Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Question # 3 - Playing for an EBOOK of Jocelyn's Choice

I know this is the prize you've all been waiting for...

All questions are based on information you can find by reading the excerpt to my new Young Adult Romance Jocelyn's Choice.


What college did Alex attend?

Check out the excerpt...


e-mail me the corrrect answer at ellajade818@gmail.com

In the subject line or body of the e-mail, please let me know you are answering Question #3
Another question will be posted in a couple of hours and you're also eligible to answer that one too as you'll be playing for a different prize.

Contest ends at 12:00 PM est on 6/8/11

***Winners will be chosen randomly

Round #3 Prize...

An EBOOK Copy of Jocelyn's Choice

REMEMBER...you are eligible for all three rounds!

Thanks for playing. Please e-mail me your answer!


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