Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sinful Saturday... Master of the Inn by Ella Jade

Sinful Saturday

Welcome to the very first Sinful Saturday. 

Since I'm preparing to release Book Two in the Pleasure Inn Series, I thought I'd start out with a sinful scene from Master of the Inn, Book One.

Logan reached down and placed his empty glass on the floor before taking her face between his hands like he had in the kitchen. He kissed her with the same patient fierceness he had earlier, but this time she didn’t pull away. She sought more as she inched closer to him, running her fingers over his bare chest.

He moved his hands from her face, tangling them in her hair as he pulled her closer to his eager mouth. Her body responded to his rough touch as he stoked her desire. She ran soft kisses along the fresh stubble of his face, enjoying the way his jaw tensed against her lips. Gripping her hair harder, he pulled her mouth back to his, biting down on her bottom lip.

She cried out – stunned that he’d bitten her – but it didn’t frighten her; it aroused her.

He ran his tongue over the spot where his teeth had just left. “I’m Dominant.” He moved his hand to her throat. “And I like to play.”

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Coming May 10, 2013... Book Two

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  1. Great teaser and what a hook to end on. The Master of the Inn is getting bumped up my TBR pile.