Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Here we are with two intriguing teasers from Tamaria Soana...

Kim and Daniel headed to a secluded part of the beach to have their picnic and watch the sunset. Kim gazed at Daniel as he put the cooler down and pulled a blanket out of his backpack. Kim helped him spread it out and placed the basket next to it.  
“Would you like a beer?” he asked.
“Yes, please." She was hoping a beer would help steady her nerves.
Daniel handed her a beer as he began to set out all of the food on the blanket. Kim was touched by how much thought he had put into their date. He had made egg salad sandwiches and a cheese and cracker tray accompanied by grapes and some chips.  
“This is perfect. Thank you.”  
“I wanted your last night here to be perfect. Now let’s eat, I’m starved.”  
After they ate Kim lay down on the blanket and Daniel lay next to her propped on his side, feeding her grapes. Kim giggled as he teased her with the grapes. He popped one in his mouth then leaned down to kiss her, pushing the grape into hers. Kim let out a low cry of pleasure as his tongue met hers. There was no fighting it, she wanted him and planned on having him before the night was over. After kissing for what felt like an eternity, their hands began to explore each other’s bodies through their clothes, Daniel pulled away and took a deep breath.

Seth sighed when he ran a hand through his unruly blonde hair. He had the perfect day completely planned in his head and couldn't wait to see Sylvia. 
Seth hoped it would end with him ravishing her body. 
He was standing in front of her hotel door about to knock when the door swung open. His eyes took in the sight before him. She looked beautiful in her pale yellow tank top and khaki shorts. She had her hair down, the chestnut curls framing her face. 
"You look simply beautiful." 
"You don't look too bad yourself," she replied. 
"Are you ready to spend the day with me and see Jamaica my way?" 
"Yes." She smiled. "Yes, of course. Lead the way." 
He took her hand, and they walked to his Jeep. Before long, they were pulling up to an old ranch. Sylvia turned toward him. "What are we doing here?" 
"We're going horseback riding. My buddy told me about this place."
Seth jumped out of the Jeep and walked around to open the door for her. She smiled as she stepped down. "Horseback riding. Sounds fun." 
Seth showed Sylvia how beautiful Jamaica could be as they ran their horses down the deserted beach. They stopped to have lunch and to skinny dip in the water. Seth brought her naked body to his, and need took over. "Wrap your legs around me." 
"What if someone sees us?" 
"I brought us here knowing we would be alone. If anyone does show up, they won't see anything because we're in the water."

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