Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tease Us Thursday... #teaseusthursday

Here we are again. I'm pleased to welcome these sexy authors and their enticing teasers...
***Some teasers contain adult content***
Cissy uncuffed him and he rolled onto his side. “Holy shit, baby, you killed me.”
With as much nonchalance as she could muster, she answered,“It looked like you were into not having control.”
He wouldn’t meet her eyes. “Maybe.”
Good enough for me.
With a little smack to his ass that she just couldn’t resist, she said, “I’m gonna go take a shower.” He grunted, whether from the blow or the lingering effects of his orgasm she didn’t know, and Cissy walked into the bathroom, thinking how different the end of this night was than the previous night. As she stood under the hot spray, she thought about the encounter and what she should do now. Cissy knew some of the women used sex as a reward and decided to go that route.
When she came back into the bedroom, Len was propped up, flipping through channels on the small television on his dresser. Without taking his eyes from the screen, he asked, “Feel better?”
“Yes, much. I’d like to talk to you about something. Can you put the remote down?” He lowered it to his lap. “I think we should discuss some things, like how you don’t help around the house enough.” She put up her hand when he started to argue. “I’ve come up with a solution I think you’ll like.”
“Okay…” His voice betrayed his suspicions.

Melissa Kendall

Stupid men—So easy to entice.
Constance, originally a shy farm girl from a poor Midwest family, had been a vampire for over a hundred years. Abandoned by her sire, and with little knowledge of her true nature, it didn’t take her long to work out that she could use her body to lure in a meal.
Even a century later, men flocked around her when she shook a little tit and ass in their direction. Thankful for modern morals, she could be much more up front about her intentions, than the clandestine, secretive life which she used to endure.
Tonight’s all too willing victim, a douche bag named Blake, was a prime example. Too stupid to even remove his wedding ring, when soliciting another woman for sex.
Connie only had to flash him a little skin to get his instant attention.
“What you doing later?” he asked while slipping a fifty into her thong.
“You,” she replied in her most seductive tone.
“Damn right.” He adjusted the nearly invisible bulge in his pants. “What time do you get off?”
“Well, that depends on how good your skills are.” She chuckled. “But I finish work in like—thirty minutes.”
“Oh, I’ve got the skills,” he boasted. “Meet me outside when you finish and I’ll give you a firsthand display.”
She tried not to laugh aloud at the pathetic human. If her need to feed hadn’t become dire, she wouldn’t have even bothered with this loser.
Tara Mills
Lauren shook her head and went searching in her handbag for a tissue. Blotting her eyes and wiping her nose, she finally sobbed, “I feel like I don’t even know Sherry anymore.”
Wes gripped the back of her headrest, wishing he could stroke her hair instead. “Sure you do.”
“I didn’t know any of her friends. I’ve been replaced. It’s like we’re strangers. I’ve missed so much.”
Now he understood. “Do you care about Sherry?”
“Yes,” said Lauren without hesitation.
“Then you have to make the effort to repair the friendship. Just because Sherry has new friends doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you in her life too. You have to reestablish your connection, that’s all. It isn’t going to happen overnight or even in two short hours. What did you expect?”
She threw up her hands. “I don’t know.”
He’d never seen a more forlorn expression in his life. The tears clinging to Lauren’s lashes were too much for him. Expelling a deep sigh, Wes cupped the back of her neck and pulled her in. His kiss was soft, compassionate, and infinitely tender. The wet tissue in Lauren’s hand flattened out against his shirt and he felt the moisture leech through the light cotton, dampening his skin underneath. He didn’t give a damn.
The timing was wrong, all wrong, and yet he couldn’t help himself. The need to be close to her, comfort and caress her, was almost unbearable. In his mind he’d held back long enough. Now it was up to her. If Lauren pulled away or asked him to stop he would.
She clutched his shirt instead.
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