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Beachwalk Press Tease Us Thursday Batch 3

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**Some teasers contain adult content**

E. Jamie


He gripped her jaw tight with his fingers. “Don’t. Don’t you say my name, damn you.” His breath came in warm pants against her face, and her cheeks glistened with the heat.

“I’m sorry that—” she tried again, but he cut her off.

“So am I,” he replied gruffly and closed his mouth over hers. His entire body exploded at the taste of her. Like a man who’d gone too long without water, who’d almost forgotten what it tasted like and was suddenly reminded, Caleb pushed his lips against hers and swallowed her whimpers into his mouth. He felt her digging her fingers into his shoulders, and her tongue sought out his own. He gave it to her, sliding along her mouth. Knowing this had gone beyond anger to pure want. Pure, barely restrained lust. Not love. Not love, Caleb told himself. Not anymore.

He reached down and cupped her behind and pressed her against him, wanting her to feel him. He rolled his hips against her and felt the heat of her, remembered that tight, wet heat and felt like he was going to come so damned hard. Her hands cupped his face, her fingers shook and he sucked her lips, teased her tongue with his own. Nobody tasted like Laura. Oh God, how he’d missed her taste. He pressed her tight against the bulge in his jeans.
Ashlynn Monroe

“I am a creature, a very evil creature. Make me a man again, just for one night, sweet Clarissa. Make me feel,” he begged quietly.

Feeling kindred with him for a moment upon hearing his broken plea, she understood his pain. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips to his, gently at first, and then her arms came around his neck, pulling him closer. Demanding he feel her humanity and passion, her lips moved across his in a dance of emotions. He moaned and his hands slid up her sides. She felt him take hold of the front of her shirt and with a jerk the buttons flew from her top, pinging softly on the floor as they scattered.

She jerked back and looked into his face. The lustful violence against her clothing surprised and frightened her. He was a virtual stranger and she had no idea what to expect.

His eyes blazed red for a moment. “Do not fear me!” he ordered harshly. Then his expression mellowed. His eyes returned to the more human looking amber. “I will not harm you. My lust for you is violence deep in my soul. What are a few buttons when I crave your skin more than substance?” He kissed the hollow at the base of her throat, and she could feel the palpitations of her wildly erratic heart. He could take her life in an instant, she should be nothing but food for this man-monster, and yet he touched with tenderness.

Pushing the tattered remains of her shirt off her shoulders, she heard the sound of the fabric whispering against her skin as it fell to the floor. His skilled fingers unclasped her bra quickly. She shivered as the tiny bit of lace fell to the floor. He pushed her skirt off her hips as he looped his large fingers in the sides of her delicate panties and pushed them down her buttocks. Naked, she stood in the dim light feeling vulnerable.
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M.A. Stacie

“I don’t want to be a regret.”
Griffin didn’t reply. His answer was the press of his mouth against hers. It took one sweep of his tongue across her bottom lip for her to relax into him. She shed her reservations, doing what she did naturally and got carried away in the moment.

Griffin hummed as he walked her carefully back into the room. His lips never left hers, his hands smoothing up her sides until his thumbs rested just under her breasts.

Her fingers teased the hairs on the back of his neck, rhythmically stroking while she rubbed against his groin. His intentions were obvious. It pressed against the buttons of his jeans and demanded attention. She only broke their kiss when she moved to cup him through the denim.

Griffin held onto her wrists, his eyes widened. He had barely touched her, and yet she was groping him wantonly. His cock strained against his jeans. As she rubbed, every movement caused him to hiss.
It was clear he wasn’t used to such dominance from a woman, but she refused to be with him any other way.

She touched where she wanted to, kissed and licked what she desired. “Tell me,” Rain whispered.

Griffin gave a slow shake of his head, spinning her around and pulling her back to his front. Her ass rubbed against his crotch, teasing him and going along with his sharp dominance. He cupped her breasts over her dress, letting his fingers dip under the hem and skim her nipples.

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Lacey Wolfe

Shivers went through her body, desired stirred. Fuck.
“What about Barbie in there? Do you want her too?”
“Who?” he said with confusion.
“Your date, I assume?” Her eyes met his.
Her stomach began to flutter. He was so close to her. Inhaling, she smelled his aftershave, an all too familiar smell. An urge came over her to lean forward and bite into his neck. He had enjoyed bites the last time they were together.
“Francesca—she is no one.”
Skylar could see he shared the same longing for her that she had for him. She now wished she had pants on instead of this skirt. As her pussy grew wet, her inner thighs felt sticky. She wiggled a little, trying to rub the moistness off.
“I bet she doesn’t feel that way,” Sky said.
“She loves any attention from any man. She probably doesn’t even know I’m gone.” He leaned in, his lips close to hers.
“Have you fucked her?” Skylar whispered.
Drew’s hands tugged at her waist and pulled her hard against him, his erection pushing into her. “No one fucks as well as you.”
She pressed her lips against his and dug her nails into the back of his neck, bringing him even closer. Her lips opened, and his tongue thrust inside.
“You taste so good,” she moaned into his mouth.
She was smooshed against the wall, and his hips moved against her. All the right places were being rubbed. She opened her legs wide enough to allow him access if he chose to take the cue, which he did. He drove his fingers into her, his action rough. And she loved it.
“God, Skylar, no panties.”
A slight, flirty giggle escaped her mouth. “I missed those fingers.” She bit into his neck as his fingers moved even faster inside her.
“I missed your bites.”

Tabitha Rayne

Lovers torn apart by duty - will they ever be reunited?



“Yes?” His smile was dazzling and his eyes were smoldering with lust.

“I want you to do something for me.” Lena held the silk obi from her kimono behind her back and stood with her feet perfectly together. She was trembling, unsure of whether he would reject her request.


“Tie me up and fuck me,” she said quickly before she could stop herself.

He looked surprised. No, shocked. She’d shocked him. He was a gentle person. She felt awful. Bowing her head, she wished she could take the words back. He was silent for what seemed like an eternity. Lena forced herself to look slowly up.

He had taken off his robe. As her gaze reached his midsection, she took in the most magnificent erection. She started trembling anew, and relief flooded her senses as she saw him smiling lasciviously at her.

“Oh, really?” He pounced and lifted her off her feet, throwing her onto the bed while she still grasped the obi behind her.

Her breasts swung out and hit the covers first. They were cooler than she expected and she shivered excitedly. Straddling her behind, he pulled her hands up over her head and then bound them with the thick band. Lena squealed in delight as he shoved her thighs open with his knees and finished tying her arms to the brass headboard.

“I can smell you,” he whispered into the back of her neck and nibbled down to her shoulders…
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