Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Question Number One... Play for Prizes!

Here is question #1... we'll start out easy;) 

All questions are based on information you can find by reading the excerpt to my new Young Adult Romance Jocelyn's Choice.


In what month does Jocelyn take the pregnancy test?


e-mail me the corrrect answer at ellajade818@gmail.com

In the subject line or body of the e-mail, please let me know you are answering Question #1

Another question will be posted in a couple of hours and you'll be eligible to answer that one too as you'll be playing for a different prize.

Contest ends at 12:00 PM est on 6/8/11

***Winners will be chosen randomly.

Round #1 Prize...

 A flat of the gorgeous cover designed by the amazing Fiona Jayde and signed by yours truly.

Don't forget to e-mail me the answer.

Stop back soon for question #2 where you'll be playing for a different prize. I'll tweet it out when its posted, so follow me on twitter @ellajade1 for the latest info!

REMEMBER...you are eligible for all three rounds!

Good Luck!

***Note when you go to the Noble Young Romance site you may get a Certificate Error (my Norton goes crazy), but I promise its a legit site.

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