink Authors. It was so much fun having them today!
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***Some teasers contain Adult Content**

Lela may be the wife of a famous singer but on Christmas Eve, she finds herself home alone.  As she waits for Shane to come home for the holidays, Lela wonders if fame has changed their lives too much.  Shane's out on the road almost all the time while she keeps the home fires burning.  Shane's failure to arrive sends her into a bout of self-pity but when he finally makes it home, she learns things are much different than they seem.
He tasted of peppermints and a fainter hint of good bourbon, pleasant and familiar.  Heat kindled between their lips and fire ignited between them as his mouth teased hers into desire.  His kiss pleasured her mouth but evoked waves of want in her body, sweet thrills of delight rippling with need. As her body eased into the familiar tension, the yearning just one thing could relieve, Lela curled herself closer against Shane until she felt his hard cock move against her.
            He pulled away her robe and stripped her flannel nightgown away.  Shane’s large hands roamed over her body, caressing and fondling.  He knew just where to touch to evoke her reaction, how to stroke her to increase her desire to a fever pitch.  Lela’s hands jerked at his shirt, fumbled the buttons until she could take it off.  When she did, Shane unzipped his jeans and stepped out of them, bare as the day he came into the world beneath the denim.  She admired his shaft and reached out to take it into her hand.  As she began to caress him, Shane pulled his mouth away from hers to latch onto her left nipple where he suckled.  Extreme pleasure flowed through her body as she arched her back to get maximum reaction.  He switched to her right breast, hand cupping it as he tongued around her sensitive nipple until she whimpered with need.
            Shane’s fingers moved to her mound where he stroked until her inner pulsing increased so much Lela thought she’d die if she didn’t get satisfaction soon.  Her own fingers tangled in his hair, longer than he’d once worn it then moved to rake his back with her fingernails like a she-animal.  He groaned with pleasure and maneuvered her toward the antique couch.   Lela sprawled on it, legs spread open and he entered her fast and harsh with the power of a river flowing into her body.  From the first connection she spasmed with glad satisfaction as each ripple grew until waves of erotic enchantment bewitched her.
            He worked her and she gave back, moving beneath him to offer the release they both sought.  At last they shuddered together in a climax powerful enough they slid from the couch onto the hard wood floors with a crash.  Still connected, the final spirals of bliss spinning them through a rush of delight they burst into laughter, a happy sound carrying them the rest of the way.  After he caught his breath, he scooped her into his arms and returned her to the couch where they lay intertwined, firelight playing a game of light and shadow over their nude flesh.
Are you afraid of the dark? Serial killers lurk among the living as well as the dead. For many of us we could never understand. Meet the fine officers who put their lives on the line every day in a dark and dangerous city. For one – secrets threaten everything he knows…
Terror grips the city of New Orleans. The second in a series of gruesome, torture based murders occurs within two weeks of the first and the only connection is an email sent to both female victims’ husbands with two words – die, whore. Detectives Stephen Winters and Tremane Foster are assigned to the case. The crimes based on infidelity, there are few clues and the city is under siege as Mardi Gras looms around the corner. For Stephen, the case hits a little too close to home. Having found his ex-wife in bed with his best friend, he understands the burn of betrayal.
As they delve deeper into the slaughters and additional damning information is uncovered about the secret lives of the victims, Stephen is reminded of his continued anguish. And just when the two detectives think they have a possible lead, insinuations are made about Stephen’s new wife, Samantha, and his partner of five years and Stephen is forced to face the very demon dwelling deep inside. Again. Would she be unfaithful?
As the murders continue and the city is locked down, there’s a race against time to find the killer. Taunted by a past he can’t forget and growing evidence of a heated tryst, the killer strikes again and Stephen’s forced to make a choice that could change his life forever.
Nancy LaPonzina
She reached for the steering wheel and grabbed it to pull herself straight up against the car seat. She’d called Dan then Leyla Jo she remembered, but how much time had passed altogether? The correct timing could be off. The car motor wasn’t running, yet every blue, green, and red dashboard light blazed. An annoying, electronic ping sounded intermittently and a hazed crack traveled the windshield. Laurinda snapped her tightly held cell closed, and looked up. There was a guy running straight toward her from up the stretch of road.
Please, don’t be coming here, she pleaded, and gingerly twisted around for a look behind her. Maybe there was something else back there on the road? But no, her predicament was the only event to be seen. As he got closer, she saw the concern on his face and knew he was coming to help.
"Hey!" he called, "Okay in there?" He choked out the words, breathing hard from his run as he approached her car door. The stranger towered above her in the sports car. He doubled down to face her.
"Deer," she stammered. Laurinda felt awkward at what must look like a ridiculous scene. A sports car tilted wildly to its side, stuck somehow and not another car to be seen. "They charged out across the road from over that way. I swerved, and missed them." Who was this guy standing here? Couldn’t this all just go away? And when would that horn stop?
 Suzanna C. Ryan
“I’ll have a Martini,” she said loudly over the music.
Carl turned to the bar and motioned for the bartender to mix up two, and dirty. When he handed her the glass, she smiled.
“How did you know I like them dirty?” she said and moved in closer to him so he could hear her.
“I figured you were an olive type of girl,” he said, looking down at her.
He watched her smile then down the liquid in one gulp. Shit, did she have any idea what drinking a Martini like that could do? He took the glass from her and put it on the bar. She raised her hand and held up one finger, indicating she wanted another. He shook his head no then saw Diane walking toward them. He drank his Martini and smiled at the pleasant looking older woman.
“So this is a rather crazy place. Noisy, getting too old for this,” Diane said.
“Mom, it’s so cool. I love the band and it’s free drinks, what more could you ask for,” Aurora said. Diane hugged her and that’s when she noticed the silver angel pin on her sweater.
“Wow how beautiful, who gave you this, it’s stunning,” Diane asked.
“Mr. Peters, he said to go along with the gold one you gave me. I love it,” Aurora said.
“Carl, thank you. That was so thoughtful of you.” Diane said.
He smiled and motioned to her, waving his hand in an effort to tell her it was nothing. Diane came over to him and kissed his cheek.
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