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Tease Us Thursday... Holiday Edition...

Looking for a sexy romance to heat up your eReader tonight? Perhaps Santa left you a new Kindle and it is just waiting for you to load some fantastic books. My favorite thing to do this week is read holiday romances. I try to indulge in a new one every night during this festive time. Here's a few you might like to try...
When Mother Nature hit with the snow storm of the century. Bram Tyler and Roxanne Murdoch were trapped together for the last three days of the year. Nothing sexy to eat in the vending machines. But 'shared bodily warmth' proved quite filling! 
“Bram, please…” The palms that pressed into his biceps had meant to push him away and restore her freedom. Instead, Roxanne found her hands ached to explore his firm, athletic body, her fingers intrigued by the sinewy muscles in his shoulders and back.
“Mmmm…I was wrong,” he breathed, nuzzling his face between the soft pillows of her full breasts, “having you touch me is so much more gratifying than just looking at you.” His mouth hungered for hers, swooping to capture and savor her lips. His purposeful tongue gained easy access into the honeyed sweetness beyond and discovered an ardent mate.
Roxanne couldn’t seem to get close enough to him. Her fingers splayed through his thick hair, demanding that his mouth not break contact with hers. His excitement fed her own, releasing a wild, abandoned side that she had never known. Where their bodies touched, at the shoulders, hips, and thighs, heat raged. Blood percolated in her veins, making her feel like she’d been infused with fire.
Bram finally relinquished her mouth, his lips roaming along the curve of her cheekbone to her ear. “Our bodies fit together like pieces of a puzzle.” His hand strayed unhindered down her stomach until his fingers encountered the elastic band of her briefs.

A smorgasbord of feelings whirled through Cassius' mind. First, disbelief that this brunette beauty was single. Second, delight that she was: now he just had to summon up the courage to ask her out. Third, a feeling of awkwardness that she'd mentioned his boss. Somehow it felt too close to home, though he knew she was only making a joke. Santa only delivered presents to children. Though if it was up to him, he'd give Carina anything she wanted, for Christmas and otherwise.
"I know the feeling." He gave a small smile and apologetic shrug before walking hastily into the kitchen. If he'd stood there much longer, he would have opened his mouth and said something stupid. And as much as he fancied her, he wasn't going to win any affection from her by blurting out something idiotic.
No, he'd keep his cool and ask her out properly when he went back into the living room. He grinned. He may have been lamenting the fact that he never received anything through the post aside from bills and junk mail, but right at this moment in time, he didn't mind. Whatever it was that Simon had ordered couldn't beat what Cassius had received—a totally hot, single woman in his living room. One he had every intention of dating—if she wanted him.

Zara Stonely
“Hey Mrs. Moody cheer up.” His sweatpants were warm and unthreatening as I put a hand on his knee and he leaned across me with an arm that was strong and capable, but so unlike Dane’s obvious muscles, and tapped the very tip of my nose. He was lean and almost delicate, nothing to spare, his warm chest against me so that I could hear his heart thrumming in my ear. Yet he was so comfortable, familiar and safe.
“I’m fine.” I don’t know why it had hit me like this now, Charlie’s had always been a stop gap, but maybe it was just the time of year, or the fact I’d suddenly realized how much I liked his company, or maybe it was Dane and Sophie and an evening that had left me wanting so much more.
“I’m not sure I want you to go.” His breath was gentle against the top of my head, then he rubbed his chin gently backwards and forwards, the soft movement stirring something deep inside my stomach.
“I’d miss you.” His long fingers brushed the side of my face lightly, his fingers tangling with my hair and I held my breath. I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t want to say anything that would stop him talking. I just wanted him to carry on talking, carry on holding me, carry on making me feel safe and wanted.
“I’d miss you too, Charlie.”
“No.” He spiraled the lock of my hair tighter around his finger until it tugged at my scalp, at something a bit deeper inside. “I’d really miss you.” 
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Sam Cheever

She stood there, trembling as the world continued to function around her. Down the hall a baby cried. Outside the window at the end of the hallway, a car horn honked and someone shouted a greeting. And inside her apartment, a demon read her life like the lines on the palm of her hand.
Amanda wanted to cry. But more than that she wanted to kick herself in the ass. She’d lived her life afraid, careful, and as pure as she could be. And what had happened to her in the end? She’d almost been raped by a man she’d trusted and had murdered a man crossing the street, killing herself in the process. And now she was headed for Hell.
She was sick of being timid. She was sick to death of being passive. It was time she reached out and took what she wanted from life… what was left of it. And first on that list was finding out what it felt like to make love to a man.
Amanda took one step, and then another, and suddenly found herself hurrying into her apartment, slamming the door closed behind her. “Damian, I want you to make love to me.”
He was standing in the door to her bedroom, a wide smile on his impossibly handsome face, holding a twig of mistletoe over his head. “I thought you’d never ask.”
Cassandra Carr
“She’s a pretty one,” Jack remarked, and Ryan followed his gaze. He nearly swallowed his can of soda pop whole. Pretty didn’t begin to describe the woman. She was a few inches shorter than him, from what he could tell in his current position, and had enough meat on her bones to be curvy. If he was going to be tying a woman up and fucking the hell out of her, he wanted to be sure her ribs wouldn’t crack at the slightest provocation.
Her long brown hair was piled on top of her head, leaving the slim column of her neck exposed. Ryan loved to nibble on women’s necks, and if he had this one restrained, he’d happily spend hours torturing her in that spot. She was wearing what looked like a harem girl outfit, with a jeweled bra and flouncy, gauzy pants. From the looks of things, Ryan was pretty sure she was naked underneath them.
He was just about to rise and make his way back to the bar when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. The submissive Callie had called Lisette knelt directly in front of him, a bottle of water laid on her upturned palms. Ryan raised an eyebrow.

Copyright 2012, Cassandra Carr
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