Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Here we are again. Check out these tantalizing excerpts...
***Some Teasers contain adult content***

“It was nice meeting you,” he said. “Though, I don't know your name.”
She tsked. “Good night, Sebastian,” she said but didn't move.
She stood right there between his legs, supple and warm. It made sense to reach out, cup her chin with his forefinger and thumb.
“Let me get one last good look.” He ran a finger over the jut of her delicate jawline, and she trembled beneath the touch.

A no-brainer really to slide his hand to the nape of her neck and lean down. She let out a soft sigh when his lips touched hers. Her fingers curled around his shirt collar, but she didn't push him back. Sebastian deepened the kiss, delving his tongue into her mouth to taste her and the treble of her moan.

It was a light and searching kiss, testing the passion between them. A first and last kiss rolled into one, except she brushed her tongue against his. A spark of need set fire to any lasting hold on common sense, or what he should do once the kiss ended. She moaned again, but sank her teeth into his bottom lip. The clear solution muddied in his mind. His cock hardened, leaving no question what it wanted to do.

Her grip loosened from around the collar of his shirt. Good. She'd finally push him away. Fuck, he hoped she'd do the right thing because the wrong one was just too damn appealing.

Serena carefully sat on her knees near the water, as he directed. It felt strange, letting someone else tell her what to do. A part of her wanted to defy him on principal, because she was used to having the last word. But for a few moments, she'd give over to his requests. They seemed innocent enough, and it was exciting to wait, to see what he'd ask of her next, to wonder where he'd take her.

"I like seeing you like this," Rennick murmured, his gaze dropping to her breasts. She didn't have to look to know her nipples pebbled hard against the tight bodice. Seeing him stare made them tighten more. He squatted down, cupped his hands in the water,and poured a small stream of liquid over her shoulder. She shivered as the cool water trickled over her chest and into the valley between breasts.

"What are you doing?" she asked, not stopping him, though. She liked how his eyes had darkened and grown hooded. He had a plan, and it included the two of them naked, she was sure. She shivered again as he poured more water over her chest.

"Don't ask," he told her. He took one wet finger and rubbed her bottom lip. "My mind is tired from trying to figure out the riddle of the curse and the necklace. Maybe taking my mind off the puzzle will show me the answer."

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Elodie Parkes

He pressed closer, and moved a hand to hold her face so that he kissed her softly, gently, and then as she began to unzip his jeans, he deepened the kiss feeling swept away with the need to bury himself into her.
She trailed her fingertips across his lower stomach so thatFalcon’s muscles clenched in anticipation.
Tobi took him to her bedroom, and stood in front of him to pull her short, lacy T-shirt dress over her head. Her hair fell around her shoulders and sheer black bra.
Falcon took the step to her and clasped her close to him. He kissed down her neck and over her breasts as he unfastened the bra and took it away from her breasts.
He licked her nipples one by one and pushed her underwear down.
Tobi dragged his shirt down his arms and Falcon stopped tracing the curve of her bottom to take his shirt off. They kissed each other Falcon moving his tongue over hers, and then as he smiled and moved her legs apart gently with his leg, Tobi kissed down his throat to his shoulder and bit gently. Falcon felt her dampness with his fingertips.
He dropped to his knees and Tobi arched to his tongue as he found her bud. He swirled his tongue around her, and put first one finger into her, and then another just to hear her throaty sounds of pleasure as he licked her and moved his fingers to heighten the sensation.

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Lyncee Shillard

Isabella walked out on the porch as the sun began to sink into the horizon. She spent what seemed like countless hours listening for the creak of the wagon. Her mind raced with possibilities of why Samuel and Jake hadn't returned -- none of them good.
"I was coming to find you," Moose Jaw's deep voice interrupted her thoughts.
She turned to face him as he walked across the yard. He still wore no shirt, his broad
chest smooth and muscled. The leather pants rested on wide hips. His stride was one with purpose. While he and Jake looked similar, Moose Jaw's face was harder. His eyes lacked the humor dancing in Jake's.
"Is something wrong with Samuel?"
The man shrugged. "How would I know? He said to wait until morning before taking you
to town and putting you on a train, so that is what I'll do."
"You don't think they are coming back?" She closed her eyes and fought back the tears.
Samuel was dead because of her.
"That's not what I say. Are you one of those white women who cry much?"
"Not usually. How is it the only man I've met since coming out here who isn't rude is
your brother, Jake?"
"I have no idea what you are talking about." He held out his arm and from a large dark
hand hung four dead rabbits. "Here."
She screamed and stepped back. "Why would I want them?" She watched as Moose Jaw's face wrinkled up in confusion.
"It is dinner. Not a suitor gift. You are to skin and cook them." Disgust filled his voice.

"I'm not going to touch those things."
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