Friday, December 14, 2012

Teasers for your Weekend...

Thursday teasers on Friday! I hope you enjoyed the Rebel Teasers yesterday. I'm back today with some sexy, captivating reads...
Angelique wrapped her arms around his neck, sinking into the warm sensation that being around Connor stirred inside her. She froze, knowing this might not be what was best for her, but with him being here—so close, and apparently so ready too—she didn’t know if she had it in her to turn him away.
Connor pulled back a little, concern darkening his eyes. “Tell me if you don’t want this.”
She opened her mouth to refuse him, to distance herself, but the words wouldn’t come. What was the problem with giving in? She leaned forward, pushing her fingers into his dark blond hair. Her lips met his, and he groaned.
He gripped her hips, tugging her forward on the counter, pressing her close to him. Close enough to feel his hard cock hiding beneath his suit pants. They’d never gone this far before in their relationship. She hadn’t let him get close because of Kira, but Kira wasn’t a problem right now.
Angelique smiled against his lips and pushed off Connor’s suit jacket, letting it fall to the kitchen floor. He stepped back a little, grabbing for her jacket. She let him unzip it and toss it to the floor next to his. His hands brushed over her torso from just under her breasts, over her stomach, and down to the hem of her undershirt. She sucked in a breath as his warm hands met her skin.
He slowly slid the top up and watched her face. She should stop him, but she didn’t want to.

Ella Jade

Dominick walked out to the main room of the suite and drew the drapes back. The room was so high up, he had the most amazing view of the city. He walked those streets almost every day on his way to work, but never appreciated its beauty. He poured himself a Scotch, trying to take the edge off while he waited for his guest. She would be there any minute. Should he order dinner? Champagne? How long would they wait before making use of that big bed? Would they even make it to the bed? Perhaps he should have put a condom in his pocket.

You’re getting way ahead of yourself, old boy.

They might not even be compatible. What if they weren’t sexually attracted to one another? Would it be appropriate to have dinner and call it a night?

Enough with the questions!

At the soft click, he realized he’d have his answers soon enough. He chugged the remainder of his drink, placed the glass on the bar, and turned toward the hall.

Holy hell.

A spectacular woman stepped over the threshold. After placing her bag by the door, she looked up at him and smiled. She hesitated in the foyer a few seconds, allowing him to take in her beauty. She wore a tight, short, flattering black dress, showcasing all of her curves. Her strappy silver, stilettos accentuated her long, toned legs. Those legs didn’t look like they ever stopped, their silky lengths disappearing under the dress. Her full, pink lips parted a bit as she stared at him with eyes the most alluring shade of gray. The whole package stood before him, but her long black hair struck him. It flowed down either side of her shoulders in loosely tied pigtails. They’re fucking hot. The ends of each was curled and hung over her breasts. Images of pulling on those cock-teasing pigtails flooded his mind.
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