Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm going to need a PATERNITY test... NEW RELEASE

This one is HOT!!!! Have you grabbed your copy of THE BILLIONAIRE BACHELOR'S SURPRISE BABY for $0.99!!!

Surprise baby... check
Paternity test... check
Sexy Billionaire... check

Hot nanny... check
$0.99... check

Can an unexpected baby and a quirky nanny tame a wild billionaire? 

I knocked up a twenty year old waitress but in my defense I thought she was twenty-two. Seriously. 

It was a sex-fueled fun three weeks with no strings until she got possessive of my time and my money. No one tells me where to be and when to be there and no one is entitled to my fortune. I broke things off and went about my privileged life. She resurfaces nine months later with a baby she claims is mine. 

Can we say paternity test? She drops the kid off on my doorstep and leaves. Now I’m in over my head until a hot nanny shows up and all is taken care of. Including me... 

$0.99 through Memorial Day Weekend!

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