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Tease Us Thursday - Rebel Ink Press Batch 2

We're back with the next set of enticing teasers from those fantastic Rebel Ink Press authors.
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**Some teasers contain adult content**
J.L. Oiler

The steady, fast beat of the bass echoed through her body while she stepped onto the stage and began to sway and gyrate to the music, every eye glued to the hypnotic enchantress before them. Talia stretched her arms high over her head, leaning back against the brass pole in the center of the stage and brought them both slowly down to caress and rub against her body, mimicking those of a lover. Stopping at the ribbon which tied her corset style top so that she could loop the thin colorful silk between her fingers and pull down to allow the leather to fall open, Talia could see the demons face, his eyes watching every measured movement, his tongue running across his lower lip every other moment as he readjusted the fit of his pants across his cock.
Guiding both hands across her breasts, she pushed the material further, preparing to slip it off completely when something whizzed by her head and struck the wall behind Talia with a heavy thud. A quick glance behind her revealed the silver butt of a throwing dagger embedded into the wood wall. Someone had just attempted to kill her.
Turning back around, she glared through the darkness, her eyes becoming a menacing blood red. Talia’s heightened sight cut through the blackness as she watched Fallon and Tanner both rush across the room toward Setra, who appeared to be making a hasty retreat through the front door. The serpent bitch had actually tried to kill her!

“Beverly’s Secret” a novelette by Eden Glenn vol 2 in the Amethyst Desire Collection.
Published by Rebel Ink Press and Available from all fine Ebook vendors
Available Winter, 2013
Beverly Carter, clerk at Salynne’s Crystal’s and Thyme, could have sworn she placed the amethyst necklace in the display cabinet. How did the gem end up in her pocket? She’d have to take it back in the morning and explain her mistake to the shop owner.
Trying the necklace on for just a moment shouldn’t hurt anything. When the clasp won’t release she has to call on her next-door neighbor for help. A neighbor that Beverly hasn’t had the courage to approach. She’s pretty sure the woman is a lesbian, too. How to broach the subject without appearing a fool if she’s wrong? So, Beverly’s been stuck, just as stuck as the damn necklace.
Then Makala’s red lips were just too tempting, too perfect, too close. Kissing her first and asking second, might have backfired. Yet, the way Makala accepted the kiss and returned it with unabashed enthusiasm answered all the questions left unasked.
Makala Reynaud certainly did want to play. They spent the night talking and having sex every way and everywhere possible in Makala’s small apartment. Beverly had to wonder if the rumors about the necklace were true. Was this some kind of spell that might only last the night? Or could this be the beginning of something magical?
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Lori J. Gordon

As we approach a new year it seems appropriate to tell you about my upcoming Trilogy, The Lost Night. A Romantic Adventure set in Outer Space.

Book one, Black Night, is my very first completed manuscript. I wrote it six years ago. The response from my friends and family was so positive I followed it with book two, Castle of Doom. For the third in the series I decided to try something different and took the reader back in history with book three, The Beginnings. (This title is subject to change and I hope it does.)

The Lost Night-Black/Night Coming 2013 from Rebel Ink Press.                                                                          
  Unedited Blurb

Sienna James must face the harsh realities outside her sheltered world when she falls in love with the grandson of a rival planet’s evil ruler.

Attempting to break off the doomed relationship Sienna finds herself kidnapped and forced into a marriage designed to destroy her father’s empire.

Johnny Black risks his life in order to rescue his unrequited love, Sienna. In order to escape the duo must make a harrowing journey to the other side of their captive world. Events along the way have Sienna admitting, for her it was always Johnny, until a dark secret from his past is revealed, putting the couples love to the ultimate test as Sienna must decide if she can ever trust Johnny again. 

Unedited Teaser

I gulped champagne when Johnny got up from his chair, pushing it aside before dropping down on one knee.

Every eye in the place watched in anticipation when he pulled out a red velvet box. The room was so quiet, I heard his slow exhale before he spoke, “Sienna James, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

The tears I’d expected refused to come. I was much too numb too cry. I stared at the most incredible ring I’d ever seen thinking, this time yesterday I was kissing Marc by the river and tonight my father was giving his consent and blessing for Johnny to marry me. At this moment I truly hated them all. Grabbing Johnny’s glass off the table, I downed the contents before meeting his eyes. “Why not.” I shrugged.

Winfield H. Strock III

What secrets justify hiding from history mankind’s first foray into space?  In 1881, in an age of steel, steam, and innovation, an eclectic collection of adventurers gather.  As resources pour in and hints at breakthrough technologies leak out, one man is sent to investigate.

Follow Solomon ‘Hap’ Hanson, Civil War veteran and Pittsburgh reporter as he uncovers a maze of mysteries.  Deeper and darker events become.  As his story unfolds more dangerous the perils become, more rewarding the venture grows.

An enigmatic message along the way keeps Hap focused on his task:  “Save this adventure from itself.”  Who will be this voyage’s downfall?  Will it be the swarthy terse soldier, Claude?  Surely the sallow British doctor, Henry Wells, and his beautiful, brave, resourceful wife pose no threat to the voyage’s success.  The most obvious danger lies in the expedition’s most brilliant member.  Nicolai’s nihilistic views come to the fore as tensions rise and crises converge.  But as Hap joins the chaotic crew he wonders, will he see the crew and voyage to its doom?

      Worlds beyond our own, Earth’s nearest celestial neighbors, beckon to be explored.  Join in the voyage textbooks cannot know happened.  Learn why such an epic event goes unwritten until the dangers of our past no longer threaten to destroy the future.  Discover the lessons learned on distant worlds a century ago which serve as harbingers of horrors hanging above our hectic globe.
November 13, 1878

Dear Mr. Turleau,                
     We are deeply saddened at the loss our mutual friend, Dr. Christopher Martin. At your request, we have examined the notes written by the good doctor on the day of his death.

     Julian paused. His lifelong friend's tragic passing under such horrific circumstances scarred him. The injuries incurred that fateful day paled in comparison. Writing became impossible. Sound sleep eluded him as nightmares invaded his slumber. Julian clung to the hope of some worthy purpose emerging, some bright light arriving as a result of recent disastrous events. Wiping a tear from his tired eyes, Julian read further.

     I must caution you this is most likely a hoax. The translated text is as follows, 
     "I am Osashar. I speak to you from Heru-deshret. I am happy to hear your voice. I hope to speak again with you soon.” 
     Osashar is an obscure ancient mythological character. Heru-deshret refers to a mythological land. My colleagues and I agree that in the context written it may refer to the planet Mars. As incredible as this sounds…

     Stunned, Julian's fingers let the letter slip. Drifting to the floor, it settled atop the tattered remnant of the envelope.

     Charles' dutifully concerned words whispered across the space between them. “Sir, are you alright?”
Silently, Julian glided over to his desk. He poured another cup of coffee. Outside, the sun smiled through. Fair winds caressed calming seas. The butler beckoned once more.

     “Is something wrong, sir?”

     A grin grew from within the wordsmith's silvery beard. “No Charles.”

     Abruptly, Julian spun toward the door. Marching out, he paused to peek back at Charles from the threshold. A long lost twinkle returned to his eyes. Julian blustered with cheerful urgency. “Pack a picnic basket for me Charles. I'll be down at the laboratory. You'd better bring dinner as well. I have much work to do.”
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