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Meet the Author and Giveaway - Carly Fall

Joining us today is author Carly Fall. She's chatting it up about her latest release and offering up an eBook to one commenter.

 What motivates Carly Fall the author? Why do you write?

 I have been writing business stuff for many more years than I care to count.  I have written fiction for years, but have deleted thousands of pages.  I decided it was time to start publishing them and see what happens.

When did you know you were a writer? Was it always your destiny or did you stumble upon your craft by accident?

Writing/English was always my best subject.  I did the yearbook thing in high school and the school paper in college.  Then went on to the business writing, but fiction has always been my secret passion.

What is your favorite genre  to write and why?

I love paranormal romance, but I suspect my new book is more sci-fi romance with a paranormal twist.

How did you get into EBook publishing?

 LOL!  I held my breath and took a huge leap!

How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you have a set routine or do you write when the mood strikes?

 I would love to write for hours and hours every day.  Unfortunately, real life gets in the way.  Some days I'll be fortunate enough to write for 4-5 hours straight, other days it is in ten minute increments.

Tell us about the most intriguing character you've created.

 Oh jeez.  I love all my characters.  I would have to say my favorite is Aiden from Hidden in the Night simply because he is so tragic. My second is Noah from The Light Within Me because of his hard edge and innocence.  But I also love Thaddeus from Shackled to the Night because he is a lonely slut, and I wish I could have Holly from Hidden in the Night as my friend.  I love her.

Who is your favorite author? And, if given the opportunity to meet them, what would you ask them?

A-  I love so many from many different genres...Patricia Cornwell.  John Sanford.  Lee Child.  I love books about unsung heroes such as Farishta by Patricia McArdle or Seal Six Team by Howard Wadsin.  As far as paranormal romance, I would have to say Lara Adrian and J.R. Ward.  If I met any of them, I probably wouldn't be able to form a full sentence and would end up saying something incredibly stupid.

Has there been a person or influence in your life that has helped you reach your writing goals?

 Yes.  My husband.  He has encouraged me to get beyond the fears and self-doubts, which most writers have.  As he says, “Get out of your own way!”

Do you have any words of inspiration to aspiring authors? What advice would you offer a writer trying to publish?

  Never stop writing.  Share the world you create with others.  Don't listen the negativity you may here from others, or from within yourself. 

If you self-publish and can afford it, hire an editor.  I have found an excellent source is  When I posted my first job there, I received bids from $200 to $2600.  There is a lot of talent there wanting to work with you.  Having said that, make sure the editor you choose understands your genre. 

Quick story:  In Shackled to the Night I have a scene in a Starbucks where my vampire Thaddeus is not in a very good mood and gets highly irritated by another customer.  The first editor I had complained that “no one would use language like that in a public place!”  I said, “Well, I've never seen a vampire in a Starbucks.  Have you?  No?  Well then how do you know what they would say?”  Needless to say, our relationship didn't last very long.  The editor has to understand your genre and be on board with your characters, as well as your voice as an author.

***Ella interjects - this is a wonderful piece of advice. I have a very strict policy about keeping my voice in my stories! Luckily, I have amazing editors!

Tell us about your current release.

Hidden in the Night is my current release, the second in the Dark Forces series. 

Blurb: After being brutally attacked, Aiden, member of the Vampire Nation, wakes in a human hospital. He meets the navy blue eyes of his nurse, Holly, who says, “I know what you are, and the sun is going to be up in under an hour. I think I can get us out of here, but I need your help.”

As a female vampire, Holly is a rarity in her race. She has hidden in plain sight from others in the Vampire Nation who want to imprison her to help forward their devious plan of enslaving humans.

As Holly nurses Aiden back to health, he finds himself having feelings for her that he promised he would never allow again after the death of his mate, Natalie, ten years ago—a death that devastated him and left him heartbroken and filled with rage and vengeance. Aiden does his best to ignore the feelings he has for Holly, but the sexual tension between them escalates.

When Holly is kidnapped by those she has hid from for so long, Aiden finally realizes she is his key to ending his misery and he can't hide his love for her any longer.  But will he be able to find her before she is terribly hurt...or worse?

Buy Link for paperback:

 Do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

 I do.  The Light Within Me will be released November 1st

Where can readers connect with you?

 web:    On your readers can enter to receive a free book.   At the end of every month I do a drawing and notify the winner.

twitter:  @CarlyFall1

Facebook:  Carly Fall

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