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Meet The Author... R. Renee Vickers

Please help me welcome my fellow Noble Romance Author R. Renee Vickers. She's got lots to tell us and she's being generous and offering up an eBook copy of her sexy novel Sly's Surrender. So, leave her some love and she'll chose one random commenter.


Many thanks to the hostess, Ella Jade, for having me today. I really appreciate the chance to hang out with you and your readers. *waves* Hi! If you would, please allow me to apologize ahead of time for the eye strain, headaches, nausea, and indigestion this post might cause. Please take care when reading this while pregnant, thinking about being pregnant (yeah, I’m that good), if you have a history of heart disease, bad breath, or trench foot please consult a doctor prior to continuing on. As a matter of legality, I am not liable for the sudden desire to kick a tween you are about to receive. Watch out, I might just be making this shit up.
What motivates R. Renée Vickers the author? Why do you write?

 I’ve lived with a fatal disease since I was very young, too young to remember exactly when I was first diagnosed. It’s called Artism. The doctors said I have only about ninety years left to live. And what a life it is. This grim existence is rife with emotional distress over images and form, context and texture, and well . . . .
The doctors had me on some effective, but short lived medications: painting, sculpting, drawing, jewelry making, quilting, and a bevy of crafts. But none lasted to this day and none truly satisfied. That was, until I found writing. I could gush, but I’ll save you from that and say that when I had my first taste of writing, nothing else seemed to sooth the symptoms quite as well.
Sorry, my smartass is showing. I’ve been driven to create for as long as I can remember, but it was only recently that I began pursuing my love for writing. I do it to exercise my creativity, to manipulate words and express my thoughts and ideas.
What inspires me to write ranges widely. From current events, to mythology and folk lore, anything that gets my gears going is what inspires me. I also like to explore the darker side of reality and human nature. I really believe that to appreciate the light and good, we need to understand the darkness within.
When did you know you were a writer? Was it always your destiny or did you stumble upon your craft by accident?
 It wasn’t an accident, I think everything happens for a reason, but I didn’t plan on being a writer either. I started a couple of years ago writing a fanfiction – I had an image stuck in my head after reading some manga and no matter how many ways I drew or painted it, I couldn’t seem to capture the whole thing. It was a character. I tried writing it out and in very rapid order the character sketch turned into a scene, which turned into about 250 (horrible) hand-written pages. Soon after that I joined an online writing community which put me into contact with some fabulously talented folks who did nothing but encourage me. It was their support that made me think this was a passion I should pursue.
What is your favorite genre  to write and why?
That’s a difficult one to answer. With every new write I find a new favorite genre/subgenre to read and write. Because I’m new to the writing scene I’m still exploring and experimenting with as many of the genres as I can get my hands on. I do find I like to read m/f, m/m, and BDSM the most, so far. 
 Is there a particular genre you haven't tried but what like to? What is it and why?
 In Erotic Romance, I think m/m would be something I’d like to try to write one day for the challenge alone. In a way I think the challenge of it would be most rewarding since it would push me to really get into the mind and essence of the characters. I’d have to really explore what the male characters are experiencing, since I’m not a guy.
How did you get into eBook publishing?
A- A friend gave me some sound advice. “At some point you have to decide if it’s time to piss or get off the pot.” I’d been on a few writing websites for a several months and knew one day I wanted to be a real life author but didn’t think I was ready. When he said that, he followed it by telling me that I’m ready to start pursuing it.  He was a relentless force in the encouragement department doing everything from helping me decide on a piece to answering every mundane and asinine question I had. Because of him, my one day came and went and I couldn’t be happier about that. I feel I’m solidly on my way and I couldn’t thank him enough for the push in the right direction.
How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set routine or do you write when the mood strikes?
 I try to write for an hour a day at least, but I haven’t really set down a strict schedule yet. It’s time to, I know that. There are days I don’t write, but it’s rare. However, when the mood strikes I’ve been known to sit down and write for three to four hour blocks of time, several days or weeks in a row. Keep in mind I work a full time job, five days a week and have a family and household to maintain also. So when the mood strikes I don’t sleep much.
Is there a certain aspect of the story you begin with? Do you create the characters first or do you come up with the plot?
I tend to see a scene in my head before anything else and then characters, plot and location are built around that. Even when I’m given a topic to write, there’s usually a scene that hits me over the head before I can sit down and begin flushing out a story.
Tell us about the most intriguing character you've created.
I’ve been working off and on writing a YA fiction about an assassin werewolf. The MC’s name is Ginokami and she’s one of my favorite characters to date. She’s a 16 year old ex-assassin who ran away from her family and sought asylum in a peaceful village. She’s also a werewolf. This new home is unlike anything she’s experienced, where werewolves live amongst humans in relative peace. She faces many obstacles including understanding what “human” is. Looking from her eyes, outside of humanity looking in, has redefined her views on life and her perspective on her former clan.
Who is your favorite author? And, if given the opportunity to meet them, what would you ask them?
Another toughie. I have to say I’m split down the middle between two authors, Charles De Lint and Laurell K. Hamilton.  I adore them for different reasons but I think they’re both fine weavers of tales and crafters of characters. If I met Charles I’d have to bring  a five subject notebook just to get through my questions on his perspectives of myths and science fiction. For Laurell, I’d have to ask her if her character Ted Forrester could have his own miniseries. (Pretty please with a cherry on top)
What did you do when you found out your first book had been contracted?
 I squealed, I’m pretty sure of it. Once I calmed down enough to breath, my dear husband took me out to one of my favorite restaurants, Ruby Tuesdays. I think I walked around for about two weeks telling (and retelling) everyone I knew that I was going to be published.
Has there been a person or influence in your life that has helped you reach your writing goals?
 Yes, there’s been a few. My husband is one. He supported me and tolerated the obscene amount of time I’ve poured into this. And a friend of mine has been particularly integral.
Do you have any words of inspiration to aspiring authors? What advice would you offer a writer trying to publish?
It can and will happen if you have the guts to pursue your passion. If you put your ego aside and decide you’re willing to learn what it takes to be successful, no hardship can stop you.
Advice wise, publication is a hard road so be sure to have your big boy/girl pants on. Be willing to put in the time and do the work, have a thick skin for criticism and rejection, take every opportunity you can, and rejoice in your successes with everyone who’s helped you along the way. Writing is a passion but it is 1/1000th of the process of becoming successful author. I’m still working on that, myself.
Tell us about your current release.

