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***Some teasers contain adult content***

Ella Jade

Coda opened the door and walked into the bathroom as he shaved. His towel hung low off his hips. The whole bathroom smelled of him. It made her insides quiver. When he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror he dropped his razor into the sink.
“You dropped something,” she said as she reached for her makeup bag. “This bathroom is big enough for us to share. You don’t mind, do you?”
“You’re practically naked.” He gawked at her lacey silver bra and matching thong.
“If we were on the beach, you’d see me in my bikini.” She took in his damp skin, mesmerized by the drop of water that trickled down his chest. She watched as it disappeared into the towel just above his...
Stay in control. I need to seduce him.
“We’re not on the beach.” He picked up his razor and rinsed it off under the faucet. “If we were, there is no way in hell I’d allow you wear something like that.”
“Really? You wouldn’t allow me?”
“No.” He growled.
“Why not? Don’t you like the way I look?”
“That’s not the point.” He struggled not to look at her but she saw his gaze make contact with her body in the reflection of the mirror. “I’d have to kill anyone who looked at you.”
“You did pay for this underwear, so I figured you should at least get to see it.”
“That was very kind of you.” He concentrated on shaving.
She applied her makeup, hoping he’d make some kind of move to let her know he was interested in her. He’d admitted it the night before. She had to get him to act on it.
When he finished, he wiped his face with a warm washcloth but missed a spot just under his left earlobe. She shimmied her way in between him and the counter. He looked down at her lips. She used that to her advantage as she slowly ran the tip of her tongue along them.
“Let me help you.” She reached up and swiped her thumb across his jaw and to the small spot of shaving cream he’d left behind. “You missed some.” She held out her thumb to show him
before using his towel to wipe it off. She squeezed his rock hard thigh. “You’re so muscular.”
“What are you doing?” His words were controlled but clipped. “I thought we decided—”
“You decided.” She closed the space between them. “I bet your chest is just as toned as your legs.” She trailed her fingers along his pecs and down to his stomach, tracing each of his well-defined six pack abs during her exploration. The lower she went, the harder his breathing became.
“Stop taunting me.” He lifted her up and sat her on the cool tiled counter, spreading her legs as he stepped in between them.
“Or what?” she challenged him.
“You’ll find out just how aggressive I can be.” He gripped her inner thighs. “But you probably like it rough.”


Sidda Lee Tate

“You didn’t deserve…” he said, in almost a whisper. An angry one. “Is he the reason you think you’re fucked up?”
She didn’t answer. She didn’t need to. He knew. She could tell it in his voice, see it in his stride as he moved toward her. Felt it in his touch as he cupped her face with his hands, lifting it so her tearful sight had no other choice but to look him straight on.
“You can’t believe him. You’re no one’s trash.” His eyes seemed to grow darker, pained, fixated on hers. Lost in them, she couldn’t look away. Couldn’t speak. “You are beautiful…so beautiful it hurts.” He bent down, resting his forehead on hers. “I would do anything to have you.”
She swallowed hard at the way he’d spoken, slow and determined, as if those words were a concentrated version of everything he’d ever wanted to say. And she understood why. Through all the confusion in her mind, the war with the tug in her chest, the burning need to touch him, she realized, she felt the same way. “Then have me.”

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“Take the rest of your clothes off. Leave the necklace and heels on.” His voice had a slight growl along with his words, so firm and resolute in the delivery, instinctively she dared not disobey him.
She did as he said but turned her back out of embarrassment. She’d never undressed in front of a man before. Most of the time her boyfriends would pull down her undergarments and usually did so in at least semi-dark instead of a well-lit room, and Marcus obviously didn’t plan to relieve her of the remainder of her clothes. First, she unfastened the zipper of the skirt and let the fabric slip over her hips and to the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside. Then, came the bra followed by slipping a finger under the edge of the lacy thong, ever so slowly sliding it down her legs.
The eroticism of the deliberate striptease made her insides burn with passion. The liquid heat building in her pussy had her panting with anticipation of what she knew was to happen shortly. She bent at the waist, knowing he could easily see the wetness between her thighs. He released another low growl from his throat, and his hand gripped her waist, pulling her toward him slowly. As she stepped out of the thin slip of fabric, his hands rubbed gently over her bare ass. The sensation sent tingles throughout her body, warming every inch of her flesh.


“I want to see every inch of your skin, to touch you all over. Experience you like this is our first time.” Then he slipped one digit under the strap of her bra and gently nudged it off her shoulder. Reaching around, he unclipped the fastener and the delicate lacy fabric fell to the ground. Cupping the lush flesh of her breasts, he kneaded the generous orbs until she leaned forward against him.
“Oh, don’t stop, Sorin,” she pleaded softly.
His fingers gently traced the contours of her brow, her cheek, her jaw, slowly moving toward the curve of her throat. Bending his head forward, he brushed his mouth across the tingling skin, trailing tiny kisses down her neck.
“Oh yes, I want that too. Please…” Her voice trailed off.
Sorin’s grin widened. “But first, I want to taste you.” He dropped to his knees between her legs and brushed his hand across the skin of her thigh. “Spread your legs for me, angel.”
Without hesitation, she did as he demanded. Using one finger, he hooked it around the elastic and tugged the slight slip of lacy fabric down over her hips, then tore them away from her body, growling his pleasure.
“Hey, those were my nicest pair.”
“I’ll get you another.” One hand held her hip and the other palmed her mound. He glanced up at her and licked his lips, then slipped his tongue between her tender folds, tasting her with a groan of what sounded like relief.


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