Monday, March 5, 2012

At The Beach Part 8

I know I'm a little late. I apologize to those of you who were waiting on me.
You know the drill... if you've missed Parts 1-7 click here to get the story in its entirety.

Waves of Change Final Installment


Cody removed her panties, stood up from the couch and reached into his pocket.
Thank God he came prepared.
Ally watched through lust filled eyes as he rid himself of his remaining clothes and skillfully rolled the condom into place. She wondered how many times he'd done this.
Did it really matter?
She spread her legs, preparing to receive him as he lowered himself onto her. His body was warm and strong. She moved her hands down his backside and over his rock hard thighs.  As he pressed his lips to hers, he entered her with a tenderness she hadn't expected. His actions were affectionate and slow. It was nice.
"You're so beautiful," he whispered against her lips. "Perfect."
Ally wrapped her legs around his waist and moved her hips to the rhythm of his thrusts. She was more impatient than she'd thought she would be in this moment. She could feel the heaviness building in her stomach again.
So soon?
Her muscles tensed as she looked up at his stunning face. He smiled down at her.
"Again?" He looked awfully proud of himself. "I could make you come all night."
"Please!" Ally screamed out her release as she clamped down on him. Before she realized what was happening, Cody pulled out of her, flipped her onto her stomach and re-entered her. He wasn't as gentle this time, but Ally didn't care.
He sat up on his knees and pulled her to him, gripping her hips and pushing as far as her body would allow. Each time he was fully sheathed, he'd pull all the way out and slam back in. It was delicious.
"You're so tight." He squeezed her hips.
Ally reached for the arm of the sofa, closed her eyes and allowed herself to indulge in the feeling of him. Her body was slick with sweat, and she could smell the mixed aroma of her arousal and his bodywash. It was intoxicating. As he continued to move in and out of her she gripped the armrest and let go a third time.
Mind blowing…
"Hell, woman, you're good for my ego." She felt his body go rigid as he stilled inside her. "Ally…" Her name was the last words that spilled from his lips before releasing.
He collapsed onto her back, breathing against her neck. "That was, um, yeah…"
She giggled.  The sound was so foreign to her because she couldn't remember the last time she'd laughed.
"Did I persuade you?" he asked.
"To model for you?"
"I want to paint you. I have to paint you." Cody grabbed a tissue from the coffee table and took care of the condom. He moved back onto the couch and pulled her into his arms. "You're all I think about."
She smiled over the irony.
"Please don't think I'm crazy." He pressed her into his side. "I didn't come here for this, but I'm glad it happened."
"Me too," Ally said. "I've never done anything like this before."
"Think of the sessions we could have at my studio." He ran his long, slender finger down her arm. "Just the two of us. I could paint and then when I'm finished we could explore one another."
"Hmm." She closed her eyes, getting lost in his touch. This was a feeling she could get used to.
"I need to learn every inch of you if the portrait is going to be realistic."
"I'll need you to return the favor." She turned to face him, working up the courage to tell him about her latest project.
"You want to paint me?" She saw the amused look in his eyes.
"I've already started." She got up and reached for the blanket to cover herself, but he stopped her.
"No time for modesty." He smirked. "I like you naked."
She bit her lip, feeling the heat spread down her body and land between her thighs. She wanted him again but his voice pulled her back to reality.
"What do you mean you've already started?"
She got up, took a deep breath and took her time walking over to the painting in the corner of the room. "You might think I'm a stalker after you see this." She pulled the sheet back to reveal his stunning blue eyes staring back at them.
"No way." He got up and walked over to the canvas. "This is why you've been sketching me when I work out every morning."
"You knew?" She was mortified.
"What else would you be doing down at the beach every day with that sketch pad?" He pulled her against his chest. "I like when you watch me. I'm flattered."
She placed her head on his shoulder. "I feel like an idiot."
"Hey, I wanted to paint you too." He tilted her chin up and looked into her eyes. "Don't be embarrassed."
"But you had the decency to knock on my door and ask."
"I may have gone about it a little unconventionally, too." He ran the back of his hand over her breasts. "I was here all of ten minutes and I had your clothes off."
"I didn’t argue." She pressed her lips to his mouth before working her way down his chest and stomach. "Maybe it's my turn to explore."
He tangled his fingers in her hair and guided her down to her knees. "All in the name of art."
"Exactly." She looked up at him and smiled.
The End

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    1. I meant say it isn't so, couldn't type with all the

    2. I did enjoy writing Ally and Cody. Thanks for reading:)