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Tease Us Thursday...

Here we are again with a few more tantalizing teasers from some fantastic authors...

His lips lingered against her warm cheek as the smell of strawberries wrapped around him. Unable to stop himself, he pushed her veil of auburn hair off her shoulder and dipped his head to her nape. His thoughts seemed to disperse as he inhaled her sweet scent, pulling it deeply into his lungs. He heard the hitch in her breath and froze, realizing what he had done.
“Samantha, I am sorry. I—”
She fisted a hand in his shirt, and he could hear her deep intakes of breath. He turned his face to her, finding her big eyes already gazing at him.
“Don’t say that.”
“Because I want to kiss you.”
Unable to reply, he simply watched as she leaned in and pressed her mouth to his. The sound of his heart pounding against his ribcage filled his ears. Every cell of his body seemed to be pulsing, his skin heating as if someone had started a fire inside of him. She slid her hand up his arm, stopping to cradle the back of his head as she brushed her lips against his.
At the feel of her tongue sliding along the seam of his lips, something in him snapped. His hands landed on her hips, and he pulled her close, opening his mouth, allowing her tongue to brush his own.
She un-fisted her hand from his shirt and wrapped her arms around his neck, surrendering her mouth to him. He slid his tongue slightly against hers, shocked when a small moan escaped her. The sound caused an all too familiar sensation to fly around his body, and he found himself growing hard.


D.C. McMillen
Adult Content

He dropped his hands to his sides and I let go of his belt buckle,disappointed.
            “I…um…will get you a towel,” Allan said, and stepped away. He stopped, turned back and took half a step toward me. Apparently he changed his mind once more and backed out of the shower. He disappeared around the corner and did not return for several moments. How long could it take to get a couple of towels from a shelf?
            After what seemed like an eternity, Allan emerged carrying two fluffy white towels on his arm. He wore a very determined expression on his face as he strode toward me. In one fluid motion, he stepped into the shower, slipped the towel behind my back, and used it to pull me toward him. Losing my footing on the slippery surface of the wet tiles, my chest made hard contact with his. My nipples instantly hardened and my lips parted in surprise.
            He lowered his head and kissed me roughly. There was urgency to his movements, as if he would lose his nerve at any moment. Despite this, the softness of his lips contrasted with his firm, intense touch, and my knees almost buckled under the warmth and strength of his kiss. He raised his head and searched my face. My lips parted slightly but no words came out. This newly revealed side of Allan took my breath away. Seeming satisfied that I welcomed his attention, he kissed me again, harder, deeper, and longer.

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Paris Brandon
Adult Content

She leaned in close and breathed in the sharp tang of his cologne that reminded her of crisp, dry leaves, earthy moss and sun-warmed leather. “I want to take you to bed and not let you out for days. I want to tie you up and watch your face while I take you every way you can imagine and some I hope you haven’t even thought about yet. And I want to strap on the prettiest pink cock you ever saw and fuck your ass until you beg for mercy.”

She watched him swallow hard and try to get his breathing under control while her heart was doing flip-flops. She was so wet she’d almost made herself come just from describing what she wanted to do to him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and she went into his embrace, enjoying the feel of his just-bordering-on-impolite-grasp and parted her lips for his kiss. His tongue swept inside like a conquering hero while his big hands cupped her ass so hard she knew they’d leave marks. So much for behaving in public.

His mouth telegraphed a desperate need that she tried to match but she’d wanted him under her for so long that she started to shake and finally stopped wondering how his mouth could be so hard and sweet at the same time.

“Always said I wanted a woman who could give as good as she gets,” he whispered after he finally broke the kiss. She almost creamed her panties when she felt the full-body shudder that racked him.

“So you’re up for it?”

“Yeah baby,” he whispered and placed her hand over the erection tenting his pants. He licked his lips and his gaze locked on to hers. “I’m up for it.”

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DX Luc
Adult Content

Vanessa's eyes widened in question, but I stayed on course, latching the metallic leather around her throat, sliding up the chain to the long bar and wrapped it onto her ankles, the lack of slack pulling her legs closer to her chest. Kneeling back, I admired my work, yet felt something was missing and noticed her arms rested at her side.

No,that wouldn't do.

Moving back to her, I took hold of arms, tucked them in between her open thighs, and left her hands down by her cunt. With my palm, I made her rub herself until she creamed over both our digits, leaving them wet.

I looked her in the eyes as I licked first her fingers, then mine clean, before settling myself dead center. With one hand steadied on her hip, and the other curled around my cock, I kept my gaze locked on hers. “Spread yourself for me. Offer yourself as mine, Vanessa.”

