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Sneak Peek... Dirty Lessons #preorder

Coming May 22, 2018

A month from today, the second installment of The Clark Brothers releases! I'm giving you a sneak peek inside the pages of my latest guilty pleasure.

 I remember him from high school. The rich, entitled, bad boy who had way too much money and every pretty girl dropping their panties for him. Not me. He tried but I was too smart for his games. Once a player, always a player.

Why is it years later I find myself falling for him? Was I really smarter at eighteen? He says he can teach me things I’ve been missing out on. Lessons, he calls them. Sexy, provocative, orgasm-inducing, dirty lessons...


Some lessons we learn the hard way...

Miles Clark never had a problem getting what he wanted. Except that one time in high school when the studious, sexy Kirsten Dunlap said no. He’d convinced himself she was a snob, a prude. What other reason would she have to turn him down? Years later, Kirsten’s best friend is marrying his brother and they’ll be spending a lot of time together. What are they going to do with all that time?

Pediatrician Kirsten Dunlap has thrown herself into her education and career for over a decade. She’s more successful than she ever thought possible but when she turns thirty she wonders just how much she’s missed. Now that she’s watched her friend CC fall in love with Jameson Clark, she realizes she wants to settle down and find the one. But before she can do that, she needs to live a little. Is the hot billionaire, with years of experience, the man who can show her a good time?

Miles agrees to teach Kirsten all about physical attraction but first he has to lower her inhibitions. The good doctor needs a few lessons in letting go. Is Miles who she’s been searching for all along? Will he help her find what she’s missing? In the process can she accept that this is more than a game?
Contains Mature Content.

Featuring Jameson and CC from Do Bad Things.

All books stand alone.


