Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tease Us Thursday - Rebel Ink Authors Batch 3

We're back! We have a few more delicious teasers to share with you too!
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***Some teasers contain Adult Content**
Britni Hill

Layla Swanson grew up in the lazy, small town of Hollow Oaks and can’t wait to get out.  She has big dreams and big plans in the big city.  Layla has worked hard and her senior year is nearly at its end.  She can’t wait to go away to college.  And she’s one step closer to getting what she wants. Layla isn’t letting anyone get in her way. 
Taylor Scott may not be your typical country boy, but he doesn’t mind Hollow Oaks.  His dreams may not be marked on paper and set in stone, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have them. 
A chance meeting between the two childhood friends may have Layla second guessing her longtime plan. Their rekindled friendship is leading them down a path neither one could have foreseen.  But with Layla leaving for college, many challenges face them, especially when she so stubbornly sticks to her solo plan.
Is Taylor’s love enough to convince Layla to let him in?  Or when everything falls apart, will Layla run away?
"I don’t think I’ll miss him.  I‘m a horrible girlfriend." Taylor made a noise that sounded something like humph. Layla sighed.
"That doesn’t make you a bad person. You know that, right?" He could feel her moving next to him and looked in time to see her nod. "Good."
Reaching out, Taylor twined their fingers together and looked at their hands as memories of them holding hands a hundred times before played through his head. They were kids then. What were they now? Not kids, not adults. His eyes roved over Layla and her big, hazel eyes in her pretty heart-shaped face with her perfect nose and small, light pink lips that looked so soft. Closing his eyes, he leaned into her and found those lips with his own, lightly brushing her mouth with his. When she kissed him back, it was better than he remembered. Her arms went around his neck and she played with the hair that curled at his neckline. Taylor breathed in on a shudder and brushed his lips across hers before pulling back, watching as Layla laid there with her eyes closed, her long, black lashes brushing her cheeks. Her lips were slightly parted as she breathed in roughly.
"I should have gone to prom with you," she whispered without opening her eyes. Her sad smile tugged at Taylor’s heart. She shivered and rubbed at her arms. He’d been so caught up in her he hadn’t notice the chill in the night air.
Alex Jones


Dom Sal is the star quarterback of his high school football team. His charming, earnest personality has girls tripping over themselves to be with him. Everyone knows his family lives in the St. Michael Charity Housing, but all that matters is how many touchdowns he can score. And Dom never lets them down. No one knows he hides a secret—he dreams about men.

Damion Adrik is the school freak. His gothic style and cold, biting sarcasm keep everyone at arm's length. His all-too-perfect family is a prison cell, and he's slowly destroying himself from the inside out. No one knows he has secrets of his own and that he's tormented by the darkness he takes comfort in. No one truly sees him, until Dom.

When these two worlds collide and the spark of attraction pulls Dom and Damion together, both boys are faced with choices that will break their realities in two. While conflict with parents and peers drives them closer together, their inner battles threaten to destroy the relationship they fight so desperately to keep. In the end, they must choose whether to be true to themselves, and each other, or to drown in the lives they built before.
Dom’s deep voice broke the stillness. “Damion, that… on the beanbag… That wasn’t supposed to happen.”
He smirked malignantly. “Which part—the execution or the pleasure?”
“You mean to say you weren’t supposed to enjoy it.” Damion knew he was just being difficult, but it pleased him—he could maintain some control over the situation.
“Look, I shouldn’t have kissed you. Period. It doesn’t matter if I enjoyed it.”
“So you did enjoy it.”
“Well, ye—no… That’s not the point!” Dom burst. “It should never have happened!”
“Yeah, well, news flash, Dom: I never wanted that to happen either.”
A pause. “…I know.”
“Really?” Damion’s brows arched in mock surprise. “And how did you figure that one out?”
Cynicism—always the cynicism. It seemed to Dom that was all his partner could handle. “…I… I know you cut yourself afterwards… in the bathroom.”
“Yeah,” scoffed Damion, “What’s it to you?”
“I don’t like to see anyone hurt… We get enough pain without giving it to ourselves.”
Damion wanted to snarl, ‘save your pity,’ but didn’t—it would only start Dom on another religion speech; though he couldn’t imagine such a speech coming from the jock now… What did Dom know about it anyway? How could he explain that blood was the only way to keep himself sane?
“…Damion?” Dom managed after a short pause.
He gulped, mustering courage. “Who… Who is Adi?”
The brakes slammed. Dom flew against his seatbelt, heart skipping a beat. Damion stared out the windshield into the night, snarling, “Where did you hear about that?”

Donna Steel



Ashley Winsted pulled the Prius into the driveway and stopped, in no hurry to get out. Just being in this place made her chest tighten.
She had forgotten the sheer size of the house. The structure had always dominated this block, hell the whole town. But it hadn't been kept up for years. Now it only looked tired.
She scanned the yard, overgrown, but not too shaggy yet. In any case, Mattie Winsted would be appalled. The outside wasn't perfect. The inside didn't matter, but what one could see should always be completely perfect. Nothing was more important to Mattie.
The house needed paint and the bushes a trim, though the lawn had been freshly mowed. Those vines definitely needed to be cut away. A Victorian house always needed painting, didn't it? Ashley sighed and opened the car door. She stepped out and stretched. It had been a long drive, but at least she should have some privacy here to work. Her eyes immediately went to the cupola room over the large wrap-around porch. She'd coveted the room for years.
Coming here was difficult. It had been nearly ten years since she'd left. And the time away had been good. No longer that skinny, shy girl without a father, she hadn't missed this place for ten seconds.
Maybe no one would recognize her.
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