Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tease Us Thursday


Yes, it's that time of the week again! Let's see who can tease us today...

***Some excerpts may contain adult content.***

“Maia, what’s wrong? If you don’t you want to do this…”
“I do.” She opened and closed her mouth a few times, feeling so inadequate before his golden, manly beauty. “It’s just—oh God, here comes my stupid insecurity. You’re so goddamn perfect. Why would you want me?”
His eyes widened and he blinked at her a few times. His brow creased in an expression of great tenderness. “You have no idea how beautiful you are,do you?”
Her eyes suddenly misted, big fat wuss that she was.
His mouth set in a tight line. He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bedroom. Once there, he wheeled a gold-leaf cheval mirror out of the corner and stood her in front of it. Still overwhelmingly naked, he stood behind her and looked at her in the reflection. Slowly, he ran his hands up and down her bare arms. “I’m going to show you how very beautiful you are.”
Finally, he finished with the damn zipper, easing it down the curve of her buttocks. Then he peeled the dress off her body and let it slip to the floor, and helped her step out of it. Maia didn’t want to look at her near-nude reflection, but Eric would brook no opposition. He made her look at herself. In nothing but her silk panties and heels, she felt über-exposed, but he was drinking in the sight of her in the mirror.
Just when she thought he might finish with this weird experiment, he helped her take her shoes off and set them aside. And then he hooked his fingers in her panties, still looking at her in the mirror. “Watch,” he whispered.
Oh-so-slowly, Eric pulled the undies down over her hips, smiling slightly as he did so. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sight. Especially when she saw how his eyes focused on her pubic area. His lips had parted, and she saw her own chest heaving in the reflection.
Once the panties were off her, he stood still behind her. His large hands came up to fondle her breasts, and she sucked in air at the sensation.“Look how sexy you are,” he breathed. “Your cheeks are flushed. And I can already see the moisture between your legs, right there on your delicious thighs.”
“Please,” she begged, turning away from the mirror.
Gently, but forcefully, Eric spun her around. And made her look. And she did.


Kaylie Newell

A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime.  And finds herself falling in danger.

He turned to her, his movements deliberate and measured. Her pulse thumped in her neck, her body heating in areas it shouldn’t have. The tops of her breasts swelled over her arm which attempted to cover them, and she was aware of every single inch of exposed skin that he’d be able to see, even through the cloudy glass of the shower door. Still, she didn’t move, the words that she wanted to say thick and catching in her throat.
Condensation dripped down the glass, creating jagged lines of clarity where there weren’t any before. She could tell his eyes were moving over her. He didn’t bother hiding it. They took her in, from her ankles, up the curve of her legs, over her hips, and toward her dripping chest. The knowledge sent a thrill through her. She was painfully self-conscious by nature; never in her life had she stood naked in front of a man. And certainly not one like this, a brooding, dangerous stranger. Yet she could feel the incredibly erotic, feminine power she had over him, simply by standing in one spot and staring right back. It was enough to make her body tremble in places she didn’t even know she had.
Just when she couldn’t stand the tension one second longer, just when she thought she might actually open the shower door and pull him in with her, he turned away and walked out the door.

*40% of the publisher's proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Pixie Project animal rescue :)

Available in paperback and ebook


Lyncee Shillard

Tasarla Romaney

From the Hollow King - Book 1 in The Night of the Gryphon series.

"I love you, Sancha." Jalie's words faded and he realized he could no longer feel her body against his.
He stood on a rock, the blackness rolled away like a foggy mist in the early morning. Slowly, he turned a circle looking for recognizable landmarks and seeking Jalie. "Tikeee-tikeee," rumbled through the air with such force the ledge under his feet vibrated. His staff magically appeared in his hand. A gray cloud rolled toward him. The number of swangve moving in his direction stalled his heart. There had to be hundreds of them. The steady flapping of the swangve's wings created a dust twister on the basin floor.
He forced air into his lungs and twirled his staff, rolling his shoulders. "I have fought you every night since leaving my home. Evil, I stand ready."
A swangve dropped from the sky landing in front of him. "Animal whisperer this is not your fight. We would not harm you."
"You killed my father. Destroyed my home." Sancha swung the staff and was rewarded with the sickening sound of bones shattering.
The swangve fell backwards off the ledge, tumbling to the basin floor. Another swangve stood to his left. "You're outnumbered. Your entire species is. Join us. Become our leader."
Sancha dropped and drove his staff into the snake like appendage protruding from the swangve's stomach. The swangve shrieked, "tikeee-tikeee," in a pitch so high it almost deafened him. Sancha forced the swangve to the ground.

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