Monday, February 12, 2018

Want vampires? I've got two...

True Companions is available for $0.99!

A few months ago my vampire novella, True Companions, was part of a Halloween Anthology. If you didn't get a chance to read it back then it is available on it's own on TODAY! A steamy, sexy, vamp tale with double the vampires. Cassie is a lucky woman.

Can two destined souls open their hearts and their bed to a third?

Vampires Maxim Avery and Grant Bellow have been lovers for a century. Companions in the truest sense. While attending an auction where a human woman offers herself to the highest vampire bidder, Grant inadvertently connects with her from across the room. Their interaction so powerful that Maxim has no choice but to secure the human for his soulmate. He’d do anything for him, but at what cost?

Cassie Kelly survived years of being a product of foster care never fitting in anywhere. After aging out of the system, she falls on hard times. At twenty-three, she finds herself broke, uneducated and homeless. The auction house was supposed to be her saving grace, and things were looking up when not one, but two sexy, charismatic vampires take her home. She quickly realizes her new arrangement may not be what she expected. She’s more of an intrusion or so it would seem. 

Cassie wonders if this situation will be like all the other homes she tried when she was a kid. Another place where she doesn’t belong. Grant falls hard for her, realizing she is his human. But how will that work when he’s already found his mate in Maxim? 


As October came to a close the nights grew colder in Savannah. The shelters were filling faster. Not that Cassie Kelly wanted to spend the night in any of them. What choice did she have? With no money or family her options were limited. She was used to getting by on her own, but lately she’d been dealt a harder hand than usual. Losing her job and the room she’d been renting in a matter of weeks were taking a toll on her. She was hungry. But not as hungry as them...

She pulled her hoodie up and shoved her hands in her pockets. The dark, wooded area known as Dead Way, just beneath the dimly lit bridge frightened her, but those who spent their time under the old bridge scared her more. Creatures of the night, immortals, bloodsuckers or just plain old vampires. Society had become used to them. Most vamps kept to themselves. Most humans chose to believe that such types were myths, urban legends, but others embraced their presence. Cassie had always been indifferent to them. She’d never seen one before. Growing up in the foster system, she heard stories of vampires taking kids in. Getting them off the streets and providing them an alternative to the dead end lives most of them faced. She’d never been fortunate enough to have been adopted by either a human or a vampire, so she never cared one way or the other if they had existed. She aged out of the system five years before and hit the streets, surviving, scraping to get by and hoping things would get better. They hadn’t.

As she slowly made her way down the dirt covered path, muffled voices spoke beyond the mist. One time, she told herself. She would try this one time. Vampires needed humans to survive and her blood was just as good as the next. Why shouldn’t she sell it? A chill prickled down her spine when two shadowy figures appeared in the distance.

Just this one time...

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