Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Happy Thursday!
**Some excerpts contain adult content**
Kaylie Newell
A sexy cop with a broken heart is about to be taught a lesson.
He took a step back, visibly shocked. His dark brown eyes fell to her hips and the area between her legs, before coming up to her breasts. She warmed all over. It was as if he were touching her there instead of just looking.

Finally, he shook his head and locked eyes with hers. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m trying to get in your pants,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I can see that. I thought I made myself clear the other night.”

“Yes, I know. You said you want to be friends. But that’s a load of shit. You know it and I know it.”

He colored. “I know that a little girl like you is going to get yourself into a lot of trouble one of these days. This kind of thing…” He motioned toward her general nakedness. “…is going to get you hurt. Do you come on to a lot of men like this?”

“No.” She shook her head. “Just you.” She was being honest. This was a rash new tact.

Taking another step back, he had to hop a little to avoid the scattered flowers. “Is this why you invited me over? It’s not your birthday?”

“It is my birthday. I did fib a little though. I’m not having a party.” She stuck her bottom lip out in her best sultry pout. She was pulling out the big guns now and he still hadn’t laid so much as a finger on her. The sliver of doubt from the other night needled its way into her subconscious. You’re white trash, Hope. He doesn’t want you.

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Hedonist Six

"Outside on the office floor the man who sits alone in a grouping of three desks catches my eye. Not much older than me, if I had to guess I’d say maybe he’s about 30. His full head of dark blonde hair, a bit messy and just slightly longer than intended.

A perfect face, if there can be such a thing. Completely regular features and a straight nose as if copied from an ancient Greek statue; not that I recall seeing many Greek statues of a man of his size. I can’t tell their exact colour from here but even at this distance his eyes exude kindness and warmth. He looks so serious, speaking into the phone with his full, sensual lips and a thoughtful look on his face.

I let my eyes travel down over his body - he's definitely a big guy, but it’s hard to get a good look while he’s sat in the chair. I can tell however that his belly is straining ever so slightly against the white pin striped shirt he’s wearing, in fact he should probably go a size up.

The sight is delicious although I’m certain I’d prefer the shirt off altogether. The extra weight he’s carrying excites me beyond belief. He is so exactly my type, it’s unnerving. My mind instantly conjures up glimpses of him, on top of me, his broad arms cradling me as he leans in for a kiss. Oh what I could do to this man."

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With a mixture of emotions swirling through her, Lizzy watched the same storm overtake Logan’s features which was brewing inside her. A veritable lightning bolt passed between them as soon as he’d touched her. She knew she’d always been attracted to Logan, but the instant heat still scalding her skin from his fingers left her unsettled. It was but a mere couple of hours prior she was trying to convince herself she could do with some sort of quickie sexual gratification, although she’d admitted it could never be with Logan, and now she wanted nothing more and the door to her emotions was wide open leaving her vulnerable and believing maybe they could have both. And just as she was trying to tell herself to stop trusting the lies her deprived body was concocting, Logan decided to try to convince her he might be interested in more as well.
Where was Logan the player and who was the imposter sitting across the table from her who could probably talk her right into his bed with one sentence or less and keep her coming back heartbreak on the horizon or not?
As her pulse slowed a bit, she turned to look at Colby and reminded herself why she couldn’t be playing horizontal Twister with anyone let alone Logan. And she sure couldn’t go letting Colby think there was a reason to get too comfortable around him. He seemed to like Logan and the Delaney herd of kids and she didn’t want him getting his feelings hurt because she couldn’t control her hormonal urges. What if she made the mistake of screwing Logan’s brains out, things didn’t work out, and that made it awkward to be coming around anymore?
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