Friday, January 13, 2012

At the Beach Part 2... Ella Jade

Thanks for checking back in with me. If you missed last week's post, you can find Part 1 here.

Ally wondered what it was about this particular lifeguard that intrigued her so. He was hot, there was no denying it. She'd found herself on more than one occasion taking an early morning stroll down to the beach so she could watch him work-out. He swam for miles at a time, did push-up and sit-ups by the shoreline and ran long and hard down the beach. He'd always end up at his post, by the water directly in front of her house and take his place on the high guard chair.  
He was definitely younger than she was. He wasn't jailbait, but he was at least five or six years her junior. She felt like a cougar waiting to pounce as she watched him dedicate an hour each morning to keeping his body muscular and toned. She'd sit by the ocean, pretending to sketch, but she was really memorizing every detail of his fascinating body. She loved the way his blonde hair fell over his eyes and how the water dripped across his shoulders and down his ripped back when he exited the ocean. It made her stomach tingle and her insides throb. She hadn't felt that way in such a long time.
Research, she called it. Eventually she'd finish her secret painting. Even if no one else saw her creation, it could be her very special indulgence. She deserved it. She'd been sad and alone for a year, mourning the death of her husband. She wasn't hurting anyone by losing herself for a few hours a day. There were worse ways to fight depression, and having a little fantasy about a younger, sexy life guard wasn't one of them. Soon the summer would be over and he'd probably go back to his permanent residence. Thanks to her artwork she'd be left with the image she'd preserved on the canvas. No harm, no foul.
She often wondered what her surfer fantasy's name was. He looked like a Keanu or a Dylan, but that was too obvious. She'd wanted to introduce herself or at least say hello. She'd spent almost every day sitting on that beach, just a few feet from where he stood watch. She had worked up the nerve once or twice to smile at him, but then she'd quickly bury her head in a book before he had a chance to reciprocate. Ally feared he wouldn't respond at all and that rejection would crush any pleasant thoughts she'd had of the young cutie. It was better to just pretend and make him who she wanted him to be.  It was safer that way.
She made her way to the shower, rinsing the sand and salt water of the day from her skin.  She had a few pictures she'd taken that needed to be cropped and processed. She wanted to get them to the publication by the end of the week, but she she'd fallen behind. She was investing entirely too much time on the painting sitting in the corner of her living room.
As the hot, soapy water slid down her body, images of his face clouded her mind. That delicious tingle invaded the area between her thighs. Lately, the ache that settled deep within her core was getting harder to ignore.
I'll be back next week and maybe we'll meet her muse.

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  1. Does it feel wrong wanting a younger man?

    1. Not wrong, Lacey... just naughty. But my little painting isn't hurting anyone so I think its okay to indulge;)