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Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Happy Thursday! Let's add to your TBR plie ;)


Ella Jade

He twisted his fingers in her hair and tilted her head back so he could gain access to her neck.
Yes, be rough.
She moved to straddle him. He stopped kissing her into look in her eyes, seeking permission. She nodded. “It’s been too long.”
He trailed his hands down the sides of her body and then quickly tugged her silk blouse from her skirt. She smiled as she lowered her lips to his sweet mouth and attacked with a force she didn’t know was possible. She’d waited years for this moment. They’d have time for slow later. She undid his tie and worked at the buttons of his shirt as she ground her hips against his hard cock.
“Gracie,” he whispered against her lips.
“Don’t think, Cade. Just do what you want, take what you want.” She moved from his lap and crawled to the armrest of the couch, arching her backside in the air and bracing for what was to come.
She heard him unbuckle his belt and lower the zipper. She jumped when his shoes hit the hardwood floor. The cushions sank under his weight as he joined her on the couch. He moved behind her and slipped his hand under her skirt.
“Fuck, Gracie.” He ran his palm over her bare ass.
“I left my panties in the car because I know how much you hate them.”


Lily couldn’t work. She logged into Facebook and lots of posts from her friends built on the page. She scrolled down. One of her friends was an avid collector of photographs, usually of gorgeous men. There were three pictures of almost naked and very beautiful men amongst the posts. Lily gazed at each. Her eyes followed the line of their shoulder muscles. She stared at their hard flat stomachs. One of them was wet and she almost longed to lick the drops of water from him. She let herself imagine it and then because the photograph showed the very bottom of his stomach and pubic hair, she thought about what it might be like to hold him. To trace her fingertips down the bones of his hips in that so tempting V-shape and then take his cock into her mouth and suck.
She forced her eyes away from the screen for just a few seconds. ‘Hell Lily you’re losing it gazing at this guy,’but she looked again, at his eyes and the day’s growth on his gorgeous jawline. She scrolled to the next photograph. Her friend had labeled it ‘sex unlimited’. She was right, this man was just perfect and Lily actually felt a throb of sexual need between her legs as she looked at the way the zip of his jeans revealed he was wearing nothing else, and the rip in the upper thigh almost showed his cock. Lily logged out and walked to the bathroom.

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Sidda Lee Tate

They lay on the bed, facing each other as the sun beamed down on their skin. Sharon smiled at Kyle’s crooked grin…so adorable. She reached up and raked her hand through his thick, disarrayed hair.
“I’ve never met anyone quite like you,” he said, rising to prop back on his elbows.
Sharon glanced around to the pool, the foliage, the outdoor canopy bed they were resting on, and the large, glass-walled house behind her. Of course he’d never met anyone like her…people with money didn’t cohort with factory workers or waitresses or people who worked two jobs just to make ends meet or people who’d never been to the ocean…
He broke off her thoughts. “Are you hungry?”
Sharon nodded. “I could eat.” The last thing she’d eaten was a couple of bites of pie at the diner, before that, she couldn’t remember.
Kyle smiled, leaned over to kiss her forehead, and rolled off the bed. “I make a mean hoagie. It won’t take long.” He slipped the cargos over his hips and buttoned them as he walked away.
Sharon laid on her back for a few seconds watching the linen curtains billow in the wind. The smell of chlorine filled the air. The faint sound of water splashing against the stone lined pool filled her ears. The most perfect man she’d ever met was on the other side of the wall fixing her a sandwich. Her chest swelled and she closed her eyes tight. It was too much.
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