Copyright © 2018, Ella Jade


Dinner with Miles was light and fun. He made me laugh. A lot. He had this goofy charm about him but there was also a seriousness in his expression. One I hadn’t remembered when we were younger. I saw it when he spoke of Jameson and Max. He didn’t like being in the middle. 
After we ate, we moved to the lounge of the posh restaurant. The manager sat us at a large leather couch that overlooked Capitol Hill. The lights of the city twinkled in the distance. Once she uncorked a new bottle of wine for us, she made herself scarce, but not before she lingered on Miles. I’d noticed most women couldn’t get a long enough glance when they were in his presence. The server, the hostess, the woman sitting at the table across from us as she ate with her husband. Miles seemed to be oblivious. He was obviously used to such displays of blatant desire because he managed to stay focused on me all night.
“Dinner was lovely.” I gazed around the bar.  “Some of my colleagues have eaten here.”
“The colleagues you’re so busy filling in for all the time?” He poured the wine and handed me a glass. “The reason you don’t have much of a social life.”
“I choose not to have a social life.” At least I did until CC got engaged, and then I realized I woke up one day and I was thirty. “My career is very demanding.”
“I understand that.”
“That must make seeing someone difficult for you.” I didn’t know why I was so intrigued with his social life.
“I can’t say that I’ve had many relationships lately.” He swirled his wine around, looking a bit lost. “Most women get tired of being second. I don’t blame them but Jameson and I have worked really hard to become successful. We’re at the top of our game. Maybe when Max comes home things will be different.”
“In the meantime, how do you unwind?” Where am I going with this? “I mean, how do you find balance?”
“I guess I seek out companions who don’t mind my um... company for a few hours.” There seemed to be a hint of embarrassment in his tone but I was intrigued. “Those who aren’t looking for a conventional association.”
“That sounds convenient.”
“Not that I have time to indulge in that behavior often.” He drank his wine. “It works when it works.”
Would it work with me? Could I indulge in that behavior? With him? As I drank my wine, I thought about how happy CC and Jameson looked last night. Would I ever find that life? When I gazed up from my glass, I found him staring at me. I was delusional. I could never find that kind of love with Miles Clark. He was too much of a wildcard. A man like that couldn’t settle down. No woman could tame him. But he could be useful for something else. Something that he was probably really good at. 
“So, I was thinking since we are both so busy that maybe that kind of relationship wouldn’t be such a bad idea.”
“What kind of relationship would that be?” He sat back in the chair, studying me with that gorgeous, will you do anything I say, if I asked you to? stare.
“You know.” I gulped my wine, hoping it would help.  “The kind that you’re used to.” 
“No strings attached sex?” He smirked. “That kind?”
“Yeah, that kind.” I set my glass down on the table in front of us, my hand trembling from nerves. “I’m sure you’re the one who usually does the proposing but I didn’t think you would with me.”
“Why not?”
“Oh, well, I just... would you have?”
“Why don’t you tell me what you’re thinking?” He lifted the bottle to pour me some wine. “So there’s no confusion.”
Confusion? I couldn’t get it together if I tried. What the hell was happening here? “I probably shouldn’t.” I held up my hand but he ignored me. “I’ve had enough.”
“I’ll get you home.”
Was taking back this whole conversation an option?
“I thought we were having a nice, traditional date,” he said. “You’ve taken me by surprise, that’s for sure.”
“You don’t do traditional.”
“I don’t do nice either.” He bit the corner of his bottom lip, making it difficult to concentrate on anything else. “I can make an exception.”
“That’s the thing.” I took a calming breath. “I don’t want you to make an exception for me. I want you to treat me the same way you do all the other women you’ve slept with.” It would be easier for me to justify what I was asking if he treated me that way. Wouldn’t it?
“I haven’t slept with you.” He leaned close to me. “Back in high school, you didn’t want me to treat you the same way I did the others. That’s why you wouldn’t sleep with me.”
“I thought we agreed to forget about high school but since you brought it up...”
“Let me see if I understand all of this.” He motioned between us. “You want to have unattached sex with me. No commitments? Nothing traditional?”
“Yes.” I shifted in my seat when an image of him taking my clothes off entered my thoughts. It had been far too long since I’d had sex. “I’m not the first person you’ve done that with.”
“You’re the first woman who has asked me to do that.” He shrugged. “High school was a long time ago. I’m not the same person I was then. I’ve matured, you know.”
“I’m sure you have.” It had to be the wine that made me so bold. “I don’t mean to offend you, it’s just that I really need something like this in my life right now.” 
“I just do.” Please don’t turn me down.
“That’s not good enough.” He took my hand. “What’s brought this on?”
“Midlife crisis?”
“You’re too young for that.”
“I don’t feel very young.”
“Tell me why you want this with me?”
“Is it so outrageous to think that I’d like to have some fun before I...” Did I really need to tell him I wanted a love like CC had found? “I spent years studying, working, trying to be the best at what I do.”
“It sounds like you’ve achieved that.” He squeezed my hand. “I saw the article in the local magazine. You’re the top pediatrician in D.C. Impressive.”
“Thank you, but in gaining that title, I’ve given up so much.” I didn’t regret my life or my choices but now that I entered a new decade I wanted different experiences. 
“This just seems backward to me.”
“What do you mean?” 
“You weren’t into my games in high school, and now you’re an educated doctor who could have any man she wants and you want to screw around with me? I’m missing something.”
“I don’t want just any man. I need to get this out of my system.”
“You’re turning me down?” Was this payback from when we were younger? Did I damage his ego that much? “Why?”
“Don’t get me wrong.” He ran his finger over my shoulder and down my arm. “I want to have sex with you. It’s all I thought about after the party last night.”
“What’s the problem?”
“You’re best friends with my future sister-in-law. You don’t think this has disaster written all over it?”
“No one would have to know what we’re doing.” This was becoming a challenge and I never backed down from one of those. “I didn’t think it would take this much persuading on my part.”
“You don’t have a very high opinion of me, do you?”
“Of course I do, that’s why I’m asking...” What am I doing? “You know what, never mind. It was inappropriate to ask you. There has to be an easier way to gain some sexual experience, unwind, and live a little.”
“I’m in.”
“I’d be a fool to turn down such a beautiful woman.” When he inched closer to me, I became lost in his clear blue eyes. “With such an intriguing offer.”
“We have a deal?” Was he really agreeing to this?
“Any good business person will tell you we have to seal the deal first.”
“Like with a handshake?” 
“Hmm.” When he threaded his bottom lip through his teeth, I thought I’d explode right there. He dropped his gaze to my mouth. “I’m thinking something a little more intimate than that.”
“You are?” I sucked in a quick breath as a raw heat flowed through body parts I hadn’t thought about in years. What had I gotten myself into? Could I even handle a man like him?
“I am.” He tucked my hair behind my ear before cupping my cheek in his hand. “I’d like to be much more intimate than this but I can be patient.” He tilted his head as he stared into my eyes, his fingers circling my jaw. “For now.” 
His full, kissable lips cut off any protest I was about to make over kissing in such a public place. My body leaned into his, molded really, like a perfect fit. I didn’t have to do much. He did it all with one long, slow, sensual connection. Intimate, yes. Dangerous, absolutely. Forbidden? Yes, well, forbidden didn’t begin to describe what I just agreed to.



