Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tease Us Thursday...

Are you ready to be captivated? Looking for a new read this weekend? Maybe I've got one for you...

Lea Barrymire
Adult Content
A hot mouth sucked a nipple. Sharp teeth bit lightly into the tender flesh. The pain slid deliciously to pleasure, causing her back to arch, pressing her hips against his body. He stroked his tongue along the bottom of her breast, nibbling along the outside. She panted with want. A hot palm covered her other breast. Fingers pinched her nipple, sending more sensation to her slit. She could feel wetness slipping from her opening to coat her lips and rosette.
“Please, Raharan. I need you inside me,” she begged and moved her hips against his cock. She was so close to release. Her clit was swollen and demanding. Her vagina clenched and wept with need. Every touch and lick on her breasts made her need hotter.
“You, little human, do not get to demand when I enter you. Call me Master if you want something, and perhaps I will give you what you want.” His hot words shimmered across her aching breasts. Goose bumps skated down her arms and belly. God, he could make her hot. He sucked a nipple into his mouth again and chuckled at the keening need she voiced.
“Please, Master. Please fuck me.” She whispered the sentence. Embarrassment pinked her cheeks. She had never begged anyone to fuck her. Such a crass word for the wonderful feel of his thick cock sliding into her body. She needed him to enter her, though. Her body cried out with the need, weeping moisture and trembling.

Kaylie Newell

A Death That Lingers- Paranormal/Romantic Suspense

A wife leaves her abusive husband, but soon realizes nothing will keep him away.  Not even death.

The seconds seemed like minutes.
It was a mistake to come here. She looked up at him again, determined not to let him see the hurt in her eyes.
He said nothing, but slowly moved toward her, stopping only when he was within inches of her body. Her chest heaved with uneasy breaths.
"Her name was Samantha."
Josie stared at him, afraid to move, afraid to speak.
"She was my high school girlfriend. We were going to be married that fall."
Reaching up, he moved Josie's hair away from her neck. He ran his thumb from behind her ear, down to her collarbone, and over the soft hollow of her throat. She was shaking and had to consciously lock her knees in place.
"A man escaped from prison one night and slit her throat." His eyes were glassy and full of torment. "I was too late."
He lifted Josie‟s hand and moved it to the deep-set scar on the side of his face. She thought it practically pulsed beneath her skin. Or maybe that was her heart, pounding through to her very fingertips.
"He left me this to remember her by."
She parted her mouth, wanting to say something. Something that would ease his pain, but nothing came. So this was what he was drowning in. An anguish so complete she couldn‟t imagine surviving the likes of it herself. His love was dead. And he was dying with her.

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Lila Munro
Adult Content
"I love you, Blake," he whispered over his mouth. "I'm so sorry about this morning."

"I know you are, but it still hurts," Blake answered. "And you don’t need my forgiveness. You need to forgive yourself."


"Only you know the answer to that." With that, Blake sank to his knees and wrapped his arms around Dante’s waist, pressing his cheek against Dante’s thigh before moving his hands around to unbutton and unzip Dante’s jeans. "I love you, Master."

This was the sincere Blake Dante knew. This man on his knees, giving when giving wasn’t deserved. But Dante couldn’t refuse him as he drew his already hardening cock from its confines and lapped at the weeping tip before taking it between his lips and sucking gently. Pulling air between his clenched teeth, Dante turned and leaned back against the door, grabbing two handfuls of Blake’s hair.

Blake managed to scoot with his movements, repositioning himself without losing suction. He smiled around Dante before looking up and inching down his cock until Dante was fully seated in his mouth, the head neatly fitted into his throat.

"Do you have any idea at all how good you are at that?" Dante asked, holding Blake’s head still while he swallowed around him, pulling the thread running down his cock, through his balls, and up his spine tighter.

Ella Jade
Adult Content

Keep going,” he instructed. “You’re beautiful.”

She pushed her bra straps down over her shoulders and reached around to unclasp it, letting it fall to the floor. She mentally praised herself for wearing a matching black bra and panty set. Just as she was reaching down to pull off her thong, she felt his hand on her wrist as he roughly pulled her toward him.

She hated not being able to see his expression. She had no idea what was coming next, not that she’d be able to read him if she could see him.

He placed her hand on his hard cock again and stroked over her fingers, forcing her to move with him. She could feel the moisture beading at the tip, licking her lips at the memory of tasting him the last time they were together.

“I’ve been touching myself as you’ve been undressing,” he admitted. “And it gave me an idea, one that I’d like to explore later.”

The low, husky tone of his voice was driving her crazy, and it made her want to stroke him harder and faster, but she didn’t want to screw up again, so she waited for him to tell her what to do next.

“You’ll touch yourself for me, and show me what you like,” he promised. “I’m going to watch as you make yourself come.”
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