My current release is Sly’s Surrender, a passionate tale of a woman who has to learn to release her strangle-hold grip on control.  This story originally started off as a challenge by a friend just to see how comfortable I could be in writing in the Erotic Romance genre. This book surprised me by both being my very first publication and by landing on Noble Romance’s best seller’s list in the first two weeks.
By day Sly is a take-charge, no-nonsense restaurateur, and at night she plays her hand as a demanding mistress. Sly has everything her heart desires: a successful business with loyal patrons, a gorgeous boyfriend and a flair for dominating in the bedroom. Everything she’s ever tried has gone her way, every decision followed to success, every goal achieved, and yet she yearns for more.
One night she decides to try something new, giving up her customary control to the tall, dark, and sexy Jake. Jake is put in a position to prove to his lover just what he’s capable of, and Sly experiences the new pleasures to be found in letting someone else handle her reins.
Buy Link:

 Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?
A-  Yes, thank you for asking. I’ve submitted a book for publication for Amber Green’s project, Lesbians versus Zombies. I’m hoping to have some good news to share about that soon. I’m also working on a piece for a charitable project J.S. Wayne is putting together called Writing Out Child Abuse (WOCA). I’m not done with that yet and it’s currently unnamed.
Where can readers connect with you?
 I can be found hanging around my blog if anyone cares to stop by: It’s a fun site where I conduct many interviews of a variety of creative people, and ramble about who knows what on any given day. I’ve also been known to bribe my readers with free copies of my work. Stop by and subscribe if you like what you see.
Thank you once more, Ella. It’s been a real pleasure hanging out with you today. And thanks to those readers who humored me in my ramblings today. You all are great!
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. A wonderful interview Ella and thank you to R. Renee Vickers for stopping by. Your books looks really good and surely one I'll have to pick up.

    1. Thank you so much Viari! Ella did do a fabulous job with the interview, didn't she! I appreciate you coming by and reading. :)

  2. What a great interview! I have to read this book, it has such an interesting plot.

    1. Many thanks Tamaria! I really hope you find it enjoyable!

  3. Ella, I can't thank you enough for hosting me on your wonderful site! I really had a great time with your questions and I appreciate the opportunity to reach out to your readers!

  4. I stopped by for the poetry reading.
    And the cheese and champagne.

    Seriously. Renee is a very talented poet as well as romance writer. We're just beginning to see the depths of her passion and ability.

    1. Mmmmm, Now you're talking!!! Poetry + champagne and cheese...perfect combo! You're so very kind David, thank you kindly for your support!!

  5. Hello Ella & R. Renee Vickers,

    What a Fantastic Interview. Thank you Ella for hosting R. Renee on your site today. Thank you also R. Renee for taking so much time out of your day to spend tme with Us Reading Fans to share so much about yourself & your new release. It was such a Wonderful Interview & I really enjoyed reading it.

    My Congrats on your current release, "Sly’s Surrender", it sounds like a Book I do NOT want to miss reading.

    I would very much appreciate the opportunity to enter your giveaway for a chance to win an eBook copy of Sly's Surrender. Thank you.

    Take Care & Happy Release to You,
    Renee' S.

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