Wednesday, May 23, 2012

6 Reasons Why I Love COWBOYs by Cerise DeLand

Please help me welcome Cerise DeLand. She's sharing her love of Cowboys, and really, who doesn't love a cowboy?

This East Coast gal loves a cowboy! A rancher! A Texas law man!
You name him cuz I am in for the ride.
How did that happen? Not easily.
I had to move to Texas. I mean Deep DEEP in the heart of, in order to get acquainted. Years ago, if you had asked this city-slicked-up fem whether she was interested in a cowboy, she would have looked at you like you had lost your bloomin’ mind. But then I moved here.
That was nearly 16 years ago.
Now, I speak Texan. I eat like one. (Think fajitas and salsa, lots of grilled veggies.) But I drink like one, too. Think Heradura Silver only in my top shelf margaritas. No rot gut anjejo for me.  Any less than that and I do not know my name, nor my address. Anyone can take me home with them and I will not leave for at least 40 days and 40 nights.
So then you may ask: Why do you love cowboys/ranchers/law men, ad infinitum?
Let me count the ways!
1. I love their humor. Quick. Pithy. Wicked. They are funnier than a one armed cheerleader at the championship game. Always. (Comes from trying to eek out a living pounding desert and rocks!)
2. I love their hats. Big. Black. White. Tall. Gambler. Stetson. Resistol. Does not matter. Every man looks good in a hat. Tanned. Hard. Pale eyed specimens of testosterone.  Most are just plain beeee-u-tiful!
3. I love their hips. Lean. Muscular. ‘Nuf said.
4. I love their Friday night pressed- for-the-dance-hall jeans. A man hasta look like he’s courtin’!
5. I love that they know how to dance! Hot damn! The men here know how to do the Two Step and line dance. Give me a man like that, puleese, for a few spins around the floor.
6. I love that they open car doors and other doors. They take their hat off to you and darn, if they don’t smile and say, “Howdy, ma’am.”
Get to know a few of my cowboys and sheriffs and ranchers, would you?

My newest is a ménage a quatre, ROPE ME IN from EC.

Need a few more laughs, try Mae and West in IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET?

 And if you want a female sheriff, try I CAUGHT THE SHERIFF.

Adios, Darlin’
Happy reading!

Well, it looks like I'll be adding a few new summer reads to my Kindle!

Thanks for stopping by, Cowgirl;)


  1. Thanks, Ella for having me over.
    I do love your blog and became a follower the instant I saw it!
    Happy reading!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by today. I'd love to have you back anytime;) Glad you like the site. Good luck with the new release!

  2. What a hot site!! Luv IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Leslie S.

    1. Thanks, Leslie S. I'm thrilled you like the site. Be sure to check in often. I do giveaways, host lots of authors and post details to my upcoming releases:)

  3. You certainly make cowboys sound sexy.