Saturday, January 21, 2012

WIP...Dancing Into Darkness

My husband has been out of town since Tuesday. The week went pretty smoothly. The kids and I were really busy. Once the weekend hit, we slowed down. It snowed a few inches here last night and then it all iced up, so we didn't leave the house today. The boys were busy with Xbox and some computer game called Minecraft I don't understand.

Since I was basically solo, I was able to start work on my latest WIP. The story hit me the other day and I decided to sit down and see what happened. I know next week I'll be in over my head with edits. I heard from both of my editors over the past few days and they've both assured me to expect round one edits on Crossfire of Love and Passion's Pain. Don't ask me how they're both going to hit at the same time. I'm just lucky that way:)

In any case, my new story hasn't given me any trouble whatsoever. I almost didn't believe it myself when I glanced at the word count. I just started this thing late Thursday night and I've already managed to get 9,000 words down. How crazy is that?

I thought I'd share the prologue. Keep in mind it's rough and it will probably need to be tweaked and reworked but this is the general direction I'm headed.


Move in with him? Could I?
Madison Devon's heart raced and her stomach fluttered with anticipation as she watched Dr. Gabe Hartford walked down the dimly lit tree-lined street.  She'd been infatuated with him since moving to the quaint town a few miles off Cape Cod. When she came to the little town to start her life over a few months ago, she'd never expected to find love. She didn't want to. How could she after the past eight years of physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of a man she thought loved her. She was weak and immature, but when she finally found the courage to take back her life she'd never felt so empowered.
She certainly didn’t expect the good doctor to sweep her off her feet and show her what it truly meant to love unconditionally. She smiled as she watched him turn the corner and head back to his large home that overlooked the ocean just a few blocks from the cottage she'd rented. She came there to start a new. To find a future. Gabe wanted to give her everything she'd ever dreamed of.
Madison wanted to live happily ever after with him. He'd asked her to consider moving in with him. As far as she was concerned there was nothing to consider. She wanted to start living again and she wanted it to be with him. She'd head to his house tomorrow with coffee and those cranberry cinnamon muffins he liked from Abbot's Bakery.  She'd give him her answer.
She giggled as she skipped up the porch steps. The future held so many possibilities. She turned the handle on her front door, shaking her head and mentally scolding herself for leaving the door unlocked. A girl from the city should've known better.  But the town was so warm and friendly, she'd gotten into the habit of leaving windows open and doors unlocked.
She walked into the dark house and flipped on the hall light. She smelled the faint aroma of a cigarette.
That's strange.
As she moved deeper into the cottage, she noticed the half empty bottle of the familiar Russian vodka on the coffee table. Her stomach was nauseous. Her legs refused to push forward, but she willed herself to look in the direction of the recliner. She sensed him before she saw him.
"Hello, my little kitten." He didn't move from the chair as he sipped his drink and stared at her. "You didn't think you could stay hidden forever, did you?"
Madison should have known her happily ever after was too good to be true.
Yeah, so there we have it. I'm hoping to get a few more pages down before my edits drop this week. I'll keep you posted.

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