Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The EBook Reviewers

Hey Authors,

Looking for a place to promote your work? There's a new site in town and they want YOUR EBOOKS!

The EBook Reviewers is now accepting requests to review your work. If you're a new author and you'd like to get some feedback and exposure give them a whirl. If you're an existing author and you want a new place to get a review check them out. Since they're new the response time may not be that long.

Here's what they're looking for...

Review Submissions
We will only accept eBooks for review. If your book is part of a series, we may need the previous books in the series. We will try to review each eBook we receive in a timely fashion, though that cannot always be the case. If I accept a book for review, it does not guarantee a review, but it does guarantee promotion through my newsletter. I do not accept payment for my reviews.

We also forward reviews of our favorite books along with the link to authors and publishers. We also tweet out the review links on twitter.

We write fair and honest reviews, as such we may not always write completely positive reviews. Our reviews are the individual reviewer’s opinion, we will not however write snarky or nasty reviews.

What we will review:
Contemporary Romance

Romantic Suspense

Crime Dramas
You can check out their site and review their policies here...

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