After I dropped Kirsten off I went home, but I was far too aroused to stay there. The little bookworm who wouldn’t give me the time of day in high school wanted to get down and dirty with me more than a decade later. That was unexpected. During dinner I had decided I wanted to see her again. A second date. I hadn’t had a second date in a long time. I wanted to try traditional for a change but she threw me for a loop when she asked me to give her some experience. Where the hell did that come from? I’d still planned on being a little more conventional than I was used to but I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t give her what she asked for.
How much experience did she want? I guess the better question would be, just how inexperienced was she? Fuck! Driving around D.C. at midnight wasn’t helping. I needed to see her. She lived in a posh neighborhood a few blocks from me. Convenient. I’d actually run through this area during my morning workouts. I had no idea she was so close. Why would I? I hadn’t given her much thought at all over the years. And now she was all that I thought about.
Taking the steps to her trendy house two at a time, I rang the bell, eager to see her. If she wanted unorthodox, she was about to get it. The outside light came on and then she peered through the large windows in the vestibule.
“Miles?” She moved away from the window and opened the door. “What are you doing here?”
“Were you asleep?” She’d taken off that black, strapless dress she’d worn to dinner. What a shame. I wanted to peel her out of it. Although she did look enticing in the yellow tank top and tiny shorts she had on now. 
“I was in bed but I couldn’t fall asleep.”
“Why not?” I stepped inside the house without being asked but I didn’t think she would object. 
“I couldn’t settle down.” She shut the door and followed me into the hall. “I’ve been thinking about you.”
“What am I doing when you think about me?” I tugged her to me, pressing my chest against hers. 
“It’s probably inappropriate for me to say.” She ran her palm along my jaw. 
“Lesson number one, sweetheart.” I slithered my hands underneath her shirt. “I like inappropriate.”
“I’ve been thinking about our arrangement.” I brushed my mouth along her neck, kissing her smooth, hot skin. “We need to lower your inhibitions. Just how inexperienced are you?” It didn’t matter to me but I wanted to know what I was dealing with. How far I could push. “You’ve had sex before, right?”
“I...” She arched in my arms when I swiped my thumbs over her aroused nipples. “That’s kind of intimate.”
“That’s kind of the point.” Clasping her breasts in my hands, I continued to kiss her neck. “You didn’t answer my question.”
“I’ve had sex before.” She gripped the back of my head, seeking out my lips. “I had one serious relationship, the only guy I’ve ever been with, but it ended four years ago and I haven’t been with anyone since.”
“And you want to be with me?” I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her slow, savoring the connection as I thought about all the ways this could go. There was only one way I saw it going tonight. Backing her into the vestibule wall, I placed my hand by her face. “I want to be with you right now.”
She nodded as she wrapped her arms around my neck. “I was embarrassed over what I asked at the lounge, but I don’t want to be. I want to be bolder and daring. I want you to show me.”
“I’ll show you anything you want.” I kissed her. “You don’t need to be embarrassed.”
“Do you want to go to my room?”
“Your room?” I tugged the tank over her head, stepping back to take in her amazing breasts and abs. “Why would we go there?”
“You’re taking my clothes off.” She swallowed hard but maintained eye contact as I shimmied those tiny shorts down her legs, helping her out of them. “I thought we were going to have sex.”
“We are.” I reached into my pocket and took out the condom I’d placed there before leaving my house. “If that’s what you want.” I ripped open the packet. 
“I do.” She took my hand and tried to lead me down the hall. “My room is at the top of the stairs.”
“Lesson number two.” I stopped walking to admire her firm backside before bringing her back to me. “We don’t need a bed.” I pushed her into the wall. “We can do it right here.”
“Oh.” Her eyes widened when I unbuckled my pants. “Right here, then?”

“Right here.” I lowered my zipper and quickly sheathed myself in the condom. “Come here.” I lifted her up. “A bed, missionary, that’s all too common. You asked me for nontraditional.”


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If you'd like to meet the Clark Brothers now, you can check them out in Do Bad Things...

My mother is dying. Without the experimental trial she’ll succumb to her cancer. Our bills are out of control and I’m desperate. Desperate enough to accept a mysterious, sexy stranger’s inappropriate proposal. The terms...

1-My body is his to do as he pleases
2-He doesn’t care about my pleasure
3-I say yes and I get paid
4-Deny him one time and it all ends

I should stop what I started, but it didn’t take long to become addicted to his forbidden touch. Now all I want is for him to do bad things...

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