Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Guest Blog with W. Lynn Chantale

Joining us today is author W. Lynn Chantale.

W. Lynn Chantale resides in southeastern Michigan. Married to her high school sweetheart, they’ve been together for the last twenty years, and have three children. She has a mad affinity for milk chocolate, preferably Dove chocolate truffles or the caramel-filled squares (Godiva is acceptable), and plays the bass guitar when the Muse begs for a bit of distraction.
She’s also a member of Romance Writers of America as well Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America, Passionate Ink and Kiss of Death groups. She has one release, Seducing His Wife and a short story, Decadent Seconds under contract with Whispers Publishing. Also look for Breaking Delia’s Rules, from Breathless Press.

To Ask or Not to Ask

I believe in having an open line of communication with my children. One question I ask is ‘How was your day?’ Simple right? This is how I greet my family when they walk through the door after school, work, etc. I stop whatever I’m doing and for the next twenty or thirty minutes, the two youngest come home first, they have my undivided attention. How was your day has facilitated many conversations in my house.

Conversation 1: 14 y/o son has learned a friend of his is an official moocher, he deals with blatant racism in his Japanese class, and he’s crushing on a young lady who has dimples
Conversation 2: 12 y/o son loves school, but some kid on the bus gets on his nerves, he’s crushing on a young lady, and he loves playing drums in band.

Conversation 3: 17 y/o son waits on incompetent people, survived midterms, received a ‘B’ on his last math test, and had to call me on his break to tease me about the latest Doctor Who episode.

Conversation 4: Hubby often talks about the interesting people he has in the back of his vehicle. He works as an executive chauffeur. That occupation could be an entire blog topic.

These are all topics with which my family has regaled me. I wouldn’t know what’s going on with them if I didn’t ask, I wouldn’t know about girls or grades or the latest slang if I didn’t listen.

Of course opening the lines of communication can have its downfalls. I’ve encouraged my children to be open and honest and ask questions when they don’t know something. This has led to conversations on everything from saving money, career choices, marriage, sex and masturbation (yes you read that right) and french kissing girls, spanking, etc.

Maybe because Mom’s a romance writer they feel they can talk to me about these things. Some days all I can do is just gulp a breath and admonish myself for fostering a relationship with my kids. Communication people, be careful the next time you ask, “How was your day?”

When I’m not communicating with my family, check me out here.

Seducing His Wife

Haunted by nightmares, Sheridan Sinclair just wants to get through one night without reliving the terrible accident that led to her miscarriage. And she longs for the arms of the man who betrayed her. Matthew Sinclair has always loved his wife, but when she refuses to speak to him after her accident, he's left to wonder what went wrong. When a stolen kiss ignites their forgotten passion, he'll use their love as a means to get her home and in his bed again. Will a husband’s plan of seduction be enough to heal a wife’s broken heart?

Breaking Delia's Rules

Delia has just three rules for dating. First, a man should never assume he’s the only one. Second, he must stick to his day and time. Third, and most important, no sex. Following the rules has never been a problem until she meets the hottie from the pool.
Jace has only days to make every moment count, but the more time he spends with Delia, the more he realizes she may be the one. With the cruise winding down and their attraction growing, there’s only one course of action left to take. Can he convince Delia that rules are meant to be broken?


  1. Hi Ella, thanks so much for having me here today. I brought brownies. And one lucky commenter has a chance to win a copy of either book.

  2. I also do this, but in a different way. When my kids (who are a lot younger than yours. 6 and 9) Come home i say 'What made you happy today?' and 'What made you sad today?' I love this time, soemtimes you get to hear a really funny story, and other times i get nothing, but either way - i have shown my kids that i am interested. I think that is imposrtant.
    a great blog post xx Thanks xx

  3. *waves* Hi Kerri. I've been asking them so long, I really don't have to ask, they just tell me. Showing the kids you're interested in them makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hey Lynn! I love this about you...I do the same thing with my kids (also 6 and 9), and grew up in a like household. I hope my children continue to share things with me like yours obviously do. Hope your sales are climbing! :)

  5. Hey Misty. Just wait until they're teenagers and the conversation changes. Oh yeah, then you might wish they didn't talk so much. lol Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks for joining us today, Lynn! I'm intrigued by both of your covers and blurbs. I can't wait to read the books:)


  7. I haven't had that much luck with "How was your day?" Usually the answer is, "Fine." If I rephrase the question a little, though, I get better answers. "What was the best thing that happened today?" gets some surprising results.

  8. Ack! I tried to put a complement about the cover art & blurbs in little brackets, but all that's showing up is the brackets. Know that you both were complimented!

  9. Congratulations Kerri. My dh drew you name from the hat. You're the my lucky commenter. I'll contact you shortly.