Friday, February 10, 2012

At the Beach Part 6

Happy Friday!

I usually post on Sunday, but since I'm participating in the Valentine's Day Blog hop this weekend I decided to post today.  If you missed parts 1-5 you can click here to see what's going on.

So, on with the show...

Ally's head spun as Cody continued to stroke her skin with the soft pads of his fingertips. Rationally this was crazy. She didn’t even know him. But, in that moment she couldn't bring herself to care.
"You're beautiful." He ran the back of his hand gently over her right breast. Her nipple immediately responded to his touch as it pebbled under the thin, silk of her nightie.
The way he studied her was just like she had observed him. She watched as his mind committed every feature of her body to memory. It was erotic the way they both detailed one another for the same purpose. Their eyes couldn't get enough of the perfection in front of them.
She had fantasized about being this close to him; this intimate. Before she let reality set in, she wanted to make this last a little longer. She reached for the buttons of his shirt and quickly undid them allowing her hands to move over the hardness of his chest.
"You use touch to help you remember too."
She nodded because she knew exactly what he meant. She could visualize all she wanted, but actually being able to touch him was helping her to see the finished product in the picture.
"I've been watching you from a distance for weeks trying to figure out how I was going to touch you," he said. "I've sketched you, but I needed a closer look."
"Do you want to touch more of my body?" Ally whispered as she pushed his shirt from his shoulders. "To help you visualize?"
She had no idea what had gotten into her. Her inhibitions were never so low. She loved her husband and they'd had great sex, but this was different. She'd never felt anything like this before.  Her body shook with need as she felt the warm juices of her arousal seep from her panties.
He leaned forward, slowly slipping the straps of her teddy down her shoulders and letting them dangle on either side of her arms. The tops of her breasts were exposed to him and she was certain he could see the faint rose color of her nipples peeking out just where the material stopped.
He moved his hands down to her hips and snaked his fingers under her nightgown, stopping just where the elastic met her thighs.
She sucked in a breath and waited for him to move. She was so wet for him and she wanted him to know. She gripped his muscular biceps and pulled him as close to her as possible.
"When you pose for me." He pressed his lips against her jaw, working his way to her ear. "You'll be completely naked."
Is it hot in here?

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  1. Nice excerpt, I will put it onmy TBR list. Happy Valentine"s Day:)

    1. Thanks Suzanne. This is a free read I post once a week on my blog. You can get what I've posted so far under the tab At the Beach on this blog.


  2. Great excerpt and I love anthologies. I'm going to have to check out Love Again. :)

    Dana Littlejohn

    1. Thanks Dana! Atthe Beach is an on-going free read. I post it once a week on my blog. You can catch it from the beginning by clicking on the At the Beach tab at the top of this blog.