Sunday, April 7, 2013

#sexysnippets... Surrender to Me by Ella Jade

Today I'm offering a bit from my upcoming release Surrender to Me. This is the sequel to Make Me Stay but both books stand alone.

“I’d love to join you for dinner, Mr. Abrams.”
“I’d like you to call me Martin.” Allowing people to use his name wasn’t a privilege he granted often, but everything was different with her. He stood from the bar and picked up her briefcase. “I hope you like Italian. I ordered enough for six people. I wasn’t sure what you would want.”
“Italian is fine.” She took his extended hand and walked to the back of the club with him. “Why didn’t you just wait and ask what I would want?”
“I’m not used to asking.” He motioned for her to have a seat in the huge u-shaped booth that over looked the Manhattan skyline.
“Oh, Martin.” She giggled.  He liked the way his name tumbled off her lips. “You have a lot to learn about non-submissive women.”

I have a feeling they're both about to learn something;)

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  1. Sounds like these two will have fun sparring ;-)

    1. I had fun creating their banter ;)

  2. HUm, it looks like these two have a lot to learn from each other and are going to enjoy it all the way. Great snippet!