Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Passion's Pain... a romance with a twist...

Tomorrow is release day for my newest contemporary romance Passion's Pain. The idea for this novel has been running around in my head for three years, but it was one of those plots where I thought maybe I can't pull it off. The more I tried to push it to the back burner, the more the story wanted to be told. Finally, I gave in and went for it. I'm so glad I did.
I grew up on soap operas. I started watching Dallas and Falcon Crest with my grandmother when I was eight. I may not have known what was going on back then, but the ideas and plots stuck with me. I honestly believe watching all of those love triangles, secret babies, faked deaths and sexy romances fueled my desire to become a writer.
When I came up with the plot for Passion's Pain, I knew I was attempting to break the mold of what we're used to in a romance novel. I've created a bit of an unconventional triangle. But, for me, writing has always been about stretching my imagination and seeing where the story takes me. I've fallen fast and hard for my characters in this book. Even Jackson, my villain holds a special place in my heart.
Here's the blurb...
One woman…two men. Who will she choose? The father or the son?
Lilli Daniels is down on her luck. She's been homeless, hungry and alone for far too long. Everything changes when she meets an intriguing, older stranger.
Successful attorney Jackson Avis maintains complete control of every aspect in his life. When he set eyes on Lilli he's captivated. He tempts her with a life of privilege and security, introducing her to a world she never knew existed. Complications arise when Jackson's son and aspiring doctor Cameron expresses interest in his father's girlfriend.
Lilli fights the attraction, but Cameron wants to give into his heart. He's the complete opposite of his manipulative father and stops at nothing to protect the woman he's falling in love with.
Sometimes life leads you down one path only to bring you to your true destiny. Can Lilli figure out who her heart belongs to?
Here is how I envisioned the characters. I can't wait for you to meet them.
           Lilli                                                                                                          Cameron

Passion's Pain releases on Wednesday, September 26, 2012. It's available for pre-order now...
I'll post an excerpt and a release day giveaway tomorrow.

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