Monday, March 12, 2018

Doing Bad Things can lead to Dirty Lessons... #coverreveal

Some Lessons We Learn the HARD Way...

I have a thing for brothers, if you haven't noticed. I love creating the bond between them. I have several books that feature brothers and their relationships (The Weekend Proposition/The Weekend Surprise, Something More/Redeeming Gavin, and The Billionaire Bachelor's Surprise Baby/The Billionaire Bachelor's Surprise Virgin). When I wrote Do Bad Things, I decided to have three brothers instead of my usual two. Why? Well, it gives me the chance to write one more book in the series. Trust me, these brothers are so DELICIOUS, there had to be three!

My mother is dying. Without the experimental trial she’ll succumb to her cancer. Our bills are out of control and I’m desperate. Desperate enough to accept a mysterious, sexy stranger’s inappropriate proposal. The terms...

1-My body is his to do as he pleases
2-He doesn’t care about my pleasure
3-I say yes and I get paid
4-Deny him one time and it all ends

I should stop what I started, but it didn’t take long to become addicted to his forbidden touch. Now all I want is for him to do bad things...



If you read Do Bad Things (if not, see above) then you met Miles. He's our middle brother in this series and he's stuck between Jameson and Max, who don't get along very well. The dynamics between these guys is like nothing I've ever written, but the fun part of creating this series was building the relationships with the women they fall for.

Coming May 22, 2018

I remember him from high school. The rich, entitled, bad boy who had way too much money and every pretty girl dropping their panties for him. Not me. He tried but I was too smart for his games. Once a player, always a player.

Why is it years later I find myself falling for him? Was I really smarter at eighteen? He says he can teach me things I’ve been missing out on. Lessons, he calls them. Sexy, provocative, orgasm-inducing, dirty lessons...


Some lessons we learn the hard way...

Miles Clark never had a problem getting what he wanted. Except that one time in high school when the studious, sexy Kirsten Dunlap said no. He’d convinced himself she was a snob, a prude. What other reason would she have to turn him down? Years later, Kirsten’s best friend is marrying his brother and they’ll be spending a lot of time together. What are they going to do with all that time?

Pediatrician Kirsten Dunlap has thrown herself into her education and career for over a decade. She’s more successful than she ever thought possible but when she turns thirty she wonders just how much she’s missed. Now that she’s watched her friend CC fall in love with Jameson Clark, she realizes she wants to settle down and find the one. But before she can do that, she needs to live a little. Is the hot billionaire, with years of experience, the man who can show her a good time?

Miles agrees to teach Kirsten all about physical attraction but first he has to lower her inhibitions. The good doctor needs a few lessons in letting go. Is Miles who she’s been searching for all along? Will he help her find what she’s missing? In the process can she accept that this is more than a game?

Contains Mature Content.
Featuring Jameson and CC from Do Bad Things.
All books stand alone.


Stay tuned for a sneak peek chapter reveal!

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