Wednesday, September 19, 2018

RELEASE DAY GLITCH! Author's worst NIGHTMARE! @ellajade1 #newrelease


What a difference a day makes! Yesterday at this time I was excited to be celebrating my release of Highest Bid: A Bachelor Auction with author Lacey Wolfe. Then the emails and the DM's started coming through. When readers opened the book, there was no... BOOK! An author's worst nightmare!

Somehow, Amazon didn't update the file and anyone who preordered or bought yesterday received the placeholder file we used to set up the preorder. That's not supposed to happen but it did!

Sadly, we lost some promo that we'd scheduled and Lacey I didn't really push the book on release day because we didn't want people to buy a book that wasn't there. We're experiencing some returns which makes us sad but we get it.

The file has been corrected so if you purchase today, you'll receive the real deal. If you preordered or bought yesterday you may have gotten the wrong file. We apologize! We're waiting on Amazon (who isn't very fast) to update those purchases. You should receive a notification from them that the book has been updated. We hope you'll continue to be patient with us. We want more than anything to bring the Wilder Brother's to your Kindle. 

Please note that this was only a problem through Amazon. If you clicked from another vendor you're good to go. Thanks for understanding!

This wasn't the way we anticipated our release day to go and we've lost some momentum, so if you're thinking about one-clicking we'd appreciate it. If you'd like to share the link or any of the teasers that would make us REALLY happy!


Get Wild with the Wilder Brothers...
Nathan and Dustin have a thriving business because of all the hard work they put into their coffee empire. As the company continues to grow, their social lives cease to exist. Taking part in a bachelor auction for charity might be what these two charismatic brothers need but are they ready for the highest bid?

Part 1 - Nathan by Ella Jade
Lost and Found... Sexy billionaire in need of some disruption. Zany barista seeking some direction. Can they find the balance?

Nathan Wilder gets things done. He and his brother took a small family coffee company and turned it into a billion dollar empire. Success didn't happen overnight. It took years. And in those years, he missed out on life. He agrees to take part in a bachelor auction as a favor to his aunt but he doesn't expect anything to come of it. When the younger, sexy barista bids on him, he finds more than he ever imagined possible. 

Ivy League graduate Vienna Trent is a bit lost. She moved back home and got a job at a trendy coffee shop. While trying to find herself, she stumbles onto the attractive owner of the coffee chain. Once she stares into his eyes, she can't seem to forget him. While attending the bachelor auction with her mother, she has no desire to bid on anyone. That all changes once Nathan takes the stage. 

Nathan is older and established. His ex-wife isn't entirely out of the picture either. It's complicated but isn't it always? Vienna is struggling to find her place. She's unsure of her future but she's determined to prove to him that he belongs in her life. It's a good thing she's persistent. They could both use a little destiny. 

Part 2 - Dustin by Lacey Wolfe
Can two workaholics find a way to make love happen when something is trying to keep them apart?

With his head always stuck in a book or working long hours at Wilder Coffee, Dustin Wilder hadn't realized how much he'd been missing out on life. That all changed the night of the charity bachelor auction when the sexiest woman he'd ever seen bid on him for an outrageous amount.

Marilyn Parker owns her own business. One of the city's top interior design companies. She prided herself always being busy with work and not having to think about the family she tried to distance herself from. She attends the city's annual bachelor auction, expecting to leave empty handed. But when she sees 'hot as hell' Dustin nervous on the stage, she wants him, no matter the price.

Can a one-night sexual encounter turn into more? Dustin thinks so, but Marilyn doesn't with a family like hers that she'll ever get the things in life she so desires.

Warning: Adult situations


Here are a few teasers I'd like to show you...



Thanks for being such wonderful and loyal readers! I'm a lucky author!

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