Thursday, September 20, 2012

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Speaking of friends, where were they? Rachel knew the closest town was only about a five minute drive but with those two together, there was no telling. Oh well, she was going to sit and enjoy her wine. The only thing she couldn’t get out of her mind was Mr. Ice Eyes. Damn the things those hands could do. She could just imagine laying here on the dock with those hands moving over her breasts and down her stomach touching her, slipping a finger inside her, pressing against her little nub. It was a good thing she could get into the cold lake because, at this point, Rachel was so wet her swimsuit was soaked. She really needed to get laid, badly. Rachel wondered if she could issue an APB for Mr. Ice Eyes. She didn’t even know the man’s name yet she was having daydreams about fucking him on her dining room table and now, on this dock. As she closed her eyes, she thought a nap would be good but it figured the sun suddenly went behind a cloud. Or at least that was what she thought until Rachel opened her eyes and found the man of her dreams looking down at her with a frown on his face.
"Can I help you?" Rachel asked startled, struggling to sit up. Suddenly remembering she'd untied her top, she quickly grabbed at her chest.
 As she looked at him, a small smile crossed his face.
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Kaylie Newell
He stood on the doorstep looking very different than he had the other night. In uniform, he was attractive. No doubt about it. But out of it, he was drool worthy. Her stomach tightened as she took him in. He wore a gray t-shirt that fit just right and a pair of jeans that fit even better. An old leather tool belt sagged on his hips and he balanced a small air conditioning unit in his arms. In the fading evening light she could see his dark hair was threaded with silver.
“Hey,” he said.
It took her a minute to snap out of whatever lame-o stupor she had been in, and she felt her cheeks color.“Hey. Come on in.”
She stepped aside to let him pass. He smelled good too. Like soap and deodorant. Her eyes fell helplessly to his ass. Crimony.
“Sorry we had to do this so late. I worked some overtime today, or I would have been here earlier.”
Was there anything wrong with this man? “No. It’s totally okay. I worked today too. The timing is just right, actually.”
“Good.” He looked around.“Where should I stick this?”
Hope worked to clear her mind of all the dirty thoughts that were running through it, and realized that despite being in her early twenties, mentally, she was perpetually fifteen.
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