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Beachwalk Press - Tease Us Thursday Batch 2

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He licked the seam of her lips before devouring her mouth once again. It felt as if he was blowing new life into her. Slipping a finger under each shoulder strap, he tugged her bodice down to her waist. Her breasts spilled into his waiting hands. He cupped each heavy globe. Through narrowed lids she saw his forest green eyes darken to a shade of emerald before he bent his head and licked one nipple then the other. Mel whimpered. Moisture seeped from her inner walls and settled into the folds of her sex. He lavished attention on her breasts, kissing, sucking, and squeezing until she shifted in her seat trying to relieve the throbbing ache deep inside her pussy. He pinched her nipples again and another warm spurt of fluid saturated her panties. Mel’s knees fell apart of their own accord. She wanted more, so much more of this exquisite pleasure.
 “Lean back against the door.” His warm breath whispered across her skin.
The combined smell of his aftershave and male scent had her senses reeling so badly that all she could do was moan in response. She longed for something hard inside her pussy. Her hands fell from his shoulders and clutched the edge of her seat. The constant assault of Jack’s tongue on her bare nipples left her helpless. She rocked her hips in tune with his tongue right there in the middle of the driveway.
Kaylie Newell

She crossed her arms self-consciously over the sky blue tank top which hugged her upper body like a glove. She had gone without a bra, not expecting to see anyone but Alice that morning. Her breasts swelled at the neckline as if proud to be on center stage.

His eyes moved slowly down her body, lingering on her hips, before coming back to rest on her burning face.

She stepped back and almost knocked over a vase that teetered on the edge of a weathered desk. Swearing under her breath, she caught it before it toppled to the floor. What was wrong with her?

His eyes seemed to grow darker by the minute, but a small smile played on his lips. “Do I make you nervous, Josie?”

“Yes. No.” She looked down at her flip flops and felt like a fourteen-year-old. “A little,” she mumbled.


A thousand answers skittered across her mind. Because you’re incredible looking. Because you’re a cop and you’ve got a mean looking gun on your hip. Because just last month I was being beaten to a pulp by my husband and I don’t trust men anymore. Because I just found out I’m a widow and I shouldn’t be having these thoughts about anyone, that’s why.

“I’m not sure,” she said.

“I’m not going to hurt you, you know.”

She looked up at him then. “I know.” God, he’s gorgeous.

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Tara Mills

Lauren felt a little stage fright as Wes tugged her to her feet and into the bedroom.

At the edge of his bed he spun her around and caught the bottom of her shirt. In one sudden flash of periwinkle, the shirt was whipped up and over her head and dropped to the floor.

“I knew you’d move fast,” Lauren said, not quite sure whether she wanted to cover herself or go for his clothes more. She was half afraid she’d disappoint him. She couldn’t compete in the experience department with most people she knew, and this was like the audition of a lifetime. She hoped she didn’t blow it.

Wes crowded her with his body and whispered, “I do when I know what I want.”

He eased back and his eyes lingered on her sexy new bra. The corner of his mouth twitched up and he nodded in approval. With a flick of his hand, Wes unsnapped Lauren’s jeans and kissed her as he drew the zipper down. Her jeans followed, pooling around her feet.

Wes paused and stared at her panties then knocked himself in the side of the head with the heel of his hand. “Mental readjustment.”

What?” she asked, completely lost.

“I always pictured you in white cotton bikinis.”

“Oh please.”

Wes laughed, and hooking his finger under the band, pulled them out to take a peek. “But these work.”

Lauren’s self-confidence surged back. She was living her dream, only it was so much better. Encouraged, she jerked Wes forward by the waistband and released the button of his jeans. One tug at his zipper and it practically opened itself, parting under the pressure behind it. A swelling mass of burgundy bulged forth and she blinked at it for a moment before breaking into a giggle.

“And here I always pictured you in whitey tighties.”


He was wearing snug briefs but from the looks of things they were a bit more snug than normal.

“Lose the shirt,” she commanded.

“Yes, ma’am.” He pulled it over his head and tossed it aside.

Wearing only their underwear, they looked at each other and started to grin.

“Feel a little awkward?” Wes asked.

“Oh yeah.”

“Me too. We need to get over it.”


Wes grabbed her around the waist and sent her tumbling onto the bed with him. Their

laughter was stifled when their mouths reconnected.
Tamaria Soana

From Spicing Things Up 

An hour later, Tina sat across from Marc at the diner they always met at, stunned by what he was saying. Marc and Rick had been in a relationship for over three years, and while they fought occasionally, she always thought they were so happy and compatible.

“Tina, I still love him, it’s just I think we may need a little spark or something.”

She blinked and tried to find her voice. “And you think that spark is me?”

“Yes. I’ve already been with you. Rick has very little experience with women, and you two get along so well.”

“So let me get this straight—you want me to have sex with both of you at the same time, no strings attached?”

“Basically,” Marc replied then took a swig of his beer.

Tina did find the idea intriguing, so she weighed the pros and cons in her mind. There were definitely more pros on her mental list. She took a deep, cleansing breath and then answered. “Why not? I am single, and you only live once. Right?”


“Yes, now shut up and buy me a drink before I change my mind.”

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