Without a word, she took her hands, her delicate fingers opening her folds, displaying the one place I was truly welcomed and digging my fingertips into her fleshy pelvis, I plunged back into her heat. No longer gentle, my hips swiveled, my other hand taking hold of her, stopping her own hips from arching up. I wanted to control how deep, how fast, and how much she would get. Despite not being able to fit all of my length inside her, I became familiar to how much she could take and pushed past that limit, until only half an inch of my skin was left without the cocoon of her sweet tender flesh. It was a small sacrifice, one that was lost as my power pulsed through my veins, the climax I’d held back, roaring to life, as the magma of a volcano before eruption.

Both our bodies were coated from our exertions and stretching my abilities, I pushed into every exposed orifice she had, metaphysical fingers, probing and teasing. I heard her deep gasp, seconds before she shrieked out expletives with a “sweet Jesus and Mary”, as her body convulsed, and her head thrashed from side to side on her pillow. A desperate delight filled Vanessa’s pleading screams and helpless moans with an ecstasy that she may have believed brought her to a little bit of erotic orientated death.

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Kaylie Newell
40% of the publisher's proceeds for this book will go to The Pixie Project animal rescue.

A journalist stumbles onto the story of a lifetime.  And finds herself falling in danger.

With her heart in her throat,Jessica turned and bumped into a solid male chest clad in a wrinkled white t-shirt. Her eyes inched upward, over the obvious ridges of pectoral muscles,to the tanned skin of his neck, and finally to his face, where she had to tilt her head all the way back to see. He must have been at least six foot three, or maybe even taller. He towered over her, his short blond hair messy, his eyes narrowed into slits. He gave off the obvious impression of rolling right out of bed. And looked thoroughly ticked off.
“Just be glad it was me who found you and not Albert.”
Jessica forced herself to stand taller. “Who are you?”
“I’m guessing I’m going to be your babysitter for the next few days.” He grabbed her elbow. “Come on.”
She stepped to the side and yanked free. “I’m not going anywhere.”
His eyes raked over her, his lips settling into a hard line. “Lady, do you actually think you have a choice?”

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Lacey Wolfe
Adult Content

Go into the dining room and sit on the table.”

Sarah turned and walked toward the dining room as Chase continued to watch her from the
living room. He watched her tight round ass as she walked. There wasn’t a tan line on her. Her skin
was all bronze. Surely she used a tanning bed, fully naked.

Taking in a deep breath to calm his excitement, he grabbed her tank top off the floor and
followed her into the dining room. She sat on the table, her eyes toward the floor. He smiled; she
was a natural sub. “In order to get you to fully trust me and use your senses, I’m going to blindfold

Without giving her any time to think, he folded her top, placed it around her head and tied it
in the back.

“I want you to do everything I say. Nod if you understand.”

She did.

“I want you to lie back on the table, leaving that hot ass of yours on the edge. Place your feet
on the edge and open those thighs of yours wide. I want to feast on your pussy.”

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Lea Barrymire
Adult Content

Willie couldn’t stop her body from responding. Every cell cried out with greed for his touch. His scent enveloped her mind in a hot, sexual stupor. With the slight pain from the nibble on her collarbone, her body took over. She reacted with instinctual need. No more thought. No more worrying about claiming her mate. She needed to feel his body against hers. Needed to feel his shaft sliding through her folds and pumping into her, spilling his seed deep inside her body. A hot rush of want flowed through her body, making her gasp and squirm in his arms. The already soaked panties she wore were drenched with new arousal. She wrapped her legs around his waist, welcoming him further into the cradle of her body. She rocked against him, grinding her pussy against his cock trying to get the sensation she craved. She could feel the tightening of her clit with each pulse of their pelvises. His hands moved over her sides, sliding under her shirt, sending passion threading through her body. She flexed her back, trying to coax his wandering hands to her aching breasts. They wanted his hands on them, plucking and kneading her flesh. With a satisfied sigh, she threw her head back as his fingers finally encircled her engorged nipple, pinching and twisting. The slight pain ramped up her passion. She groaned when his fingers left her breasts, only to be replaced by his mouth. Hot licks of desire flicked across her nipples as he suckled. Each pull of his mouth made her climb closer to a release.

Her hands threaded through his hair pulling his mouth to hers. She licked along his lips until he opened his lips,inviting her inside the warm depths of his mouth. Their tongues twined together and slid along each other. One of his hands caressed her back and pulled her closer. The other traveled over her ass and pushed the seam of her jeans against her slit, adding more pressure and friction to their grinding. She moaned her need into his mouth. Her orgasm was so close, and they hadn’t even gotten skin to skin yet. She ground against him faster, harder, trying to get to the top of the climax climb. She wanted to fall over the edge, feel the release of the tension and lust crawling over her skin.
She pulled her lips from his with a groan and slid her lips down his neck, laving the skin with wet kisses and licks. Instinct had her flexing her jaw muscles enticing her canines to descend. She nipped the muscle at the base of his neck and reveled in the dark growl that vibrated against her chest in response.

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