Monday, September 16, 2019


It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and he’s the one person who could derail it all.

Everyone in the band might be catching feelings but not Dixon Dodge, lead guitarist for Courting Chaos. He’s perfectly happy living the rock star life. With all the drama around them, easy is safe. Until everything changes when a joke gets out of hand and he does something he regrets. Making amends for his own stupidity might turn into the best thing to ever happen to him.

Getting a job is Barrett Powell’s focus after she graduated from college. And maybe coming to terms with her less than amazing childhood. So when she gets the opportunity to be the personal assistant of Courting Chaos’ manager, she goes for it. But when Dixon begins worming his way into her heart, everything might come unraveled.

Being with Dixon could cost her the job she needs and the life she wanted. Being with Barrett might not be the smart choice and certainly not the easy one. Yet here they are… falling.

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