Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Pleasure Inn Series... Master of the Inn

I've been working on a new book. The idea hit me out of nowhere, as they often do, and now it has spiraled into a series. I'm having such a great time with the storyline and wanted to share what I'm doing with all of you.
So, do you really need to know anything else? lol
That's Logan. Isn't he enticing? He's the owner of Pleasure Inn where all of your fantasies become realities. When Elyse shows up an the inn one night he invites her to stay. He's been renovating the place and isn't ready for guests, but he makes an exception for her.
She's on the verge of a breakdown. She leaves NYC, a stressful job and a cheating ex-boyfriend hoping to find some peace and quite. She never expects to indulge in a world of pure pleasure when she returns to the inn where she stayed as a child.
Logan has his own issues. He's lonely and finds comfort in a bottle. When Elyse shows up on his doorstep he sees hope. It doesn't take long for their attraction to explode into a full-blown fling. Logan shows Elyse a side to sex she never knew existed. Elyse craves his dominance in the bedroom, but Logan finds more than a physical connection. He wants Elyse to stay and run the inn with him and indulge in endless nights of pleasure.
Master of the Inn sets the stage for the series. The first book will kick off the collection at around 25k. Each story will take place at the inn, spotlighting one night of pleasure for the guests who check in. The Pleasure Inn nights will be anywhere from 8-12k. Logan and Elyse will make an appearance in all of the books so the reader can follow the progression of their relationship.
The planning process for the series has been a blast and the possibilities are endless. Each couple introduced will have their own story and fantasy to fulfill. Can't wait to share them with you.
Master of the Inn is scheduled to launch in January 2013.