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Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3) was just released a few days ago. Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought I would share a heated moment between Roman and Jack on their first Valentine’s together. In 1925, the holiday fell on a Saturday, so silent film star and screen idol, Roman Pasquale, is taking his young lover, new film star Jack Stone, on a romantic excursion. There’s been some tension in their seemingly perfect union lately – most of it centered around Jack’s discomfort with the constant luxury, glamorous outings and preening that goes along with celebrity. Roman demands that everything be ‘just so’, whereas Jack comes from a humble background and is more of a regular guy. He loves parks, picnics and beaches – the very things that Roman goes out of his way to avoid. To show Jack how much he means to him, Roman sacrifices his desires to keep Jack happy.  Roman comes up with the idea of taking Jack to the Sequoia National Park. To see how amazing this mountain forest is, check out the park link here:
To further add to Roman’s distaste for the outdoors, Jack warns him that bears can get into the cabin if they smell food. Despite that, Roman is determined to enjoy his beautifully sweet lover. Do you have special plans for this Valentine’s Day?

Excerpt from Tarnished Glitter (Gin & Jazz 3) copyright 2013 Morticia Knight

Jack sat on the rug close to the fire. He held his hands out in front of them to warm them. He doubted Roman wanted icy caresses for their Valentine’s lovemaking. He giggled at the thought of Roman’s reaction to frozen hands on his skin. The door opened, and Roman rushed through it, a concerned expression on his face.
“Are you all right?”
“Yes, my dear Jack, but I am freezing my ass off. That would greatly disrupt our evening’s activities, so I suggest you scoot over and let me warm myself.”
Roman bent to sit next to Jack, then straightened up again.
“What?” Roman sure was acting funny.
Roman turned and went to where the bed was in the corner of the one room cabin. He grabbed the pillows, the bedspread and blankets, and dragged the whole mess over to them.
“Up, Jack.”
Jack did as he was told, and watched as Roman laid one blanket over the rug to completely cover it. He dropped the pillows down, and left everything else piled between them and the sofa.
“Aw. I thought the rug felt nice.”
“Jack. I don’t think I shall be able to properly service you rolling around on that dead animal. I’d rather not be reminded of the existence of bears.”
Jack plopped back down and watched as Roman took a deep breath, and went to pour them some champagne. He sat down gracefully next to Jack, effortlessly balancing both glasses in his hands. Jack was reminded of just how stunning a man Roman really was. He was really very lucky to have his love.
After handing one drink to Jack, he raised his in a toast. “To our first Valentine’s, one of many.”
Jack clinked his glass with Roman’s and took a long sip. His stomach was so much better now that he wouldn’t have minded a gin, but Roman had kept it away from him ever since that night. 
“Since you wouldn’t allow me to give you a present, I shall give myself to you instead. Would you like to unwrap me?” 
Roman had the gleam in his eye that would always immediately harden Jack. He longed to have Roman driving into his ass—it had been days. There had been plenty of other intimacies, but they had been saving themselves for a good fuck on their holiday trip. 
Jack sat up on his knees and reached for the front of Roman’s pyjama top. As he undid each knotted button, the light brush of his knuckles against Roman’s skin made the hairs on his arm stand up. Even after hours upon hours of sharing their bodies, just barely touching Roman still gave him a thrill.
Once Roman’s top was removed, Jack couldn’t resist latching on to one of Roman’s dark nipples. Roman hissed in through his teeth, and arched his back. Jack straddled him, and grasped Roman’s back by reaching underneath his arms. Roman grabbed Jack’s waist. Jack licked and nibbled until the brown disc peaked to a hard nub. Then he switched his attention to the other one, teasing it mercilessly. Jack was rewarded with the sliding thrust of Roman’s hardness against his own shaft still shielded by the satin of their pyjama bottoms. Jack ground into Roman, and they rubbed their erections together in a frenzy of desire.
Roman flipped Jack onto the ground so that he faced him, and ripped his shirt open, shoving the fabric aside. He bit into the crook of Jack’s neck. Jack first yelped, then moaned. He pumped his hip into Roman’s thigh. He needed to come, even though they had barely begun. Roman reached under Jack’s head with one hand to cradle him there and used the other to grasp and squeeze his backside, pressing them even closer. Jack responded by wrapping his legs around Roman’s waist.
Roman continued to bite and lap all around Jack’s neck and throat. He nipped at an earlobe, and licked his way to Jack’s chin, giving him a quick nibble there. Still they ground and pushed against one another, Roman’s hands gripping his ass with more force. They wouldn’t be able to last. He wouldn’t be able to last. 
“Oh, God, Roman, I…”
“Yes.” Roman’s whisper was feral against his ear, his hot breath sending an electrical charge from Jack’s spine to down very low in his abdomen. “Come.”
Jack clutched Roman’s shoulders, and they both let go at once. Jack’s cry was so loud that he shocked himself. Roman’s answering cry was guttural, like an animal. Their coupling had been quick and frantic. Despite the deeply satisfying orgasm, he had looked forward to a long slow night with Roman, as well as the feel of his lover inside of him.
At last, Roman’s breathing slowed somewhat, and he propped himself up on his elbows to look down at Jack. Roman smiled in a contented way and brushed Jack’s soft waves of hair off his forehead. 
“Don’t look so disappointed, my sweet Jack.”
“I’m not disappointed. That was wonderful.”
“As wonderful as my cock filling you? Thrusting inside of you so hard that you can’t even move?”
Now he understood Roman’s game. Already it worked. Roman’s words combined with his smouldering stare was bringing Jack’s dick back to life.
“Roman, please. I want you.”
“And don’t I always give you what you want?”
“Yes, Roman.” Jack spoke softly, unable to mask the need in his voice.
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On early download right now, Starring Role (Gin & Jazz 4) is where Jack finally finds his happily-ever-after. Three more standalone Gin & Jazz books will follow in 2014, each one focusing on the HEA’s of the men still left without their one true love during the first four books. 
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