Friday, October 7, 2011

My New Young Adult Blog - Ella's Muse

Hey all!

Just wanted to share some new blog news with you. Many of you who have been following me since Jocelyn's Choice know that particular novel is available through Noble Young Adult. Since the site is geared for ages 18-24, I felt the target audience for JC might be slightly different than say Be My Everything or The Lonely Dominant. Not necessarily all the time, but I have noticed I've picked up some readers who don't always read erotic fiction. 

Since I'm working on two more YA Romances and I write once a month on two separate YA blogs, I thought maybe it was time for me to have a place to house my YA stuff. I'm not saying that I won't discuss those stories here, but I'd feel better knowing I had another place to direct readers who may only want to read my YA romances. Everyone is welcome to follow both blogs. The more the merrier. I just wanted to offer options.

If you're a Young Adult author with a current or upcoming release, please feel free to contact me so I can feature you on the new blog. You can find it here...

Please keep in mind it's still a WIP and I'm waiting for a banner, but it is up and running. I invite you all to follow me there too. Even though the stories are dubbed as "YA" those of you who have read Jocelyn's Choice know my novels contain some heat;) They are for the 18 and over crowd. I'll still be using the same pen name for both genres, but I wanted to have another forum to blog.


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