Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Jocelyn...

Exactly two weeks from today, Jocelyn's Choice will debut on Noble Young Adult! Squeee....

Today we'll focus on  getting to know Jocey (her dad's nickname for her).

Jocelyn Andrews, a shy, awkward, innocent eighteen-year-old girl who spent most of her time alone until she was paired with Evan Jordan in a science lab. Evan is by far the cutest, richest and most popular boy at their high school.

We’d been working on our lab project all afternoon, or at least I had. Evan had been texting Cali for the better part of an hour.

"Jocelyn, I have to call her. Her texts are getting too involved. I won’t be long."

"Yeah, right." I rolled my eyes.

"I won’t." He flashed me his signature grin, the smile that had most girls at our school lifting their skirts and spreading their legs for him. 

The more time Jocelyn spends with Evan and his family the more she likes them. Her own mother abadoned her when she was two and her father, Max, did the best he could, but he wasn't fully prepared to raise a girl on his own.

"Okay." He smiled, but he didn't look happy. "Are you sure everything’s okay? You can talk to me, ya know."

"Yes," I assured him. "It's a girl thing."

He held his hand up. "Say no more, please."

I laughed as he bolted from the room in record time. Max had always felt uncomfortable talking to me about anything that had to do with the female body. It didn't make growing up so easy, but luckily, I had the internet.

Jocelyn has no idea just how much her life is going to change when she meets Alex, Evan's older, sexy and charming as ever brother. He's home from Yale for a few months and this "player" couldn't be more intrigued by the clumsy, flustered girl he's found in his parents' kitchen.

"She won’t go out with you," Evan answered for me.

"Why not?" Alex asked.

"You’re too old for her," he said.

"I’m twenty-three." Alex finished the apple.

It was only five years, I thought.

"You’ll be twenty-four in November," he said. "And Jocelyn knows what kind of player you are. She’s too smart for your kind."

I wanted to hit Evan, or at least tell him to shut up, but Alex did it for me. He punched his arm and said, "Let Jocelyn tell me herself."

They both stared at me. Two perfectly sexy men, staring at me. Would that ever happen again? 

Oh, what's a girl to do? Go out with him, of course! 

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